The Laws of Halloween!

the-laws-ofHI GUYS!

How are ya’ll doing? Am I not like, posting this too late? Because I feel like everyone has already said something about Halloween at this point and idk, makes me feel retarded, I mean, delayed. 😜 Anyway!

So as ALL OF YOU  may know, Halloween’s around the corner, literally, it’s on Monday. So I was thinking about spooky ideas to make a post for today. But then I came to think: But I’m like the least scary person in the world! Honestly, my Boo doesn’t even scare babies. *well, actually I haven’t tried cause that’ll be cruel but anyway* 👶

Honestly, also I’m like the person who craps their pants first when hearing or watching something scary. 😨😖 This is why I don’t watch scary movies or listen to scary stories. I love to sleep, so I’mma sleep! If I wanna be scared all night, I would call a rapist to come to my house! *or a teachers in exam season, just kidding*

Ok let’s not get in topics I’m not allowed to talk about as a minor age, and student. Let’s begin with the post! If you were wondering what the title was about, now you’ll know:


(Things Halloween night needs to be, well, Halloween night. Because let’s be real, there are some things that will always happen and people that will always be there in Halloween.)


Cause who the hell would go to ask for candy Trick or Treat when there’s not candy? That ain’t fun! It’s like not assisting to your birthday party, it’s stupid! Also, for the people who give candy: You really want some nasty kids to throw you eggs (or at your door) if you ain’t give’em candy? You really wanna clean that?

You need to have candy! There needs to be candy! It’s mandatory!


Why would you buy candy to offer people *they actually kinda like obligate you to give’em candy but let’s make it all seem cool* if there’s no people? It’s like being bald and bringing a swimming cap to a pool, nameless!

Well, actually it’ll be better cause you could just eat all the candy… 🍬🍭 Aaaand then feel awful about yourself the next morning for eating so much sugar. 😕 Yaaaaaaa. What I do is eat few candy everyday after Halloween so then I don’t end up at the hospital for intoxication.

This one has it’s PROS.


Like who in the living world would have the nerve to go out and ask for candy on Halloween without wearing an effing costume! Well, a lot of people do.

What’s Halloween about? Scary things. How do you have to look? Scary. *although many people consider this a chance to dress like it’s prom day, wear REALLY short skirts, look hot… it’s pitiful!* And how do you look scary? With a costume. *although some people don’t have to put on a costume, like man, you just saved 10 box!* 😂😂😂 Am I a bad person? I really think I am. Sorry.

Halloween is costume day! So do what the tradition says and put on a costume!


I remember every time it was Halloween, me and my friends had to almost hunt for candy because the typical effing numerous group of kids had already asked for candy everywhere and there’s no candy left for the rest of the town! I mean, it was fair, they had arrived first and all. But they asked EVERYWHERE!! And they were like a class o something! So many of them!

The only thing people could give us when we arrived to houses were cookies. 🍪 They were delicious btw! Poor people, they had nothing left, we almost like assaulted them.

Many times they gave each one of us an euro (more or less a dollar). For me, it was better than candy. #AmbitiousMe 😂


Believe or not, nothing satisfies more a kid these days on Halloween than knowing they had got more candy than the rest. Don’t know why. But their happiness that night, is that. I remember every time we just got out of a house, that one annoying kid asks everyone: Hey, how much candy have you got guys? I got a chocolate bar, a lollipop and a mini bag of jellybeans!

Can you just leave me and my properties aloe? What I got ain’t none of your business! It should be irrelevant for you if I had either a bag or candy or a bad of money! Also, I don’t care whatcha got, as long as you ain’t steel my candy! Ya nasty!

That was my list of things that ARE TOTALLY HAPPENING on Halloween. Do you like Halloween? Are you going out for Halloween this year? There could be WAY more things on this list but these are the 5 I thought were more important.

I was not gonna go out for Halloween, like last year. I just think me and my friends are a little old to go from house to house and ask for candy. We’re 14, we’re supposed to go to college in 4 years! My friends went last year but I stayed at home anyways. 😂 This year, some of my friends don’t wanna ask for candy either, so we’ll hang around while the others are stealing little children’s candy. 😎 Of course I’m getting dressed for Halloween, I’mma go as a demon! 😈 *but the not like the sexy ones they show everywhere, I’m not that kind of person* 😤 I’ll post pictures of the costume here, if I can!!! 😄

Now that I’ve told you my whole life story, I hope you liked this post as much as I liked writing it! I also hope you have a wonderful Halloween either if you’re going out or staying at home! Hope you have a great day! 


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