My Fave Things About Winter

my-favorite-things-about-winterHI GUYS!

How’s it going? I hope good! Today I had no idea of what to talk about, so I checked out some post ideas I had in my notebook and I thought you would like this one! Sorry if you don’t😅, you can click this random post instead. LOL, idk!

In case you want to stay, let’s continue!

If you know anything about me, you also may know I prefer cold weather than hot weather. I’m a sweaty person, and it’s freaking uncomfortable to sweat all the time or going to bed taking off and putting on your blankets every 5 minutes. Also, I started liking Christmas even more 3 years ago, when the movie Frozen was released. 😆❄️

So without further ado, here’s the list of my fave things about winter:

  1. Christmas!
  2. Christmas trees!! 🎄
  3. Setting up the Christmas tree at home! 🎄😄
  4. Christmas decor everywhere!! (the mall, shops, the supermarket, the streets, windows, houses, schools…)
  5. Cold weather (as I’ve said before)
  6. Snow (it barely snows in my town and I think that makes me like it even more!)
  7. Ice
  8. Snowflakes (so cool!!!!)
  9. Frost (freakin’ cool as well!)
  10. Hot drinks and soup!!
  11. Winter clothes (hats, scarfs, gloves, warm jackets, sweaters… fashion is waaaay cooler in winter, ha get it? 😂, no but for real though)
  12. Them winter warm pajamas!!!!! (kill me!) 😍😍😍
  13. The possibility of teachers ans students not going to school because of snow and stuff. 😂 Nah, I actually enjoy school, but it’s still awesome when it happens!
  14. Christmas Carols (or even just winter music in general)
  15. Santa Claus (I haven’t sat on his lap for AGES but I kinda like the emotion I had every time I did when I was a kid)
  16. Staying at home watching youtube while drinking hot chocolate in bed with a blanket!!! My fave hobbie!! 😍😍
  17. Advent calendars! (I like calendars telling me to eat chocolate everyday! 😂😋)
  18. Christmas Holidays! (more time for blogging people!!!)
  19. No exams during holidays! (I like school, but exams are the worst!)
  20. Blogmas!!! (I love binge reading Christmas themed blog posts!) 🎄☃️ 
  21. Christmas Eve day!
  22. Christmas Eve dinner!
  23. Christmas day!
  24. Gettin’ presents!
  25. Keeping them presents!
  26. Shopping presents!
  27. Givin’ presents!
  28. Christmas movies (some are waaaaay too corny but some are pretty awesome!)
  29. New Year’s Eve day!
  30. New year’s Eve dinner!
  31. New year!
  32. Epiphany!
  33. Going back to school! (nah, just kidding! Just kidding again, I like school!)
  34. Christmas spirit! (which is dying but I like people who still have it!) 🎄🎄
  35. Everything put together AKA winter!!

And that was my list of everything I like about winter!

Didcha agree with my list? What things do you like about winter? You prefer winter or summer? Are you a sweaty person btw? 😅 Do you celebrate Christmas? Tell me your life! 😄

I’m really excited about the holidays because I just wanna blog everyday!! I was gonna post stuff along this week but I couldn’t cause I had tons of exams and shtuff… Tomorrow’s my last exam and from then, I’ll be able to post more often yay!!!! 🎉 Just one more exam, I can do it!

Have ya’ll finished your exams? Have ya not?

Yo, hope you enjoyed this post! I hope it kind, sorta spread positivity and Christmas spirit!! I don’t know. I’m sorry if it was a little short, I have to revise for tomorrow’s exam, ya know. I also hope you have an amazing day and an amazing next week!! Oh, yeah! 😎


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