Happy Halloween!

happy-halloweenHI GUYS!

Oooooh..! *I hope you imagined that sound like it was a ghost, at least I imagined it like that* Anyways, how are ya’ll? So today’s a very special day! And I’mma tell ya just in case you ain’t know for some reason:


tumblr_static_473k7b9ya544w0wgco0g4coco*you kept looking at that ghost for a while, right? I did too*

Yeah, that only day in the year in which you can go from house to house asking for stuff like you’re a homeless person. That only day in the year in which you can scare people *or at least you can try*, dress up as a monster, wear fake blood without looking like a psycho…

Since I was 9, I’ve gone around to ask candy with my friends, it was fun! Come to think of it, even though we’ve never got THAT MUCH candy, I’ve never actually got to eat all the candy. Well, also I’m not a HUGE fan of candy *as I already told ya in one of my latest posts*, so it kinda makes sense. 😛

But last year, when I was 13, I didn’t go out. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Halloween and I would’ve absolutely loved to go.. but my friends wanted to still go from house to house to ask for candy like we’re 8 year olds. And don’t get me wrong, again, it’s not that I think I’m like SO MATURE for that 💁, I just think we’re not in the right age anymore. I have fun and all with them, but I think we’re too old to go ask for candy like little kids. It doesn’t make me as excited about that as when I was a kid. 😍🙁

So this year, my friends wanted to go again. And I thought: Maybe this year, they agree with me that we’re maybe too old for that. Maybe they’ll wanna do something else. Like just hang around all dressed up and then have some burgers in the end. But no, they still wanted to ask for candy 🍬😔. So as last year, I said I didn’t wanna go for the same reason. Like, they can go out and have fun, of course, I just didn’t wanna go.

So my answer was a straight no, I wasn’t gonna change my mind. But few days ago, *and it seems like my friends forgot every time I told them I wasn’t going* they asked me if I was going. I was like no thanks, cause I don’t wanna go Trick or Treat cause blah blah blah… And two of my friends told me they didn’t wanna go Trick or Treat this year either, they also thought they were old for that. They were going, but they weren’t gonna do that.

So they told me: Hey, why dontcha come with us but like not Trick or Treat and we 3 can wait for the others and chill? And I was like: Yah, that’s a great idea! I thought they were gonna Trick or Treat too but I was happy I could join them without having to ask for candy.

So I said yes. And it made me really happy that I was going with them without Trick O Treatin’!! 🍬 They also told me that they guys that go one school year before us, made something like a Haunted House *they’re making money to go on a school trip*. And I was like yass, sounds good! We’re also gonna have some BURGERS at the end. 😍🍔


So yeah. Anyways, this is gettin’ TMI about my life… What are YOU doing for Halloween? Are you going out with your friends? Are gonna Trick O Treat? Are you staying? Have you ever gone Trick or Treating? When was the last time you did so? I’d love to hear from you guys!!

I hope you liked this post, even though it was mostly ranty, I’m sorry! Happy Halloween! 🎃 I hope you have fun today whether you’re going out or just staying! I hope you have an awesome day!


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