Pros and Cons of Being Sick

pros-and-cons-of-being-sickHI GUYS!

Wassup peeps? Hope you’re having a good time! So I usually talk about being sick on this blog when I’m sick but today I’m not sick.. and I’m talking about being sick – yeah, it’s pretty weird.

As we all know, being sick is not cool at all, you feel like utter crap and there’s nothing you can do about it. But it can also have some advantages. Today we’re gonna discuss the pros and cons of being sick, let’s go:

Pros and Cons of Being Sick:


  • You don’t have to go to school/work: Feeling like crap can make you unable to do simple things like standing up, walking and just moving in general. So how are you gonna go out in such bad conditions? Stay home, don’t you force yourself!  😂
  • You get a lot of attention: When you’re sick you require more attention and caring than when you’re alright. If you’re an adult, you can get more attention from the people that live with you – but when you’re young and live with your parents, you notice your parents pay more attention on your well being. And that is cool!! 😎 *coughs* I’m so ill. *coughs*
  • You eat hot soup: Ahhh, hot soup – heaven on earth. 😊 You can also eat hot soup when you’re not sick but somehow it feels better when you’re sick. I feel so nice when my mom makes me hot soup when I’m sick. It’s like drinking hot chocolate when it’s cold! ☕️
  • Resting all day long: The only thing you have to do is relax in bed watching TV, Netflix, YouTube, reading a book, a blog… And you don’t have to go out! It’s prefect!! 😄
  • Attracting the attention: I’m not a big head or anything, but it’s sometimes nice to hear people saying: Oh, poor Anna, she’s sick in bed and she’s feeling awfully! 😇


  • Food tastes differently: Why does food have to taste weirdly when you’re sick? Makes me wanna throw up even more than before! 🤢 Even my fave foods taste weird. You know what’s worse? Vomiting your favorite food. 2 years ago, I threw up my favorite kind of sandwich, and it wasn’t cool to taste it mixed with stomach fluids and gastric juice. 😭
  • You feel like crap: Your head hurts, you have nausea, you’re always coughing and sneezing… 🤧 Awful and gross. You feel weak, miserable… It’s just a cold, why am I feeling like dying?? 😭
  • It’s cold always: Going to the bathroom and taking off your blankets feels like a huge glacial breeze just hit you on your whole body. 🤒 Also, having fever increases the feeling of being cold, and I hate feeling cold!!! 😩
  • People don’t want to approach you: Wait, don’t hug her, she’s very ill, you don’t want to get it too! I hate when people say that. It’s not that I wanna spread the cold to half of the population, but I don’t like it when people don’t wanna approach me like I’m a poisonous toad. 😢🐸
  • You miss out things: Omg Anna, the other day that you were sick, the hot teacher told us how he went to the gym every day when he was young! That has never happened to me, but I’d hate it if it did. That’s why I try to go to school even if I’m sick. Last time I was sick, I had 38ºC and I went to school cause I wanted to see my hot teacher – who didn’t come that day cause it was his dad’s funeral. 🙁 It was a very reasonable excuse and I feel sorry for his dad, but I kinda felt stupid cause I could’ve stayed home. 😅😕

And that’s a wrap on the pros and cons list! What’s something you like and dislike about being sick? Do you get colds often? Are you currently sick? I wanna know!

I hope you had fun reading this post as much as I did making it. (except the part when I talked about the funeral) Anyways, I hope you guys have an awesome day!


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47 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Being Sick

  1. I’m loving your post! Totally funny but i have to agree with the hot soup it seems to taste better somehow! But other food taste like nothing at other times. My sister and parents get so mad when I’m practically dying at school and have to pick me up.😂

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  2. I literally just came home from school and few hours ago because I was too ill to stay in…this post was so true and came in great timing for me😂Missing out on things is a huge con for me right now, I need to be in school because we have important exams next week but I’m just too ill😭

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  3. I hate being sick😭it’s horrible. I don’t even like the pros just because I always feel like I’m getting behind on school and just feel like crap all day 😦 enjoyed this post 🙂 xx

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    • It really sucks!! :/ The advantages can be cool to think about, but when you’re not sick LOL 😛 XD But yeah, it mostly sucks and you don’t even think of the pros.
      And thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it!!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hahaha! I can’t say I have any likes about being sick seeing as I’m in university so missing out on a lecture is really unhelpful and I have to take care of myself or rely on my friends and I hate feeling vulnerable. Also I lose the sense of taste and it’s sooo annoying because that makes me lose my appetite and you need to eat to take medicine so it’s an annoying cycle.

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    • Yeah, being sick really sucks. It may have some advantages but it really sucks!!! XD
      And yeah, missing out in school is what I hate the most, you can catch up, but there’s always something important you missed. :/

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  5. Ahh, yes. I agree with all here, especially the attention you get to bask in! And no school is always a plus! Especially because you get to laze around all day and lie in!
    But then you’re actually sick so you feel awful and exciting thing happen at school, only when I’m off from school:

    When I DO go school
    Teacher: blabs on
    Student: bored
    Teacher: extra homework

    When I’m sick:
    Supply Teacher throws a party, no homeworks and an no lessons
    Me: coughts at home

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  6. Wow, This is so relatable! ✨ especially the missing out on everything when you’re not in school, I’m off for one day and I come back feeling as if I missed everything, and when I’m in school nothing ever happens! I always seem to miss the drama 😂

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