What it’s Like to Need Glasses

whats-like-to-needHI GUYS!

I hope you’re all doing well. The other day I was thinking about the fact of wearing glasses and all that comes with it. And I thought: If I got money every time someone asked me how badly I see, I’d be rich.

I’ve been wearing glasses for 10 years now and I’m more than used to them. 🤓 But there’s people who haven’t worn glasses in their entire life and who wonder what’s it like to wear them. And I’m like, I know something you don’t? Lemme just tell you it feels to not see the world 100% clearly. Just to make it clear, I’m not going to talk about the fact of wearing glasses and its pros and cons, I’m gonna talk about eyesight. 👁

I think I should’ve started there. Without further ado, let’s begin:

I don’t remember very well when I started wearing glasses or how it happened, cause I was only 4 – but my mum told me that my pediatrician told me I would go check my eyesight, don’t know the reason either. And yeah, I started wearing glasses.

Before wearing glasses, I kind of didn’t know why other people would wear them, I thought they just didn’t see at all and putting on a pair of glasses would solve the problem. And apparently, that’s the same my friends thought, they often asked me: Hey Anna, do you see just black without your glasses? I was like: No, I see everything. They also would take off my glasses and try to make me go crazy, but I could see. 👀 Suckaaaas!!! 😂😂😛

When I was about 5, I realized you didn’t have to be a blindie to wear glasses, I could see everything, but slightly blurred. With time, my vision got a little worse and now I see kinda like this:


This is how I see with my glasses, everything clear, right?


And this is how I see without them. Looks pretty much the same – but hey, try to read all those blurred words!!

Yeah, blurred images is what people see. There’s people who wear glasses that can’t see a thing without their glasses, I’m glad I don’t have such bad eyesight, cause I’m already pretty clumsy and losing my glasses would be awful. 😱 😱

I’ve always thought my eyesight is pretty good. Everything’s slightly blurred, but I know what I’m seeing, just not very detailed. I can see better the things that are closer to me, but I can’t see what’s farther. People, whiteboards and blackboards (same struggle), anything that’s more than 1 and half meters away from me. Although I also need glasses to read texts on my desk, not that I can’t see it, but it’s harder and my head begins to hurt. 😭

If you take off my glasses in class and I’m trying to copy or read something from the board, I would be unable to see words. With whiteboards, I can only distinguish black or blue markers, I can’t read them, but I can see the colors. I can barely see green markers, but I can’t see red markers at all – I could think it’s clean. With blackboards, it doesn’t matter the color cause I would see nothing anyway. 😂

In few words, every time I’m gonna use my eyes, I have to wear glasses, aka, always! I’m always whether on the computer, on my phone, watching videos or movies, doing homework, studying… I need them all the time.

Thank god glasses exist! I get really happy every time I put on my glasses cause it’s like: Now I can see!! 🙏🙏

I not always couldn’t see from far, actually that started about 4 years ago, when I was 10. My doctor says eyesight changes with time and also if you’re still growing.

What’s also funny is when you and the friends that wear glasses swap our glasses just to try and y’all end up dizzed. One of my friends needs glasses just to see by far and I have teachers that wear glasses just when they have to see closer things. It’s kinda weird. 😂

I think that’s all I have to say about it, I hope it has taught you something. Do you wear glasses? If yes, for how long have you been wearing them? Tell me! My eyes wanna know about yours? Do you like wearing glasses? Tell me!

I hope you guys liked this post as much as I liked writing it for you! I like wearing glasses and it’s not that I like to need them, I like wearing them! Anyways, I hope y’all have a great day!


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81 thoughts on “What it’s Like to Need Glasses

  1. I wear glasses too but only started a year ago! I can totally relate! All my friends test me iwthout my glasses ” how many fingers am I holding up?” Like I can’t see without them? I lost my glasses a month ago and for some reason it’s taken ages to get them back! I will be reunited with them once again!

