2017 Golden Globe Awards Fashion Review

2017-golden-globe-awardsHI GUYS!

I hope you’re having a great day!! I wasn’t really gonna post today cause of school but yesterday I was on the internet and I found out that the Golden Globes happened! I was like what? Let’s review some outfits!!

As always, I’m not gonna review everyone that appeared that day cause no but I’m gonna review some of my favorite people of the show!!

So get ready cause we’re starting!

heidi-bad0a737-f0df-4c18-8a88-d39471f4729aHEIDI KLUM:

Yay, Heidi Klum! One of the most beautiful people I’ve ever put my eyes on! 😍

I really like her outfit, her dress is really cool! It has a really weird pattern of curved and straight lines but i love it!! I don’t hate strapless dresses but for some reason I feel like it could fall at any moment. 😂 Hope she had worn underwear. 😅

I don’t really mind the shoes, they’re too simple for me. I feel like shoes need more, I don’t know. As some of you may know, I don’t like jewelry so I’m obviously not a fan of the earrings and stuff.

I think her makeup is on point, even though she wouldn’t need it anyway. 😄

Maybe she could’ve done something more with the hair, the half up pony is too simple for such an award and such a model. 😅

js117413870_getty-images-north-america_74th-annual-golden-globe-awards-arrivals-xlarge_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqi8qx0ftaydp5xx9bhapjpbi_7l-yd4wdry8jpqmuaf0EMMA STONE:

You know, I like Emma Stone but I’m not into this. At all. 😕

I don’t like the form of the dress, too simple for me. I don’t like the cleavage either. I feel like the flowers (or whatever they are) on her dress are like really corny. She looks like a fairy godmother (but pretty and hot), she just needs the wings. 😅 Sorry!! Well, at least I like the color tones of the dress, I’ll give her that. 😊

Again, not a fan of jewelry. I can’t see her shoes, so yup.

I don’t like her hair, I think she could’ve tuck that piece of hair in. It’s too simple as well, I mean, I could’ve done it myself.

But I like the makeup though, it’s natural and just perfect! 😄

simone-biles-aly-raisman-madison-kocian-golden-globesFINAL FIVE:

They should actually be the final 3 cause I mean, you guys know to count! 😂 I think this is the second award show they go to and I’m glad they did because they look really good!

I like all of their makeup, they don’t even look like they’re wearing it! 😂

I think they should’ve all done something with their hair. I mean, this is an award show, you ain’t going to the beach! 😎 At least they waved it which I appreciate.

About the dresses, my fave (and the only one I like) is the salmon one, I wouldn’t wear it cause of the cleavage but I like the color and it’s really pretty. The blue one looks like just a piece of silk, I don’t hate it though. The gold dress is my less fave but I have to admit I love the color!! 😍😍


I think she looks really good in that dress, I also like the color. What I don’t like is that she looks like she’s going to a Vegas night event. 😂😂 I’m sorry, but it’s true! I also don’t like the type of cleavage.

Can’t see her shoes! Don’t like the earrings either. Like man, a line and then a triangle? It looks like the instrument.

I like her hair, it’s down and it’s not something I really like but I think it frames her face really well! I also like that one side is like to the back and that the other side has slight waves. 😍

I also love her makeup, I love that people are wearing nude lips a lot!! It looks just really good! 😄 It looks way better than any other color in my opinion.

I also like her pose on the photo, she looks really confident, that’s awesome!!

lily-collins-zuhair-murad-dress-golden-globes-2017LILLY COLLINS:

I like that all her outfit goes together like it was a pattern. She’s very pale and she has really dark hair and I think that’s a really good combination! Also, it looks really good wen these type of people wear red lipstick, which I don’t like itself. But I like that she’s not wearing red, just garnet. 😄

I like how she looks in the dress, not I like the dress itself. I like the color, but I feels like it’s kinda corny as well. I had a princess costume like that when I was a child. 😂 But like, not offense, she looks like a princess and she looks really good!!

Can’t see her shoes! Gimme shoes, people! 😠 I don’t like the earings either, ugly!!

I also like the makeup, though I don’t like the pink eye shadow, not a clever move! 😕 But I have to admit it was clever that she tried to match it with the dress! 😊

And that’s a wrap on the fashion review! I hope you like it! I didn’t like many things in their outfits but I think they look good as a whole outfit. I don’t know if I’m expressing myself well guys, sorry!

Did you like the outfits? Did you not? Which did you like the most? And the less?

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed doing it, I made it really quickly after I found out the golden globes happened!! I have nothing more to say, have an awesome day!


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