My 2017 Resolutions!!!

2017-resolutionsHI GUYS!

I hope you’re all having a good day! HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! As this year’s starting, I wanted to share with you my 2017 resolutions. I’ve already made this last year, you can read this post and then check the review on this post.

But I guess every year, resolutions change, whether you’ve accomplished some things and you’re looking for new, or because there’s things you haven’t done and you have the same purpose the next year. So that’s why today I’m here with my (sort of) updated resolutions!


  1. Not procrastinate: So this one was also in my last resolutions post. It can be really hard to stop procrastinating all of a sudden, but I guess I can distract myself less and less every time, right? And procrastinating is really a waste of time, one day I’ll regret getting a bad grade cause of procrastination. I gotta stop now!
  2. Read more: This one also appeared on the last resolutions post, I have to say I’ve read more than last year, significantly! I’ve not only read more books, I’ve also read WAY more blogs than last year! Cause yeah, blogs count too! 😂😂 But I definitely want to read more this year!
  3. Keep improving my English: Again, same as I said last year, but learning a language is not only learning words and expressions, it’s also putting them in practice and keep improving your expression skills. Sometimes I visit my old posts and I realize many things I had written wrong, it may be kinda embarrassing like: Omg I can’t believe I wrote that! 😱 – but it’s also good cause it’s shows a progress and I’m not embarrassed, I’m actually proud of myself! And I just wanna keep going! 😊
  4. Keep blogging: This isn’t a goal actually. The only way to make stop blogging is telling me that screen radiation gives people eye cancer. ☠️ I actually go kinda crazy when I spend too much time on the computer cause it makes me think that watching the screen for such long time will make me go blind. But a lot of people watch TV like all day long and that’s a screen too so LOL 😂
  5. Work out more: I don’t do any sports after school and I can tell my body becomes unable to do certain things because of not being used to do exercise. When I have P.E. at school, sometimes my bones crack when doing really simple things, and I don’t wanna be a 14 year old with a body resistance of an elder. At least I should do an hour of work out every week, that’ll make me at least more used to moving. But being in bed is so AMAZING!! 😭
  6. Sleep more: In school period, I’m supposed to go to bed at 22:30, but actually I go at about 23:00 or 23:30. And I really need to get more sleep because I’m always exhausted in the morning and it’s really hard to get up. 😴 And I also hate when I didn’t sleep much the night before and then the next day I’m in a bad mood. 😡 I actually love sleeping, I don’t know why I’d sleep less than I need every day. This one should be easy to do. It should be. 😅
  7. Take shorter showers: I like taking showers, it’s fun! It’s so fun that after I finish showering, I usually just stay for other 10 minutes in the shower playing with the water. 😅 Now I’m taking shorter showers though, but they’re still longer than they should be.
  8. Go less on my phone: I love my phone. Its name is Darren and I think I’ve already said this on this blog, I dunno. Anyways, I love it and it’s been my phone for the last 2 years. We have a special bond! But most of the times I use it it’s just to check if I got any notifs which I didn’t get but just to check everything’s under control. *winking eye* 😜 But yeah, I shouldn’t waste retina on my phone. I should enjoy doing other things like, homework or revising. 😂😂
  9. Make more blogging friends: I already have blogging friends, but I wanna make my community even bigger. I like meeting new people across the blogosphere, it’s cool! I also have a lot of fun with other bloggers whether it’s chatting or making collabs!! 😄
  10. Take more pictures: I like photography and taking pictures as most of you probably know and blah blah blah.. nothing I haven’t already said before! But somehow I feel like I haven’t taken many pictures this year – at least not as many as I would’ve liked to. Actually I’ve posted more on Instagram and I’ve shared a lot of pictures on this blog as well. But I haven’t gone on trips to take pictures THAT much. I hope to change that this year! 😄

Hey, that’s a wrap on the resolutions list! I hope you guys have enjoyed. What are your resolutions? Is there anything I said that’s also on your resolutions? I wanna know!

I hope you guys liked this post as much as I liked writing it! I also hope it wasn’t too long for being just 10 resolutions, cause when I saw it I was like wah? Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day! HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN!!! Let’s make this year amazing!


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