The Worst WhatsApp Statuses

whatsapp-statusesHI GUYS:

Hey whatsapp? Ha, get it? Cause we’re talking about whatsapp on this post. 😂 Anyways, I thought of making this post because admit it, we all get annoyed at people after reading their whatsapp statuses.

I’m not saying people don’t get mad at me, but they shouldn’t cause I just have a bunch of random emojis! So buckle up cause we’re gonna get in an emotional roller coaster in this post!! 😝 Well, maybe not. Let’s begin:

BEFORE YOU READ: This post isn’t meant to harm any feelings. None of the content in this post is against anyone in particular. All status examples shown are invented. Ok I think that’s all I have to say about it, now you can’t come to me like: hey I’m one who writes those things on whatsapp, you wanna fight??!!


Statuses that brag about something:

And it doesn’t matter what they’re bragging about, you most probably don’t even care what they’re talking about. But it’s annoying cause you know they’re bragging. It could be about everything! New phone, new pet, new hairstyle, new clothes, new bae, new bff, new trip to somewhere… It doesn’t have to be about new stuff, also poor french skills, social media follower count.. Endless possibilities!

Examples: (my opinion is between stars: *)

  • La vie est belle. *man, you took that from the internet, try look this up, you are: le petit prO$t!tute*
  • Livin’ life with the best boy/girlfriend ever! *keep that to yourself! you really think the rest of the world cares if you’re in a relationship?*
  • 25 insta followers!! *what? you think that’s a lot? you brag about that? hope you never get 100k. go get a new hobbie!*

No one gives a crap about your life! Bragging will just make everyone hate you!


Statuses that try hard to get to your heart, but don’t:

These are the type of statuses that bring up cheap quotes from the internet. They try to make you emotional, but you don’t, specially because you know those quotes are from the internet, the person who put them as a status probably doesn’t even know what the quote talks about.


  • You’re all you have, take care. *gawd, look who’s talking, the one who smokes like a chimney*
  • Do your best in life, not for you, for your children. *you better take pills before leaving the house if you don’t wanna have 2 children being 16*
  • Anything you wanna do, do it. Life won’t last forever. *you’re right. now go study cause there’s an exam tomorrow, ya lazy!*

What effect do you wanna cause on people? Crying?


You should sit down and wait cause that ain’t happening.

Love quote statuses:

These quotes people write to either their crushes or baes. The bad thing is that the rest of the people can read them too. 😅😈 And if I was the person who those messages were directed to, I think I wouldn’t feel delighted, just kinda grossed out. Like, if you have anything to say to someone, say it in person, not on a status your sweetheart may or may not even read.


  • Living without you is possible, but it hurts. *I saw this one in a graffiti at the street couple of months ago, this one’s funny actually*
  • You’re like the cherry in my cake. *eat your cake, man! no one cares!*
  • I wish all stars could align, only sign we can be together. *that one sounds like it was taken from a song, not original*

They’re many more. Of course, these people also try to get to your heart, but they don’t.


Only in cartoon movies we would all feel emotional about these things.

I’m just mentioning three types cause those are ones that annoy me the most. Also cause I don’t want people to hate me, I’m most probably annoying someone out there right now. If you get annoyed, read again the disclaimer above.

That was all for today! What’s your whatsapp status? Mine is a bunch of emojis like I said before. What whatsapp statuses do you hate the most? Are you like me and read whatsapp statuses cause you have nothing to do? Nah, just kidding, everyone has time for that! 😛😛


Btw I posted a video on my youtube channel where I cut my own hair, hope you enjoy :3

Hope you liked this post as much as I liked writing it! Hope you found it relatable, I don’t wanna feel like a bitter person who hates people. What other types of statuses do you hate? I hope you all have a great day and a great week!


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