Merry Christmas, People!!

merry-christmasHI GUYS!

And first things first, Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎉 I hope you all have a great day today whether you celebrate it or not! Anyways, it’s holidays and we’re all supposed to enjoy them, right?

I’ve been waiting for this day for just SO LONG – though right now I don’t quite get why because I’ve already opened my presents yesterday. 😂😂 Meh, but this is a day to enjoy (like all the other days of the year but anyway). I’m not making a #Content post today cause, duh…Xmas!

giphy-17But I thought of sending to ya’ll a quick Christmas message cause that’s a nice thing to do, isn’t it? And I think I’ve just said everything here… Umm.. yup, nothing more to say!

ABOUT MY LIFE: There’s nothing really to say. Yesterday I had dinner with my parents at home and after that, our family in Mexico called us to send wishes! After that (again), we opened our presents, it’s the firs time of my life opening presents on Christmas Eve. I also went to sleep a little earlier than I use to cause I was surprisingly very tired.

*wow, I use the words “really” and “freaking” so much that I feel weird every time I say “very”, am I weird?* 😅

Also, today’s the birthday 🎂 of one of my classmates and my maths teacher, I’ll congratulate them via text as soon as I finish writing this post – yeah, we got the teacher’s phone number, for some reason, don’t ask. *he’s not the hot teacher, he’s another one – wish I had the hot teacher’s number 😩* Next week I’ll be going to one of my friend’s birthday party who’s birthday was this Thursday. Why is everyone’s birthday on Christmas? Such coincidences! 😂😂 But I guess I’ll be posting that day (still don’t know what day it’s gonna be) because the party starts quite late – I hope that didn’t make me sound like we’re gettin’ drunk and stuff, cause we’re totally not. 😅

I guess that’s it for now, that was my little Christmas wishes/Ranty post for today, I hope it wasn’t boring or lame. In that case, sorry guys.

Hope you liked this post, it was sent directly from my frontal cortex! 😊😂 Again, Merry Christmas, I hope ya’ll are having an awesome day no matter what you celebrate!


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