Discovering Prank Apps + 700 Followers!

discovering-prank-apps-1HI GUYS!

How’s it going? I’m sorry I haven’t been active lately on blogging but it was the first days of school and we had to buy the books and my auntie and uncle are at home and I’m not in my usual workplace… There’s a lot of stuff going on right now.

You know what else is going on? I just reached 700 followers!! Dude, I didn’t even notice when it happened. On Wednesday I had about 690 and I was waiting for that moment but I was at school and I forgot to check notifs and stuff. Yesterday I visited my blog for a moment and it said I had 702 followers!!! I missed the moment.

But it doesn’t matter cause I’m so happy about it!! Thank you so so much guys for being such amazing and wonderful people!! I wish I could meet all of you in real life!! I know I’ve said it a million times but you guys really mean a lot to me and I really appreciate all your support! Keep being wonderful!!

Dude, I thought I wouldn’t beat my record of getting 100 followers in a month but I did! 100 followers in about 3 weeks!!! Like what?? I’m literally freaking out! I still can’t believe my eyes!!

Anyway, I think that was all I had to say, I really had no more words. Now let’s talk about other stuff.

So yesterday I was looking for prank apps in the store and I found 2 apps that are just A.MA.ZING!!!

ADVERTISING: This ain’t publicity, I’m not gonna recommend you just one app, there’re tons of apps like this, you can download or use the one you like the most. I’m just sharing these apps with you cause I think they’re dope!! They’re also free so you don’t have to pay a thing.

One is called fake call and it’s basically just making it seem like someone’s calling you or someone’s about to call you. It’s really cool, you just have to choose a contact and you can either set a time or just start the call. Btw I chose my friend Zimi to fake the call to put he as an example for the call. Also I crossed out the number for privacy aims. *lol that sounded so cocky!*

The second is about faking a whole conversation with someone. You just choose if you want the conversation to be on whatsapp or just text message. Then, you write the name of the contact, the profile icon, if they’re online… You can even set the time of the messages, set them as delivered, sent, read… You can even send images… Also, I put myself as an example for the chat as if someone was texting me!! Well, actually I started the conversation lol.

Cool eh? Can’t wait to try’em out! I’ll tell you when I prank my friends and I’ll tell you the reaction. I’m totally gonna use this!! I’m gonna have to think about something to say or do to make it realistic!!

Lemme know if you download these kind of apps and tell me when you prank your friends!! I’d like to imagine their reaction!!!

So that was all I got for today! Thank you so much again guys for being so supportive, I love ya’ll!! I still can’t believe I’ve gone from 600 to 700 follows in less than a month!!! Thank you so much guys, you’re all amazing!!!

I hope you like this post! I’d also really really love you to tell me if you tell me when you prank your friends, I’m not a professional prankster so I’d like to learn from you!!! ‘Nuff said, I hope you have an amazing day!!!


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