Let’s Talk Board Games!


I hope you’re having a good one! As you can see by the title of this post, today I’ll be talking about board games!! I got the idea cause I was playing Monopoly yesterday at home!! Now get ready to discuss about this topic!

I like board games in general, of course there’s some board games I don’t like, but right now I’m not gonna talk about that, I’m just gonna talk board games.

I think lately board games are kind of extincting – if I can call it that. When I was in elementary school, I used to play board games with my friends every time we had time; at break, when the teachers let us do whatever we wanted… We used to play mostly cards. I think we’ve also played chess as well.

Now, in high school, we’re not playing THAT much. There used to be a chess board in every class. Right now, I think they’re all kept in the library, because pieces get lost every day. But now, every time we have free time and stuff, people just go on their phones – it’s forbidden, before you ask, but people still do it. There’s always at least one kid in class checking their phone, always.

Now let’s talk types of board games:

  • CHESS:

I don’t dislike chess, I don’t love it either – it’s ok. I know to play, but I don’t play much because I’m not a big fan of it. What I don’t like about it is that it last a really long time and it makes me tired most of the times. I’ve played with my father, it was cool – but I’d not play with my friends. As I’ve already said, my friends played chess, but I haven’t played with them. It’d be fun to play with them, but I never have – not because I’m bad at it, which I shouldn’t care about, but they don’t have the rules clear. I’m not a crack at it, but at least I know the rules. You know how boring it is to play with someone who has no idea?

Also, I like seeing people win – I can’t explain it, but it makes me feel like watching a movie, for some reason – it’s like so dramatic!!black-white-chess-89380

  • POKER:

It’s been a long time since I played poker for the last time. I almost don’t remember a thing. I know that you have some cards and the other person can’t know if you have good chances or bad ones. You also have to bet. Anyways, when I played this game with my dad, he would win because my so called poker face isn’t really convincing. I love the song, but I’m not pretty good at making it, I’m still learning today.uoy75lo


Monopoly’s by far my fave board game!! I remember the first time I played it was with my grandmother and she had an old version of Monopoly which is sort of equivalent – it was called World Tourist. I loved it, I loved buying places and travelling and getting money!! I’s like to be a millionaire when I grow up, I guess this is kinda why I like it so much. Nah, but it’s also freaking fun!!

What I also like is that you don’t have to be smarter than the other person to win, you just need luck!giphy-6

  • JENGA:

I love Jenga! I’ve played this game countless times! The only drawback is that you can’t play during night cause you’ll most probably bother your neighbors. The coolest thing is that you don’t have to learn a lot of rules, just a few! You need basically to be careful, nothing more. Well, also people can cheat, or distract you, or push you.funny-ellen-really-hates-playing-jenga-gif-01

What’s cool also about board games is that in winter, as you can’t go out much, you have plenty of time to have fun with your friends and family! And it also doesn’t require WiFi, huh?

I remember in winter, there used to be a lot of board game commercials. Monopoly, Clue (which I also love), Rummy (which I’m also really into), stuff like that – but now I don’t see many of those. Now that I think about it, I don’t see board games much at the stores, how weird! I guess you can have all the board games you want on your phone for free, but it’s not the same!!! *cries*

Do you like board games? What’s you favorite? How many board games do you have at home? I think I have about 14! I’m not playing much board games lately, but I’ll be playing more from now on! They’re pretty cool!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it! Lemme know if you have any funny tales about board games, I’s love to hear from you! Before I go, I hope you have an awesome day!


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51 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Board Games!

  1. This was such a wonderful topic! I think it’s important that we talk about things that are just fading like board games. I totally agree with you about how they used to be the highlight of wet plays and they would just be so much fun! Now, it seems there are better more addicting games online or on apps but it’s just not the same as getting out Monopoly, handing out the money, rolling the die, and making the best trades! Jenga is awesome too but I’m not too fond of Chess for the exact same reasons; I can play but I just don’t. I’ve never played Poker before but it sounds okay. Monopoly, like yours, is my FAVE!


