What To Do When There’s No Wifi

what-to-do-when-theres-no-wifiHI GUYS!

Wassup guys? I hope you’re all having a good day. It’s weird to post on a school day I know, but today I had no school so yay!! I was like: Let’s take advantage of it and post something!!

So as I’m pretty much all the time in front of my computer doing blog stuff and all that, I came to think of the times I’ve wanted to post something but wasn’t able to whether because I was in school, because I had no inspiration or because I had no wifi.

Luckily, wifi at home works well. But there’s always that unlucky day when there’s just no wifi. And admit it, it bother us all when we can’t go to a certain page, log in to out social media accounts, blog, read blogs, stalk our celeb crushes… In today’s age, wifi is very important for our survival.

SO I’ve put together some ideas of things you can do when there’s no wifi, at least at your house. Lo let’s go:

Survival Guide for WiFi Widows:

*that’s how I call it, get it? cause your wifi’s like dead, huh? nah? alright let’s continue*


And right now some of you are gonna be like: Psh, nah! And some of you are gonna be like: Yassss! with like a psycho voice tone. But you can always read a book, you don’t need wifi, you just need the proper sunlight or a very very good lamp.

I don’t read as much as I’d like to *cause I spend most of the time doing homework and studying which means that I spend the whole afternoon procrastinating and finishing right before I gotta go to sleep* but I really enjoy it when I do! Time passes by really fast!

You can also read until you fall asleep and forget about your boredom without wifi. Dude, that’s dolce vita!


  • GO FOR A WALK: It relaxes you a lot! It also makes you forget there’ll be no wifi wehn you go back home. Or maybe ther’ll be wifi when you arrive! Who knows?
  • TAKE PICTURES: And then post them on your blog when your wifi comes back!
  • HANG OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Hopefully they won’t talk about things like downloading a really cool app or idk, a really cool song or youtuber.
  • GO SHOPPING: That helps a lot of people relax LOL!
  • WORK OUT: If you have a gym nearby, go! Or you can just go running. Or ride a bike..


If there’s many things you need to do or get done, you can make a to-do list and try to get them done. Like idk: Going to the grocery store, study, do homework… If you’re like me, you won’t get them done until like a month late but you can at least keep those things on mind.


If you room not dirty nor messy, you can always buy more clothes or stuff to put them there and reorganize, idk. LOL I mentioned just the room cause I think that everyone’s closet at some point needs to get some order there. Mine needs to be organized pretty often.

Ok that’s all I could think of. It was really hard, seriously, I really can’t do anything without wifi. It’s like I somehow feed on the time I spend using it. My brain needs wifi to release happiness hormones!!

What do you do when you have no wifi? Do you do any of these things! I’d like to know!!

Anyways, that was all for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!! I also hope your wifi keeps working *cause it’s working considering you’re reading this now*. Hope you have a great day!!


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