My 2016 Resolutions REVIEW

resolutions-review-2016HI GUYS!

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!! Today, almost year ago, I made this year’s resolutions post! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year, I feel like I wrote it about a month ago. I feel like time goes way faster to me than other people, cause they seem to feel like everything lasts ages. Wish time went slower for me too. 😕 *cries*

So, today I’m talking about the things I did/achieved and the things I didn’t on that list! Let’s go:

  1. I’m gonna read more books in 2016. I like to read, but I don’t read THAT much. I have to say I’ve read more, cause I really have. But I must admit I haven’t read as much as I wanted to. I haven’t read many books, but I’ve read countless blog posts along this year!! So yup! 😎
  2. I’m going to study just a little bit more. I get good grades, but sometimes I feel like I could do it better. I have got better grades than other years. I mean, I’ve always got good grades, but they’ve improved this year. Also, I’ve been paying more attention and I’ve felt more interesting in a lot of stuff.
  3. I’ll dance more often. It kinda releases stress in exam season. I have danced more. Again, not as much as I wanted to, but I’ve definitely danced more! I’ve also learnt couple cool trending moves! 😏
  4. I’m going to keep improving my English. Man, that ish is improving every single day!!
  5. I hope to make my (hot) teacher remember my name at once (this is the second year with that teacher and he still doesn’t know my name). I’ve done it! Not a long time after writing this post, he actually called my names couple times! And in all this time, he hasn’t forgotten! Feels cool! Now let’s get to the next level! 😜 Nah, just kidding, he’d never love me.😖
  6. I’ll try to not be lame in my next posts (because sometimes I think they’re kind lame). I can’t tell you if my posts have improved in that sense, but I can tell you that I’ve been making longer posts definitely! Maybe I’ve also become less lame, I’m not sure.
  7. I hope to get more followers next year. I have! I went from 200 and something to almost 1000!!! It may not seem a lot for you, but it is for me! Thanks guys! 😍
  8. I’m gonna try not to laugh THAT hard when people tell me bad jokes; they’re so funny but people look at me like I’m crazy! (doesn’t this happen to you?) LOL, I think right now I laugh even harder at those types of jokes! Haven’t improved, just got worse. But nah, that ain’t no big deal!
  9. I’ll pay more attention in class. (I daydream in every single class except science, because duh…the hot teacher) As I’ve said before, I’ve been paying more attention in class, but without even noticing! As stupid as it may sound, I think classes are getting more interesting because when I think about it, I realize I’m 98% of the time actually listening to the teacher! Not only the hot teacher…😏😍
  10. I’ll try to not procrastinate while doing homework or studying. I’ve been still procrastinating. Perhaps not as much as a year ago, but I still procrastinate. I always do homework and study for exams, but I just delay the work till the second last minute. Not proud of it, but ya know…

So that was my resolutions’ review!! Of course, I’ll make another one for 2017, duh! And by 2017, I mean tomorrow LOL!! I’ll try to make it different so you don’t get bored with the same s… anyways! 😅

What were your resolutions? How many did you do? How many did ya not do? Are you making a resolutions list for 2017? I wanna know peeps!

I hope you liked this post! Sorry if it was all about my life but this is my blog, I can’t talk about yours, can I? I also hope you have an awesome day! HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE AGAIN!


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31 thoughts on “My 2016 Resolutions REVIEW

  1. Omg, same😂 I included “Try not to procrastinate” in my 2016 resolutions but it seems that it doesn’t have any big changes this year 😂 Happy New Year! (once again)

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  2. Good luck for 2017! I’m such a bad procrastinator too omg…I sit in my room for six hours and do like one piece of homework. ITS SO BAD!! We’ll just have to work on it aha xx

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  3. I love how you’re like “THE HOT TEACHER HAS FINALLY NOTICED ME! NEXT LEVEL! Nah, he’ll never love me…”
    That was really funny 😄 Great job achieving your resolutions! And whoa, 200 to 1000?! *runs and bows to you* Please teach me your secrets, master.
    But seriously. That is HUGE! But who am I kidding, just fulfilling ONE resolution is huge, you’ve got lots of improvements! That’s a proof of your awesomeness, Regina! 😄
    Hope you have a more awesome year ahead! 🎉🎆

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    • Yeah hahaha, I gotta accept reality!! XD
      And thank you, glad you had fun reading it! And thanks, I’m glad I achieved so many things too! And my secret is just idk, constantly blogging I guess? LOL idk XD XD
      And yeah, it really is fulfilling! And thank you, you think I’m awesome? You’re even more awesome!!! XD
      Thanks, hope you have an awesome year too!!

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    Liked by 1 person

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