2016 AMAs Fashion Review

2016-amas-fashion-reviewHI GUYS:

Wassup? Today I’m going to review the AMAs fashion on the red carpet, cause I like fashion and I like reviewing people. The AMAs I think was on Monday so I’m a little late but I doesn’t matter!!

I’m gonna review 5 random artists, actually they’re nine (I’m gonna review Fifth Harmony, that’s why they’re 9). The last time I reviewed girls only and I feel like I should include a guy, so I included Shawn Mendes. I just think women have more extravagant outfits. Let’s begin:

rs_634x1024-161120171655-634-lady-gaga-2016-american-music-awardsLADY GAGA:

I love this woman! 😍 I love the suit, very formal! But it’s kinda disappointing coming from her, you always expect something like unexpected. Ever since she dropped her latest album, she has become less extravagant. And that’s what I loved about her. 😟 I don’t know, I just expected more. This outfit would look awesome in someone else.

Also, the hat? I don’t like it, she has to kinda put her face up so that hat doesn’t cover it up. Also, where’s her hair? 😂 I’m a very exigent person when it comes to hats, if I ever wear one, it’s because I like it too much. Never.

I really like her makeup though. On point! 😍😄

What I don’t like is that she’s wearing nothing underneath the blazer. I’m not being prudish, just imagine if she like, moves in a way that one of her boobs comes out of the blazer? It would be so weird!!! 😂

rs_634x1024-161120160242-634-ama-cm-shawn-mendes-112016SHAWN MENDES:

Yay, Shawn Mendes! 😄 This guy is so cool!!

Ok so I like this outfit if I see it like just at a glance. There’s few things I don’t like about it, sorry. 😅 I like the grey shirt, I actually have a similar one in the same color. Yasss, shirt twins! High five Shawn Mendes! ✋ No? *sigh* 😢

I also like the trousers. I like that he tucked the shirt in and didn’t use a belt. I wish I could do it and look as good. ☹️

I’m not a fan of the jacket tho. I don’t know, there’s something in it that doesn’t convince me. Maybe if it was just a little longer. Or if the sleeves were like wider. Yaaa.. 😕😬

What I straight up hate is his shoes. Honestly, who’s his stylist? 😤

rs_634x1024-161120165809-634-ariana-grande-2016-american-music-awards-kg-112016ARIANA GRANDE:

Yassss!! 😍😍😍 Lately I’ve been loving her outfits! I mean, I already loved her other outfits but I love that she’s now getting with like dress pants vibes. I love suits and all formal stuff. I love that people are wearing these things to award shows. 😄

I don’t love the upper part. Looks like underwear, to be honest. 😂 LOL, she looks like she was getting ready for the award show but she was late and she forgot to put on a shirt. But I don’t hate it! I wouldn’t wear it, but it looks good on her. 😊😊

I’m not a fan of jewelry, but if I had to choose between a black choker and a white one, I would choose the black one. But she wore a black one on the last award show, so yeah.

I also love her makeup!! I like the dark lipstick!! 💄 I also like her ponytail, like always. But she’s not wearing just a ponytail, she has like little french or dutch braids in it!!! Love it!! 😍


Yay! 😍 Seeing these girls makes me smile!! 😄 LOL, I don’t know their names though. I only know Camila Cabello’s and I know Lauren but I don’t know her surname. 😂

I like all the dresses in a different way. I think I could never choose just one! About hairstyles, I think I prefer the girl in the middle. Lemme google her name… Normani! I prefer Normani’s hairstyle the most! I love short hair!

I also love their makeup!!! I’ve already said this before but they all look like goddesses!!! 😂

rs_634x1024-161120164315-634-ama-cm-selena-gomez-112016SELENA GOMEZ:

I’ve heard this many times before, because I’ve seen people reviewing this as well, but she looks like a Disney princess!! 😄 It’s true!! I wonder what kind of shoes she’s wearing underneath the dress. Sneakers? Maybe? 😃

Even though she looks like a princess, I have to say I don’t love the dress. It kinda misses something. It’s too simple. I mean, there were many worse dressed people, Bella Thorne, Bebe Rexha… *coughs* 😜😜 But I don’t know, It also reminds me a lot of the dress she wore to a previous award show, can’t remember which.. But you know what dress I’m talking about!

I like her hair, I like that she’s wearing a pony and she still has her hair line in the middle. I love it!!! I also love the makeup!! I like that she’s wearing nude lips!! Discreet yet awesome! 😍😍

So that’s a wrap on the fashion review!! I think my favorite outfit was Ariana’s!!! 😍 I always love her outfits! The one I liked the less was Bebe Rexha’s, you should google it if you haven’t seen it, she looks like a homeless person. I love Bebe, but that outfit was a pile of faeces. 😟 What was you fave? And the one you hated the most?

I hope you enjoyed this post!! It was really fun to do! I’m always wanting award shows to take place so I can make these type of posts!! Lemme know what you think of the outfits! Without further ado, I hope you have a great day!!


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  1. Estoy de acuerdo. A Selena Gomez le faltaba algo que dijera “Wow” para complementar su vestuario.
    Hola Anna! También hablo español, y soy de La República Dominicana. Estoy empezando con mi blog y de verdad lo apreciaría se lo pudieras ver y quizas seguir. Besos ❤


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