Me? Teenage Crisis?

teenage-crisisHI GUYS!

Wassup people? So usually I wouldn’t post in the middle of the week unless it’s summer or Christmas holidays, but today there’s no school in my town so let’s celebrate by blogging!! Cause, what better way to celebrate? Also, I have an exam tomorrow and another one the day after tomorrow so I should be revising… yaaaaa

So the day before yesterday, in Ethics class, we were watching a documentary about how teenagers deal with their problems and become mature and get to know themselves and all that stuff… I think it was more like a scientific documentary cause they were talking about neurons a lot! 😂😂

So most of what they were saying was that all teenagers go though a teenage crisis. They were interviewing teens cause, what better way to learn about teens than asking to real teens? So most of them were like: So I’m on a teenage crisis blah, blah, blah… And me and my friends thought: Are we in the so called teenage crisis? 🤔 *why did I even type that emoji? i don’t even like it*

Personally, I don’t know, I don’t think I’m on a teen crisis right now, or am I? I guess everyone has like a different crisis or goes through it in a different way, although maybe some people just don’t have it. But I just don’t feel like I’m on any type of crisis right now. 😎 *dude, I’m like, so neutral, jk*

Ok so I’m just 14 and, as some people say, this is technically my 2nd teenage year. So this means I can still have it?

My parents have never told me anything about having a teenage crisis or that they went though it. I actually never asked them either. Should I? Neh, not that I care so much. It’s just funny that till this point I’ve never thought of having a teenage crisis.

LOL, the Ethics teacher also asked us: Are you guys on your teenage crisis? 😂😂 Like a psychologist asking their patient: Are you having mental issues right now? Or: Are you having an emotional disorder? *i don’t even know if the term “emotional disorder” actually exists, but you get me* Like dude, we ain’t know! Also, I don’t think we’d tell you if we did, am I right? 😛

Like, what’s that crisis about? Is it like a depression? A rebellion season? Do we like go crazy due to hormones? 😵 Or maybe it’s like the 30’s crisis, 40’s crisis and stuff like that. I’ve been told not everyone suffers from those, but is the teenage crisis somehow like that? I mean we’re teens, the teenage crisis can’t be like: Omg I’m getting old! 👴 That wouldn’t make any sense!

Or maybe your teenage crisis can be something not so important, if so, I have a list of the possible teen crisis I may have:

  • Does exam stress count as a teen crisis? Cause everyone’s like freaking annoyed and angry about it! Well, actually we’re always angry about it. Maybe this one doesn’t count. 😅
  • Does being emotionally unstable cause you have a TC (Teacher Crush) count as a teenage crisis? Cause it’s freaking stressful and it can hurt a lot sometimes. 😍☹️
  • Does being stressed cause you can’t choose what to wear the next day to school count? Cause it’s freaking stressful! You may have heard this a lot but here it goes: I got a lot of clothes, but nothing to wear! Sorry if this annoys you. #FirstWorldProblems 💁
  • Does being tremendously annoyed cause you can’t get any wifi at a cafe count? Cause I bet every teenager nowadays has to deal with this, and they get annoyed too! 👎🏻
  • Does being upset cause you noticed one of your friends read that awesome text you sent them and didn’t reply count as a teen crisis? Actually I don’t really care about this one, but at least it’s something most of my classmates feel upset about. Dude, our life is like so hard!! 😕 😂

Now that I look at them, they’re pretty lame. My entire life is lame! I’m not bragging, but I just don’t think I’ll ever have a teenage crisis, my life’s too good!

I don’t think I’m on my teenage crisis right now and I don’t think I’ve ever had it. Will I go though it someday? Maybe, why not? Life will decide for me, who knows what’s gonna happen? Being at teen can be pretty weird, you never know what’s going on. Some adults, AKA people who’ve been teens before, sometimes tell us things about being a teen that we don’t even understand. 😅😅 Or at eats I don’t.

What about you? Are you a teen? Do you think you’re going though the so called teen crisis? If you’re an adult, have you ever gone though it?

Ha, that was fun! I love talking about random things in this blog, I think I should do it more often! I hope you enjoyed reading this post!! Hope I didn’t offend you with my #FirstWorldProblems cause sometimes even I annoy myself. With all that said, I’mma go and do some revising! Yay exams are cool! I hope you all have a great day!


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39 thoughts on “Me? Teenage Crisis?

  1. For me, teen crisis was mostly trying to have fun while also studying while also being stressed about future and decisions to choose which path and dealing with parents and feelings and stress. Some teens even struggle with issues with friends and circles/cliques, backstabbing etc.

    There are so many things which might be fine alone from every side, and together they put you into a crisis.

    I’d say 16/17 would be the age when you’ll be in a huge teenage crisis. Until then, enjoy in your small problems!

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    • This is so true, I feel like it was the same for me to be honest. It’s just like every little thing gets in top of you. As a teen there are so many difficult and big decisions you have to make and so many other things going on that it’s just so hard to keep on top of everything. I think for me the ‘teenage crisis’ years were probably 16/17/18

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  2. Haha oh Anna! Teen Crisis can mean anything that it’s real to them at the time but later in life your like what the hell was I thinking in my teens. Yes Anna I am old lol 2002-2010 is my teen years didn’t have one bit of crisis I don’t think but observation with peers around me at the time were having crisis which is so stupid at the time. They are probably still having them now. Different groups, fitting in and etc back then don’t know what it’s like now.

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  3. I really enjoyed this! I’m 15 and my anxiety is driving me crazy so I’m pretty sure that counts as my teen crisis. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to have a teen crisis- at least I hope not!

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