    • Thank youuuuu, I’m super happy you liked it, I wasn’t really sure about it at first. XD
      And I feel the same way, it’s sad that these things are being played less over time. Online games can be pretty cool – but nothing like monopoly at home with you friends or family!! XD And yay, be both love monopoly!! XD We should play it sometime together 😂😂
      I loved your comment, thank you so much!! XD

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  2. My family and I used to play monopoly all the time! It used to be our thing but over the past two years we just stopped. I kinda miss playing it, I loved it!

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  3. Great post idea. Pictionary is one of my favourite board games. I’m a decent artist so I can hold my own, but the beauty of Pictionary is that it’s even more fun when you aren’t a good artist.

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    • Thank you, I wasn’t really sure about it cause no one talks often about these things, but I’m glad you liked it! XD
      And I’ve never played pictionary, I’ve been wanting to play itsince a long time ago because I saw a lot of commercial on Tv!
      And yeah, awful drawings are hilarious!! XD XD


  4. I hope you have an awesome day too!
    My favourite board game is definitely Monopoly as well, but it just takes SO LONG to play! There’s five of us in our family and it takes at least four hours if we sit down to play, and by that time I get a bit restless 😀
    I remember a few Christmases ago, my brother got a chess board and we spent the whole day learning how to play chess. That was fun :Dxxx

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    • Thank you! No one replies to my posts when I say that, it means a lot! XD ❤
      And yeah, it takes really long, last time me and my dad finished playing at midnight!! XD And LOL
      And really? My dad taught me to play when I was a child, but I hated playing cause I would find it very boring. XD
      Thank you so much for your comment! XD

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  5. I LOVE board games too! We have so many at home. My brother’s and mine latest addition was a detective board game which is so much fun. Monopoly gets so competitive in our house, and I prefer droughts to chess but I remember in my primary school we had snakes and ladders and chess painted on the floor to play during lunch. Funnily enough, in our school, students (16/17 year olds) play cards games during free time. Such an amazing and relatable post. Loved reading it 💕


    • Omg I also played snakes and ladders with my grandmother, she bought a HUGE board (it was paper tho LOL)!! XD And yeah Monopoly is also taken really serious in my family!! XD
      And cool, actually me and my friends played cards soon before last school year ended, we had such a great time! Even the maths teacher and the hot teacher would play with us!! XD XD
      And thank you so much, I’m super duper happy you liked it! XD ❤

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  6. I love board games, and I know a lot of people love them, too! About once a month, a game store near us hold a free gaming day, where people can just bring games or borrow store editions and just play them. A friend of mine is a big Red Dragon Inn fanatic.

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  7. Hello Regina 5000, in an effort to be sociable in the blogging world, I decided to search Board Games as they are a particular passion and pasttime of mine (Shameless plug – my blog is all about games, and not video games for the most part http://www.itsmorethanjustgaming.com). I have to say, I disagree with you about boardgames going away, I think they did for a while but they are having a renaissance now. They are perhaps harder to come by and certainly more niche, but there are loads more than when I was a kid. Glad you you still keep the hobby up. All the best

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi John! XD
      It’s so cool you blog about games!!! XD
      And yeah, maybe board games aren’t going away, I just remember years ago they were announced more on tv way more than now and being played more among people, at least where I live. And yeah, there’s definitely a greater variety of board games now than then.
      Thanks for stopping by, all the best too!! XD

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      • Yeah, you are right. I remember when I was younger seeing adverts for things like Heroquest and thinking “That is Awesome!” You don’t see adverts like that any more. Thankyou for taking the time to drop by, and I see you found my work site too (still under construction!)

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  8. Great post! I love board games, they are so much fun and definently a lost art. I love Battle of the Sexes, it’s a great game to play with people of different generations since everyone has differ etc knowledge sets. And of course, cards against humanity with people my own age! That game always makes me laugh until I cry for sure!!

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    • Thank you so much!! XD I’ve heard of the Battle of the sexes but I’ve never played it, they announced a game couple of years ago called kids vs parents, I believe. XD
      And yeah, the few times I play cards with my friends, we always have a blast!! XD XD It’s so fun!!

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