Pros and Cons of Having Short Hair

pros-and-cons-of-having-short-hairHI GUYS:

How are ya’ll doing? You know what? I think I should change my intro *and the outro, if I cn call it that* , it’s getting a little lame, or maybe I’ve just said it a lot, idk 😂😂 but I’ll be thinking of stuff.. Anyways, this is pretty irrelevant, let’s just move on.

So pretty soon I’ll be cutting my hair. I’m one who LOVES short hair. 😍 When I was little I used to feel more attracted to long hair for some reason, maybe cause you could do longer braids, maybe cause I’ve never had really long hair, I don’t know.. 😝 So now I don’t have like REALLY LONG hair but it’s just too much work untangling it and drying it after showering and it just consumes too much time.

I’m gonna show you more or less how I look now and how I’m gonna look after I cut it cause I think my explanations are pretty bad. 😂


Sorry for the lame drawing, I made it just now with Paint! 😅😅 But I guess you get it. Maybe it’s hard to tell the difference but anyway. 😜😅

So having short hair, as well as having long hair or medium hair has its pros and its cons. So I’ve gathered some pros and cons to share them with you guys! There’re probably WAY more, but I’m just gonna tell you the ones I could think of.


  • It doesn’t tangle as much as when you have long hair: And I hate when my hair is all tangled. That’s why I barely ever untangle it when it’s long. *sad, but true* It also hurts less when you brush it. I literally get in a bad mood after untangling it because my head hurts so much. 😡😂 I don’t know, it like does what you want more easily for some reason.
  • It takes less time to wash/untangle/dry it: And everybody knows time is money, you don’t wanna loose yo money, right? 😎 Dude, I’m talking like a thug, sorry! 😅 You waste precious time of your life dealing with your rebel hair and when it’s short, you really waste half!! Honestly, normally I would take twenty minutes to dry my hair and then when it’s short, it takes about 5 or something. More than half!!!! 😱😱
  • It’s easier to mange/style/curl/straighten: Why? Cause it’s shorter. You don’t have to deal with a lot of centimeters of hair, just a few. I think I would die if I ever have like long long hair. 😭😭
  • Less hair means less weight, right?: Just a few grams but well, it’s something. Ok this one isn’t so important, but ya’ll agree!! It’s like coming back from the hairdresser’s like: Hey, I just had a hair cut and lost weight! 😂😅😅 But don’t do that, people are gonna think you’re obsessed with losing weight and they’re gonna send you to a psychologist.
  • Some hairstyles look better with short hair: Like the “half up-half down pony”, the “double half up-half down ponies” and so on… There’s a lot of hairstyles that look better with short hair, let’s admit it. At first I didn’t really notice but lately I’ve been observing my friends in high school and some hairstyles can be the same but look really different. Some hairstyles can look really pretty in short hair, but when you do them in long hair, you can make them look awful, in my opinion. Like girl: How can you look at yourself at the mirror and think that was a good idea? #MeActingLikeAHairExpert 😂😎


  • If you have voluminous hair, you may look like a human mushroom when your hair’s down: And you know what I’m talking about. When I was in 6th grade, I cut my hair up to my chin and because it was so curly at that time *because of hormones and shtuff*, it got so much volume that the only way I wouldn’t look like a fungus was doing a pony! *which isn’t a big deal at all cause I wear it everyday* But when your hair’s down.. it just doesn’t look good. 😕😑
  • You can’t make long braids or just complex hairstyles: Ok so as you may have guessed by my profile image, I like the double dutch braid thingy. 😊 *dude, what a long name for a stupid hairstyle* And, you can’t do it when you have short hair. 🙁 Well, it also depends on how short it is. But even if you can do it, it’s harder. 😢😢
  • Sometimes you don’t know to to style it: So the last time I cut my hair, I could still do a ponytail but I kinda wanted to do something different while it’s short and it’s not that hard to untangle. So I didn’t really know how to style it, all the hair tutorials I looked for on the internet were for long hair. So I searched: hairstyles for short hair and it gave me many good ideas!.. which most I didn’t try cause I’m too lazy, haha! 😅
  • It’s harder to do a ponytail: Earlier, I talked about not being able to make a proper braid with short hair, I think the same kinda happens with ponies. I mean, you can do a pony, but it’s harder to grab hair, pull it in, making sure it doesn’t come off… It’s really stressful! That’s why I try to not get cut TOO MUCH hair, I just want it long enough to make a pony. That’s the only thing I need in my life. 😂
  • It won’t protect your neck in winter: Ok so this case doesn’t apply to me cause I’ve never worn my hair down and I don’t think I ever will, but I know a lot of people deal with this. Dude, it’s just so annoying when your neck’s cold! *low clap for turtle necks and scarfs* 👏👏👏

I think those were all the pros and cons I could think of. Well, I was gonna make 5 of each anyway so.. 😂😂

Do you have long hair or short hair? Are there any other advantages or drawbacks you can think of? Do you prefer long or short hair? When was the last time you cut your hair? The last time I got my hair cut was at the end of March, it’s been quite a while. Btw, what color’s your hair? I’m a brunette, which you could probably tell by the drawing I made at the beginning of this post, aand the profile image. 😂

I hope you enjoyed this post, cause it really means a lot to me!! I hope to be posting over the next two days as I don’t have school, yay!! 🎉🎉 *though I have to study and all that so..* I hope you guys have a wonderful day!!


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6 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Having Short Hair

  1. I had long hair for a long time and the last time I cut it, it was till my chest and a couple months back I cut it so short that it was two centimetres below my shoulders so it brushed my shoulders when I shook my head. I’m loving it.
    Short hair is like FREEDOM. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to long hair 😁

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  2. I’ve always had long hair, and I suppose I like it BECAUSE I can do more with it. Then again, it takes an age to brush and dry, and so I’d prefer it to be shoulder-length. This is an amazing post! 🙂

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  3. I cut my hair quite short a little while ago, but I want to try and grow it more now! I get really bored of hair, so I like having more of an option to do different hairstyles. It is really nice and light though, so I definitely understand the appeal 🙂

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