The Struggles of Winter

struggles-of-winterHI GUYS!

Yo, I hope you’re all having a great day! I’m kinda sad that Christmas is over, but we still got New Year and Epiphany, right? Anyway, let’s get to what’s important..

Today I’ll be talking about winter, again! I just love winter – as I’ve already said a thousand times before – IT’S MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!! The best parts are snow, Christmas, New Year, the clothes, landscapes… But let’s not forget there’re many disadvantages as well! And today we’ll discuss them! Let’s go:



Every time you go to school, or just wherever, you have to deal with the awfulness that is going out! Me, I don’t have to deal with that really, because my dad takes me by car, but at break, we have to be outside the school and it’s not pleasant to eat your cold-ass sandwich in a cold-ass place! Some people eat it in the bathroom, but ew!

When you’re getting in school to go to your first class, you’re probably thinking it’s gonna be warm and comfortable. In my school, half of the classrooms have the heater on and it’s nice, whereas the other half have the heater off and it’s not nice at all. How are we students supposed to focus when it’s so freaking cold?



And because it’s really cold, not many people feel like going anywhere. I live in Spain, and it rains a lot in the north, specially in winter, so people refuse to go out during that season. Going to the supermarket: Can someone go for me? To work: Urgh, I don’t get paid enough for this. To school: Mum, it’s so cold there’s no school today!

Nothing like being home, right?tumblr_lm4rz4yijs1qk92x2o1_500


I don’t really mind about this one, but I’ve heard people in really cold northern places have to take antidepressants to cope with it. Here where I live, the sun goes down at about 17:30 or 17:45 aprox. But when I was 9, I used to get pretty sad because of such early sunset. Now I kinda like it, it looks like it could be midnight, when it’s actually still daytime!! Makes me feel like I go to sleep really late! I like it!

But some people really hate this, so that’s why I put this on the list.



2 years ago, I got two colds in the entire winter, last year, I got no colds at all, and this year I got 5 at a minimum. I don’t know what’s happening with me, but nothing good.

But hey, I still went to school! I’m a responsible student! (nah, I just wanted to see my hot teacher)

About a month ago, the whole school was sick: the principle, all teachers, all students from all grades, the school janitor… Everyone was sick! It was really hard to not get it too. That lasted a really long time because everyone was spreading it constantly. Like: You’re getting over it? I’m still sick, lemme spread it to you again. And the same happened over and


I shower every day. Like, every day. And I have to deal with not wanting to get out of the shower cause it’s cold outside, but then I stay in the shower for other 15 minutes and when I get out I feel my whole body compacting. And it’s not only cold, you’re also wet. And that is hell!!

I like taking showers though, it feels really good after a long boring day in school – kidding, you guys know I like school! But yeah, shower + winter = the death of humanity.


Yo, that was my list! I had a lot of sun writing it! I really enjoy the winter, but making this list wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I guess it’s not hard to point out the disadvantages that winter brings with it.

Do you like winter? Do you agree with this list? Have I missed anything? What’s something you hate about it? I wanna know what you guys think!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Christmas is gone now, but we still have New Year to celebrate our lives! Also, do you guys celebrate Epiphany? Cause I haven’t heard of anyone who celebrates it. I do. All that being said, hope you have an awesome day!


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22 thoughts on “The Struggles of Winter

  1. This is SO true! I hate it being cold, because you literally can’t do anything. You’re stuck inside (though it’s an excuse for being lazy!). The shorter days doesn’t bother me much apart from the fact it scares me when I look outside.
    Me: Todays’ going to be a good day. I just know it. i mean that sleep was good
    Me: *looks out of window*
    House : Ouch, I feel like I’ve been smashed to pieces (oh wait, I have)
    Me: wait it’s only 4:00, sorry house.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, cold stops you from doing a lot of things. And yup, hehe, I’m stuck inside!! 😛
      And yeah, the day can have finished and it’s already too soon!! I don’t mind it, but it’s not cool! (and hahaha, I loved you example).
      Luckily other seasons exist too!!
      Thanks for your comment! XD Hope you’re enjoying your holidays!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just hate how cold it is. You go outside and are hit with just that burst of cold air and you just pray that the buses are on time because you really don’t want to be outside any longer than you have to.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand you, it’s hell – when I go to school, all school has to wait outside until the bell rings, of course, except the teachers. :/
      Not hating on them, but they’re freaking lucky!


  3. Oh my god! So relatable! I’m born in the Winter but I totally love summer more! I mean, eating ice cream while playing in the sun! What could be better?

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  4. I love winter too! But the struggles are all too real. My school has the same heating issue – some classes are freezing and others feel like saunas! But it’s not too cold where I live (Ohio) at the moment. The temperatures have been in the 50’s Fahrenheit for the past few days! I don’t like it 🙅🏽🙅🏽 Happy winter and enjoy your week 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay, high five!! And omg your school has that problem too? And ouch, 50 degrees is really cold!!! I like winter, but the cold is deadly!!!
      Happy winter, enjoy your week too!!! XD


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