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  2. I’ve been wearing glasses for over a year now and I don’t really mind them – they help me see thing more clearly after all! The only major downside for me is wearing glasses when it’s raining.

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  3. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 8 and I’m 13 now… I’ve already had 5 pairs and broken 2 lol. Do people do that thing where you take them off and you must say how many fingers you see? My eyesight is just getting worse as I grow up and I can’t get contacts… This article is crazy relatable❤

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  4. I wear glasses also 👓 and without them, I literally see nothing😣 It’s a pain in school when I’m trying to take things down from the white board, so I totally relate🤓🌸 I kind of avoid wearing them though as I dislike the way they look on me!! Have you ever worn contact lenses?!🤓

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    • Really? I’m pretty sure they look great on you! Maybe you just have to get used to them. XD
      And how can you be without them if you can’t see at all? Is it hard to do certain things? 😛
      And nope, I’ve never put on contacts and I think they would be very uncomfortable, I’m just scared of them, to be honest LOL XD XD
      And you?

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      • I’ve never worn contact either! It would be handy to wear when travelling as I don’t want to be seen with glasses😂👓

        Yes, very hard to see people and writing😂 I guess it’s gone to the point of stupidity🤓🤔 I can always make it a new years resolution, to feel more comfortable with myself to wear them and to be more confident! I only got glasses two years ago so I guess that’s why I find it hard to feel confident in them!✨

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      • Hahaha XD
        And yeah, that’s probably why. I’ve been wearing glasses for 10 years and I was not feeling good in them until 3 or 4 years ago actually. XD
        Glasses don’t define who you are, and if you don’t feel good in them, you can always take ’em off, right? Not that they’re part of your face LOL XD
        I think soon you’ll feel more confident!!

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  5. I love wearing glasses! I actually needed glasses for a long time but I didn’t get them because I just never brought it up with my parents then my first year in university, I was sitting right in front and I couldn’t see anything at all on the board. So I knew I had to get glasses. So I went out that very day, got tested, got a prescription and picked up my glasses a week later because I requested customized lenses. I wear my glasses all the time now. I’m thinking about getting contacts though because it’s really annoying doing elaborate eye makeup then having to cover it up and sometimes my glasses leave smudges in my foundation around the bridge of my nose.

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    • Yeah, glasses are awesome!! And I really liked your story!! XD I remember my first glasses, they were garnet and the lenses were round LOL they looked so funny!!
      And omg yeah, I’ve heard about a lot of people who struggle with wearing glasses and makeup, yeah you should probably get some contacts then. XD XD

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  6. Lol without glasses I would be pretty much blind. I can’t see anything without them. When I first got them it was like the whole world changed so I know exactly what you mean whenever you put them on. Do you know that song that goes “I can see clearly now…?” that’s what I think whenever I put them on 😂 Before I always thought glasses were kind of weird, but no they’re for the cool people. I loved this post!!

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  7. I wore glasses and contacts from when I was 12, up until a year or so ago when I had the lasik laser eye surgery. I remember the first time I put on my glasses though, I was amazed that it was possible to see the definition of leaves on tree’s, and not just a green blur!

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  8. All my glasses commentary has been said by people already but THE IKEA FOOOOOOOODDD!!! YUM. Man I remember when they use to give 10 meatballs but where I live, they give like 6 or 7 😒 but still bomb!!

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    • Yeah omg the ikea food!!!!! XD XD I’m also in love with it, I had to share the picture!!! XD 😛
      Really? I think they give us 11 where I live, but I never counted them LOL XD
      But yeah, still!!! XD

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  9. Ahhh I always received the classic “how many fingers am I holding?” because I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 5! I use contact lenses more often nowadays but I still love my glasses esp. for my lazy days 🙂
    Also I’ve always wondered what it’s like for people who can see perfectly when they wake up in the morning. Like what a foreign concept to wake up and everything is clear not blurry. It feels so strange to me lol

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