Things We Miss about Elementary School ft. Farahez

collab with farahdezHI GUYS!

How’s life going, people? Today we’re talking about the endearing things people usually miss about Elementary school. But this post isn’t a usual post… *drumroll please*

Today I have the one and only Farhedz @ Girl With Coffee with me!!! Check out her blog is you haven’t already, she’s a very nice person and her blog is awesome!!! Thank you so much Farahedz for collabing with me, it means a lot to me!!!

Elementary school was like our entire childhood, almost everything most people remember about their childhood is middle school. Sometimes school can be boring and hectic, but we all have to admit it had really good things! I’m not an adult, but as a high schooler (if I can call it that), there’s many things I miss about it!

So get ready cause we’re gonna discuss 4 points on what we miss about being in Elementary school, get ready to relate guys! Or maybe not.

Things we miss about Elementary School:

Farahedz’s turn:

  • No one will judge you:

Mainly because we don’t care. We don’t even care about how we look or what we wore because of certain of you, have to wear a school uniform. Besides, your parents already prepare it for you. Even if you hanging out alone (which rarely happen) no one will ever judge you about that 🙂

  • Making friends:

It’s so easy to make friends. Even you just talking to them for a couple of seconds considered as a friend to them. It feels like the entire school is your friend 😄 but the only rules to have friends in elementary school is being nice.

My turn:

  • I miss having different activities at school:

I miss when teachers told us we were going to see a play at the culture center and we would miss the 2 last classes. Or when they told us that the writer of the book we were reading in class was gonna come and sign our books. It wasn’t a big deal but at least we would do something different. When has that happened in high? Never. 😐

They sometimes give us talks about racism, feminism, bullying and mental health… But that’s anything but fun. It’s something important, but not fun. We get those talk all the time, has there been any progress about it in school? No! At all!

  • I miss the decorated classes with drawings and posters:

In high school we sometimes decorate classes with posters we made of cells, book recommendations, student meetings… Poems… I want drawings! Not picture diagrams and words!!

Well, we’re kinda grown up also, so I think it makes sense. And I don’t think we’re gonna hang out anything in the college walls unless it’s something about a book club or chess club. 😅

And that’s a wrap on the things we miss!! I know they’re just 4 things but we made another post on her blog and we discussed other 4 things!! So check it out!

Some people may miss middle school and some people may not, I guess we both had good experiences and that’s why we have such good things to talk about when we think of middle school. I know there’s many people out there who may not miss it as much or just at all. Not everyone had the same experience in middle school.

For me actually, I like High school more than middle school.  I just have more fun in general and even though we have to study more and stuff, I just enjoy it WAY more!! But just cause I like high school doesn’t mean I don’t miss other things, right?

Do you miss middle school? Do you not? Are you a student right now? If yes, what grade are you in? I’m in 9th grade!

Thanks again Farahedz for collabing with me and having me also on your blog!!! I wish I could hug you!! Remember to check out her blog, guys!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed writing it! I know it’s kinda weird to talk nice things about school during holidays, but who cares? I have nothing more to say, hope you all have a wonderful day!


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38 thoughts on “Things We Miss about Elementary School ft. Farahez

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  2. Great post! But I’ve got a question for you! I live in the UK, and I’ve never understood grades in the US. I know it’s like year groups, but of what year? Is 9th grade full of 13-14 year olds? Because Year 9 for us in the UK is full of 13-14 year olds. Basically (got a bit carried away😂) is your 9th grade our Year 9?
    (Sorry if this didn’t make sense, I’m so tired😭)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, I don’t know about grades in the US either, but in Spain, after you finish 6th grade (which is 6th class) in elementary school, you go to 1st secondary which I think is equivalent to 7th grade for the US. I’m not sure but I think that’s kind of how they do it idk.
      And thank you!! I’m glad you liked it!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, that’s pretty much how it works here! But instead of grades it’s years. And I’m so sorry! I assumed you were from the US because I didn’t know anywhere else that says grades instead of years…I’m stupid😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t worry, I usually talk in grades on my blog because I feel like no one would understood if I talked about these things they way the do it in Spain LOL XD XD And no you’re not, I wouldn’t have understood either!! I’m not good at explaining things LOL XD

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  3. I live in England, so I’m not entirelyyy sure which ages elementary, middle and high school are, or what the difference between grades and years are, but I’m assuming elementary school is when you were really little? And yess I do miss not being judged and making friends so easily. Enjoyed this post ❤

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  4. 1 word I have for you, THANK YOU.
    Thank you, for willing to collab with me! It’s a fun experience to work with you☺️☺️
    Wait, is it considered 2 words? Idk 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww really? Thank you so much, it means so much!!! XD I get my inspiration whether at school, at home while listening to music, when I’m with my friends… pretty much anywhere!
      And I’ve been writing for 3 years now!! And you? XD


      • Yeah, it’s quite a lot! And I’m glad you like writing, keep doing it! XD
        And I started writing basically cause I wanted to have a voice and see what other people would think. And I write about pretty much what I write now, my opinion, funny tales. And you, why did you start writing? What do you like writing about? XD XD


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