Why I Don’t Drink Coffee Before Exams

why-i-dontHI GUYS!

I hope you’re all doing well! So this past week I had 2 exams, one on Thursday and another one on Friday. Those were the first exams I’ve had so far since school started. And I was remembering past exam experiences which luckily had a happy ending, but they didn’t seem AT ALL like it!

So as the title of this post mentions coffee, I’m gonna talk to you about the time I drank too much coffee the day before an exam, therefore the title is called why I don’t drink coffee before an exam. *btw am I explaining too obvious things? idk cause maybe I’m making you feel like an idiot and I don’t want that, anyway I’mma  just shut up*

Now get ready for:


BEFORE YOU READ: You need to know I’m a very calm person, I’m not usually like super stressed about everything. Actually few things stress me. Well, a lot of things can stress me but they have to be like deadly or freaking important. Also, before you go like: Omg that’s not a big deal at all!… Yeah, i admit it, not a big deal, but I’m just letting you know of how crazy I went because of coffee. 

Ok so this story took place last school year (I was in year 8) and I had a history exam on a Friday. So I had studied and all for that exam, I had no doubts, everything was revised before, the teacher told us kinda how the exam was gonna be… Everything was ok.

So the day before, after school, I had some coffee at home, which apparently contained too much caffeine. I didn’t really care cause I felt nothing at first, also I didn’t even have THAT much coffee; like, I didn’t drink like a MUG, I just had a little cup. As I was saying, everything was ok. But the panic began after finishing my homework, when I started studying:

*btw when all this happened I didn’t know it was the coffee. I mean, I drank it, but I didn’t come to think that coffee was the reason for all that*

I started revising and as I was studying *you know when you know the answers and you feel like insecure about it and you feel like you don’t know sh!t? well that happened to me* I was getting nervous and more nervous. I was like: Omg I know nothing, I’mma fail, what am I doing with my life? Omg I wanna die! Like, I came to a point that I couldn’t even revise anymore because of how crazy I went stressed I was.

I couldn’t even eat!

Like, I wasn’t hungry, tired *of course, I mean, who the eff feels tired after drinking such turbocharged coffee? I was awake and accelerated as f*ck hell!*, I was effing delusional!

LOL the funniest thing is that before going to bed, I asked myself everything that was gonna be on the test and I responded well in every single question! And like, I was still nervous? Like, dear past self: how can you know, and not know?!?!

So I went to bed trying to calm down. And lemme just say it was the weirdest part of the whole thing. I can’t remember much but I can tell you that the few things I remember were about the exam. I remember myself being 50% awake thinking about the exam, what was gonna be in it, school, the teacher.. I also remember mini dreams I had: My friends were doing this thing they always do and they were asking each other the questions. So when they asked me it was like they were speaking Italian or something, cause I knew nothing!

When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I thought of was of course the exam! You know what? Apart from the dream, I didn’t remember sleeping at all. LOL I probably didn’t sleep even, idk. But for some reason, I didn’t feel tired or sleep. I was fresh as a flower.

Stress was gone. Caffeine was gone. I was calm again.

So AT LAST, when the teacher gave us the exam and let us begin, I read the exam and felt much better. I t even easier that I thought before drinking the coffee! I think I got a 9.40 (94% for other countries) or something, I don’t remember very well, but I had a nine point something for sure.

So this is why I don’t drink coffee before exams. It turned a calm afternoon and night into hell. I love coffee, but I’m never drinking it before an exam. Thank god I didn’t drink alcohol, I would have probably forgotten the answers. Nah just kidding, I’m not drinking alcohol until I’m legally able to.

Was this a boring story? Cause I bored myself while writing it. Idk, I also talk to myself a lot when I’m alone and I have already told myself this story a lot of times. Do you drink coffee before exams? Alcohol? Do you like coffee? Alcohol? Wha’s your fav subject? Mine is probably.. idk.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first STORYTIME post! I hope to be making more of these cause I have a lot of funny tales to share! Now I’m gonna revise cause I have another exam on Wednesday so yup. For those of you dealing with exams too, good luck though I know you don’t need it! Hope you all have a great day!


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