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christsmas-1HI GUYS!

How’s it going? I hope good! Today’s post is gonna be about (as it says in the title) how Christmas changes along the years! Yay!! Cause we don’t see Christmas the same way forever, do we?

Today’s post is going to special because I got the AMAZING saorsablogs with me! She’s amazing, make sure to check out her blog guys! Yassss 😆😆 Let’s begin:

Do you think that Christmas has changed since you were a kid till now?

SAORSABLOGS – Yeah, totally! There’s a drastic change since then and now. When I was a kid, the only thing that I’d think of was, what kind of presents I’d get for Christmas. Would it be board games, barbies, a build-a-bear teddy or a kitchen set, lol 😂. I’d always be curious. I used to write all these items down on a piece of paper and hand it to my parents so that they’d deliver it to Santa 🎅 (as we all believed in Santa at that time).
Day before Christmas my friends and I would make gingerbread cookies and decorate them with all sorts of goodies. It was really fun. But as of now, I don’t celebrate Christmas at all. So, yeah that’s a huge change. But teens like me who do celebrate Christmas, prefer to go out and party, late night with their friends and they’d ask their parents for electronic gadgets only, for Christmas.

ME – I guess it has changed, not like HUGELY! But definitely, specially since I found out the truth. As kids, we all ask Santa for stuff like board games, dolls, toy cars, dollhouses… 😍😍 I think what teenagers get mostly for Christmas nowadays is electronic devices, clothes, books, some of us stationary…

Also, I would be frikin’ anxious to wake up in the middle of the night and find Santa eating the milk and cookies I’d left near the Christmas tree. 🎄🎅 He would always leave one cookie and half of the glass. My parents told me to not wake up and disturb Mr. Santa. There’s many things that have changed.

Do you think you’re the same, more or less excited about Christmas vs when you were a kid.

SAORSABLOGS – Umm…no. I’m not that much excited for Christmas now, as I used to be then. You might be wondering why? And the answer to that is, that I don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m brown and I live in India now. So Christmas day is an ordinary day for me. Though, I used to celebrate Christmas when I was a kid and lived in Canada.

ME – I’m still really excited for Christmas but sadly not as much as when I was a kid. I remember I would freak out when it was December 1st. I would also start writing my list in October.

Now I’m still excited about Christmas, but I guess that magic you feel when you’re a kid, kinda fades away as you grow up. 😔

What’s something you miss about your childhood Christmas?

SAORSABLOGS – The things I miss about my childhood Christmas are sitting on fake Santa’s lap and getting pictures clicked and making gingerbread houses. I used to love sitting on Santa’s lap, Oh sorry ‘fake Santa’s lap’. I don’t know why, but I guess I admired his costume a bit too much, and maybe that’s why. And making gingerbread houses with my friends used to be really really really…!

ME – I guess I miss writing to Santa and also go to the mall and going to ask fake slim and young Santa for dolls, wigs and costumes. 😄 Maybe I also miss that excitement that me and my friends put every year. We would ask each other what we wanted for Christmas and then waited to be back to school to tell each other what we got! We still do that, but via whatsapp, and now no one cares what you got. Unless it’s the new Harry Potter book.

I haven’t read any Harry Potter book nor watched any movie, call me muggle – whatever that means – but I’m still a human being with dreams! 😂

What was your favorite thing about Christmas when you were younger? And now?

SAORSABLOGS – My favourite things about Christmas back then were sitting on fake Santa’s lap as I mentioned above and getting presents 🎁. Like who wouldn’t like getting presents? And there’s one more thing I forgot to mention, I loved to listen Christmas carols when I was a kid. I used to have a CD of them and I’d play it and used to sing along. It used to be lit💥. And now my favourite thing about Christmas is, relaxing all day 😎 and just being lazy.

ME – My fave thing about Christmas when I was a kid was Christmas day and getting lots of presents. I would always stay home for the entire day to play with my new toys! Now, my favorite thing is, probably the same. I don’t ask for toys anymore, but who doesn’t like getting presents? I do! 😂😂

What would you like Christmas to be like when you become an adult?

SAORSABLOGS – Tough question. Maybe I’d send my kids to their grandparents, then deport my ‘future’ husband to some other planet and I myself would go on a holiday with my friends to Switzerland 🇨🇭 or some other nice place, lol 😂😂…
To have loads of fun!!

ME – I think it would depend also on my husband’s opinion, I don’t know. But if it only depended on me, I would say I would just like it to be like it is right now. Being at home,seeing my son/daughter open his/her presents, staying at home… I’m a house person, I don’t know if you’ve noticed.

Is there anything you’ve asked for that you never got for Christmas?

SAORSABLOGS –  Yes, there is one thing that I wanted, when I was a kid, and never got it. I used to complain to my parents about it. But they would be like “It’s ok, Santa might have forgot”. They repeated the same line every year. So, indirectly ‘they’ didn’t want to get me a Play Station 2. Why? I don’t know. Was I sad? Yes! But it doesn’t matter now.

ME – Right now I don’t know exactly what, but I’ve definitely asked for thing I’ve never got in the end. I would ask year after year but nothing would happen. I remember I complained to my parents how Santa would forget my most wished present, and they would tell me how rude it is to be ungrateful and complain about gifts. 😅 Rude me.

What things do you and your family usually do for Christmas?

SAORSABLOGS – When I was a kid, my mom and I would decorate our Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments. On Christmas eve our family would be together and just talk, like it we had family bonding time. We used to have a yummy feast and then we kids would get our presents 🎁.
But now we don’t celebrate Christmas.

ME – We usually set up the Christmas tree around the second week of November and keep it again around the second week of February. We also have a special dinner at home in Christmas Eve and New year’s Eve. My mom would use a special crockery we only use in that time of the year and make a special dish. We would still have dinner in pajamas though. 😅😅

What’s something about Christmas you’d never change or you’d never like to change?

SAORSABLOGS – Sitting on ‘fake’ Santa’s lap and getting pictures clicked, definitely 🙄😂. I would never want that to change, ever.

ME – Christmas spirit, definitely. A lot of people are loosing it, sadly. 🙁

Yay! That was a wrap on the interview!! 😆😆 Hope you enjoyed it guys as much as we did making it! Thank you so much saorsablogs again for collabing with me, you ROCK! *whispering: check out her blog if you haven’t already*

Hey! What about you? How was Christmas like when you were a kid? Are you a kid/adult/teen? What’s something you’ve asked for but never got for Christmas? I hope you guys have an amazing day!


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