Being Grateful Matters + Weird Dream

being-grateful-matters-plus-weird-dreamHI GUYS!

What’s up peeps? I actually wrote this post 2 days ago so I’m sorry if some of the things I say in this post don’t make a lot of sense. Now you’re warned. Anyways, I think that’s all I might possibly be embarrassed about when I publish this. *which is now, cause you’re reading this*

So, I don’t really talk about human values and manners in this blog because I just wanna entertain people, also cause I think that there’re some things I thought everyone already knew. I was wrong, apparently. And last, I wanted to talk about this cause 2 days ago 😜😜 *winking like, hey you get me* I had a very weird dream and it was just SO weird that people can have dreams like this.

I’m just gonna tell you what happened. So in arts and crafts, we have to do you know, technical drawing like: perfect squares and triangles,shapes, parallel and perpendicular lines and blah, blah, blah.. Since the first year we’ve had that subject (which was 7th grade), I’ve been good at it, I also liked it! I mean, we had no exams, we just had to copy what the teacher did on the board, that made me feel alive! So last year (8th grade) we didn’t have that subject, and this year we have it (9th grade). I’m still good at that.

And apparently, most of the students aren’t good at it.

So, as we have a whatsapp group in my class where we give each other homework and share stupid memes, there’s always someone who asks for homework. Specially the tough homework. And let’s be honest, most normally kids just send pics of the homework with answers included. Typical. So, I have a friend who, for some reason doesn’t ask for the homework via the class group. She asks me *and other couple friends* in a private chat. That shouldn’t be a problem. But it is, unfortunately. Why? You may be asking.


At first she said please and thank you. But for some reason she might think she doesn’t have to be polite anymore cause she’s asked me for the homework COUNTLESS TIMES! For instance, our conversation 3 days ago was like this:

HER: Send me a pic of the hw
ME: image
HER: send me a picture of the text, but bigger
HER: Annaa
ME: the one in the same exercise?
HER: yees
ME: ok, on it. I’m dining 😂
HER: can you send it? when you’re done?
ME: yup yup
*waits for 5 minutes*
HER: are you done?
ME: nah ah
HER: ? can u send it?
ME: On it, not done yet
ME: images
*doesn’t reply in a while*
ME: you’re welcome

Like, how can someone not say a simple please, hurry one up to make them a favor and then not say even thanks?!?! Dude, not givin’ her homework EVER AGAIN. Like, it’s just saying please and thanks, I’m not telling you to make me a favor to keep a balance! Honestly, how hard is it to type that?

Anyways, moving on, lemme tell ya’ll about that dream I had. So that night, not a long time before the alarm sounded, I had a really weird dream:


Me and my friends were at the park *we’re a little too old for that, but it was a dream* just catching up and talking. There was a group of adults quite near us, I guess they were parents of the children at the park. They were reading the newspaper. The wind was really strong in the dream and one of the parents’ newspaper flew away. It landed next to us and my friend Endry (she’s not the friend I was dissing earlier) grabbed it. Apparently, the man’s wife was walking around, so my friend gave it to her.

Not long after, the same paper flew away and it landed next to us again. This time, it landed next to me. I grabbed it and gave it to the wife. I said to her politely: Here you are. She didn’t say thanks, she didn’t even smile and she snatched it from my hand. I told my friends: You know what? That woman is so damn rude! If the paper flies away again and it lads near us, ain’t nobody gonna garb it! They agreed. The next time it flew away, the man and the woman had to run after it to grab it. 😂😂 Suckaaaass!!

They wouldn’t have had to run after it if that goddamn woman had been more civilized and said thanks.

I woke up the next morning really pissed off because of that dream. It really made me angry about it. I realized that maybe I had that dream because of that had happened the night before, so I understood. I can’t believe my subconscious kept that.

Moral of the story: Be polite! Be grateful! You really don’t know how big of a difference you can make! They’re just simple words, but they say a lot about you. This might seen very stupid because the story I told you was just homework and stuff, but these types of people also exist when you’re at work and you have to deal with them.

In Spain, we have a saying that goes like this: “Es de bien nacido ser agradecido.” It means that you’re well-born if you’re grateful. I don’t know if this saying exists in English.

Anyways, do you have friends, classmates or workmates who do this? How does it feel? How do you deal with that? What was the last time you had a weird dream?? What was it about? I wanna hear from you!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I don’t usually talk about these things but I’m glad I did today! Hope this wasn’t too boring cause it was about my life. Hope it didn’t bore ya, if it did, sorry. Now I’m gonna go ahead and study, which I need to do. I hope you all have a wonderful day/night!


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16 thoughts on “Being Grateful Matters + Weird Dream

    • Really? Aww, I’m glad you liked it, it really makes me happy!!! XD XD
      Es verdad, nunca la he oido en la escuela, sólo en casa! XD Jajaja
      Yeah, people should be more polite. And no problem, thank you for reading it!! XD
      Btw, how do you speak spanish? Are you hispanic or something? XD XD


  1. You never make any sense anyways. Well never to me Anna! Drop me a inbox on twitter please with your email address. Please thank you veery muchly. Annoyingly trying to wind you up with the politeness but it’s starting to back fire onto me why thank you ever so much kindly. Your welcome. Anna

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