It’s Blogmas, People!!

its-blogmas-2HI GUYS!

Hi all! Merry Blogmas Everyone!! 🎄🎄🎅 It’s not Christmas day but It’s Blogmas time, and that’s awesome!!! I’ve been wanting to post this since December started but I had school work and all that. Anyways, I don’t think I’m THAT late, or am I? Whatever!

And because it’s Blogmas time, it means that I’ll try to be posting as much as possible! Also, posts (at least most of them) are gonna be about Christmas! I’ also gonna try to make collabs with other bloggers this season!

I really can’t wait for Christmas day!


I’m also gonna be reading other blogs as I’ll have more time during holidays!! I’ve actually started reading other people’s blog posts about Blogmas and what they’re doing for holidays!! Binge blog reading is one of my fav hobbies, I do it everyday when I can, before I go to bed. It’s nice!! 😴😌

Blogging and Christmas is a combination I really like cause I can just stay at home, warm and comfty, sitting in my desk and reading blogs while drinking coffee or hot chocolate next to the Christmas tree!! 🎄🎄


Also, I love listening to Christmas carols. They make me feel good! 😊😊 Some people find them annoying cause most are sung by little kids and all that… I don’t really like little children voices cause they’re frinkin’ pitched, but I like when they sing those kind of songs.

Just so many things are gonna be happening this season!!! It makes me freaking crazy excited about it!! I think Christmas is by far my fave time of the year! 😍🎅

Also, presents!! I don’t even need to mention it, cause it’s obvious! Honestly, who doesn’t like making or receiving presents? 😄

I hope to be posting often, I’ll be posting often next week, there’s no school on Tuesday and Thursday, so yeah, I’ll be here stalking ya’ll!!! 😜 Nah, kidding!

What are you gonna be doing for Christmas? Are you gonna be posting for Blogmas? Also, I’ve never asked this in my blog, but if there’s any blog post you’ve written or read that you really like, you can just share a link in the comment section!! 😄 Let’s all spread the luv!

That’s all for this post! Hope you enjoyed reading! Sorry if it was a little short and ranty, but I just wanted to talk to you guys! Have a lovely Christmas season! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, hope you have a lovely December! It’s Blogmas!!!! 🎄


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