Why I Didn’t Make a Christmas Wishlist

why-im-not-1HI GUYS!

Wassup peeps! I hope you’re having a great day, specially today because just in case you’ve lost your memory or just woke up a little forgetful, I’mma tell you!


I know it’s impossible to forget a day like this, but few days ago, it was one of my friend’s birthday and when I congratulated her, she told me she had forgotten for a moment! 😱 Like wah?

Anyways, because tomorrow’s Christmas, today I wanted to talk about something related to it! And wishlists are really important when it comes to presents! This year, I haven’t made any wishlist and a lot of people have shared theirs with the world on their blogs. So I thought, why not to make a post about why I didn’t make one this year?

So that’s what I’m going to talk about today! Hope you enjoy:

BEFORE YOU READ: If you’re a little child and you’re reading this, I’d recommend you to ask your parents before you read. I’m not trying to make people left out, it’s for your good, kids! I mean, you can read it, I’m not prohibiting it, but don’t cha comment saying I didn’t warn ya! 



I mean, I didn’t really have anything that I wanted on mind. An iPad? Already have one! Phone? Already have one too! It’s 2 years old but it still works really well and I don’t wanna waste money like a fool. 🤑 A computer? Already have one! Camera? Already have one! Again, quite old, but it takes really good pictures! Clothes? Already have a lot! 😭 #FirstWorldProblems #SorryNotSorry Honestly, what can I ask for? Not tryn’a sound cray but I have it all! At least all I want! 😊

Well, there’s one thing I want, but I don’t think you can make my hot teacher like me. 😕😂 Nah, I don’t need anybody! 😎


And by things, I mean clothes. Every time I go to a shop, it’s completely impossible to get out of there without wanting an item so bad!!!

Right now, many things I like – shirts, formal coats, military boots, formal pants, sweaters, blouses, formal dresses and skirts…ugh! 😍🤤 – are trending and you can see those things in every shop! (btw, yes, I’m really into formal stuff!!) If I could get all the things I want from every shop for Xmas, I would need another room to keep all my clothes! 😱 #NotExaggerating I luv fashion, in case you ain’t have noticed.


As a lazy person, it’s really hard for me to do a lot of normal things like remembering things, studying, doing homework, making TO-DO lists and lists in general, remembering things, thinking about what to wear the next day (I gotta look good for my crush, duh! 💁), remembering things… and so on. How am I supposed to make a wishlist? My mom has reminded me countless times and I’ve always replied saying: Yeah, I’ll do it later. 😅

Tomorrow’s Xmas and I haven’t written a word on that list! Though there’s already all the presents under the tree which me and my parents are gonna open tonight after dinner! 😆🎁 (Btw, this is the first year I’m gonna open the presents on Xmas eve, we’ve always done it on Xmas day.)


And procrastinating for a long period of time sometimes leads to forgetting what you have to do, unless you’ve written it – which you haven’t done because of procrastinating. So delaying it since October made me forget about it, hehe 😅

Few weeks ago, I wanted to start writing it, but it was already too late and Xmas was too close, so I gave up.


Since I knew the truth about Xmas presents, me and my parents would just go shopping and they would buy me whatever I wanted and leave it under the tree until Xmas day! I mostly get clothes, cause psh, duh! 💁😎 So making a wishlist is like, nothing! I already know what I’m gonna get!

Although well, my parents give me one or two surprise presents. That’s really cool! I love surprises! 😆😊

So those are the reasons why I don’t make wishlists for Christmas. I hope you’ve also learnt about how me and my parents give each other presents on Christmas, cause every house and every family does it a different way. I also hope it wasn’t boring because ya’ll don’t care ’bout what I do or don’t do! Amiright? 😏

Did you make a Christmas wishlist this year? Did you not? If yes, what’s in it? If not, what are the reasons? This ain’t only ’bout me, you can share your life as well!

Yo, I hope you liked this post! I really enjoyed doing it! Also, I hope you have an amazing Christmas eve dinner and I hope you get lots of presents!! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays and have fun, whatever you celebrate!


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