Things I’ve Got Recently!

things-ive-got-latelyHI GUYS!

Uh huh! LOL, what’s up? Today I’m gonna share with you some things I’ve got recently! Some of them, not that recently, but I swear I got them less than a month ago. Anyways, let’s begin.

*btw, I also took the picture on the featured image, cool huh? Not bragging, just saying!*

So the first thing I’m gonna show you is, of course, what you can see in the over-mentioned featured image. Yes… Yes! These two star wars dolls! I bought them yesterday when I wet shopping with my parents!! They’re just so cool!!!! I also spent the whole morning playing and taking pictures of them. I’m a bit of a nerd, don’t judge me.

I’m gonna put them on a shelf in my bedroom! Cause I also have other things there like minions and other things.. My friends are gonna envy me so much!! Just kidding, they don’t give an eff care.

SO the second thing I bought was last week and It’s a really cool jacket that I wanted to have from months ago!! I don’t know what it’s called but you’ll recognize it by just seeing the picture! I wanted it in black but I didn’t know they existed in blue. When I saw the blue one, I was like: Come to me!!


Seriously guys, you have no idea how much I love this type of jackets!! I. Am. Obsessed! I feel like I could wear it everyday! Unluckily, seasons exist. Also temporary fashion. But I don’t care, if I like it, I wear it!!

So the next thing I got is like a light for when you’re reading that my auntie and uncle gave me! It’s really cool! I’m always complaining about having to read with low light in the afternoonI don’t read as often as I’d like to cause most of the times I can read, it’s either too dark or I’m jusy not at home and I ain’t have a book in my hands. So with this, I’m gonna read more often, yay!!


The next items are just stupid things I bought few days ago. The first one is a wallet/key-hold *is it called key-hold? meh, you get me* The second thing is a jumping teeth.. thing? You just wind it and it jumps! It’s so funny! Another things I bought was the color led lights that you use on Christmas that everyone’s so obsessed with lately.. yeah, that one! It’s so awesome, I can’t wait to put in in my bedroom!!

And last but not least, I bought a camera case/hold. My last camera case was all effed up because I used it so much, so I had to buy a new one. ANd this one is AWESOME!!! It has something you can put you camera on and you can move it!! It’s like a tripod but it’s not a tripod LOL! *again,you get me* It’ll be better if I show you:


SO that’s all I got! For now. Just kidding! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed sharing these things with you!! Dude, I sound like I’m sharing secrets or something.

So that’s all for today, I hope you liked this post!! Are you a Star Wars nerd like me? Do you also buy stupid stuff like the jumping teeth? Sometimes I feel like everybody buys useful stuff except me, LOL idk. Anyways, I hope you all have a great day!


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15 thoughts on “Things I’ve Got Recently!

  1. Hey Dudette! Yeah! I love your bits and bobs. I’m also guilty of accumulating “useless (but fun) gadgets”! I’ve been very tempted to get the chattering teeth, but I have resisted…up to now! The key-hold, as you called it, looks like a little purse, but for keys, not coins. I suppose I’d call it a key-holder. Yeah, that sounds right, a key-holder! I’m pretty sure that the style of the jacket is called “bomber jacket”. I’ve always wanted one, especially with the orange lining and military green exterior! I never wear black! Green and orange go with my own tones and highlights! Those LED lights you mentioned remind me of the lights I have in my attic, they are for Christmas, but in my last apartment I had them up all year round. They added so much life to the sitting room, although I have to admit, they weren’t great for reading! They are just for a relaxed ambience. The tripod-thingy, is it a ball which allows the camera to rotate and tilt? That is super practical! Need one! Want one! Ha ha ha!

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    • Heeeey! XD Thank you so much! And yeah, I would say I’m like a shopaholic. LOL, I liked the teeth so much! It’s like they pushed me to bring them home!!! And yeah, I also loved the key holder!! It was so cool! And omg yeessss, that’s what it’s called! Bomber jacket! XD I’ve heard it so many times but never get the name stuck in my head!! 😛 And hahaha, the lights bring just so much light to the room! But of course you can’t read with them! And yeah, the camera case is so useful and practical!!! You need to buy one!!! XD


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