2017 People’s Choice Awards Fashion Review

2017-peoples-choice-awardsHI GUYS!

Yo, how’s life treatin’ y’all! So this weeks the People’s Choice Awards took place and as obvious I’m gonna review some of the people’s outfits!! It’s cool that 2 awards happened in 2 consecutive weeks, I wish an award show happened every week, dontcha?

So now ladies and gents get your pants ready cause we’re starting right now!! – Don’t ask.


AKA the queen of YouTube! 😍 Or I mean goddess cause for me she’s dressed like a Greek goddess but like gold version, does it make sense? 😂

I’m in love with the color of the dress, I like gold color and more if it’s dark, I also like the bottom part, although well, maybe it would look even better if it was longer, just my opinion, but I guess that’s what makes it look even more Greek!! 😍 I’m just not into the cleavage, looks like it needs to be more tight or else her boobies are gonna move too much. 😅 Sorry Lilly, I swear I love you!! 🙏

I also really like the shoes. The don’t really match the dress in my opinion, maybe they should be the same color. But yet they’re amazing!!

I’m in love with the makeup, simple and great! What I’m not in love with is the hairstyle, I feels like she could’ve done something else with such long hair!!

You guys know I don’t like jewelry so I don’t gotta continue! 😅

rs_839x1024-170118174826-634-fifth-harmony-peoples-choice-awards-2017FIFTH HARMONY:

Ok I’m not even gonna talk about the fact that Camilla isn’t in the group anymore. I don’t even know how I feel about that. 😬

They look stunning thought! I may not luv the outfits alone, but they look amazing as a whole and they always match their outfits really well, they know how to do these things!! 😎

It’s also something to admire that they’re wearing like silky dresses which I think you need to have confidence and know how to pull them off!! They’re just goals with capital G!!! 😍😍

I don’t love their shoes nor their hairstyles cause if you’ve read more of my fashion reviews you may know I always appreciate a good elaborate hairstyle!!

Oh, and I love their makeup!! Omg I’m loving a lot of people’s makeup lately!! 😂

sofia-vergara-dress-2017-people-choice-awardsSOFIA VERGARA:

LOL as I’m Hispanic I feel weird not writing her name with an accent (Sofía). 😂😂

So I’ve seen a lot of fashion review from past awards and I have to say this is something I like WAY more than other things she’s worn. 😍 The dress is of course something I would never wear and less pull it out like that, but I really like it in her!! She looks amazing! I like that it’s like white and gold and I like the wave the dress makes at the end part!! 😄😄

I like the color of the shoes and the fact that they have a lot of platform which gives me a lot of Lady Gaga vibes!! But the shoes itself, I’m not feeling ’em. 😕 But they match totally with the dress, don’t get me wrong!!

I also like her makeup!! I like the color of her lipstick, even though I don’t feel like I’d ever wear it, I don’t know! 😂

rs_634x1024-170118175403-634-priyanka-chopra-peoples-choice-awards-los-angeles-kg-011817PRIYANKA CHOPRA:

Why do all dresses look like hey’re gonna fall off lately?? It scares me!! 😱😂

I feel like this is a 2 piece dress, right? Cause I think I can kinda see her belly! 😅 Nah, as long as she ain’t got hair in her belly button. What the eff am I saying?? 😂

*Sorry, it’s 22:30 by the time I’m writing this so sorry if I lose my mind a bit!*

I really like the upper part, it’s something new and really cool, I like it!! I don’t like the skirt thought, I don’t like the end part, looks like a tap dancer from the 20’s, she only needs a feather on her head! 😅 I’m really sorry!!! 😭

I don’t like the shoes, I’m not a fan. But her makeup is amazing, she doesn’t seem to be wearing it at all, but i the good sense!! 😍 I also absolutely LOVE her hair color!! Never dye it, Priyanka!!😄

jlo-1-9046eb6f-e418-46d3-bfc3-309ab7bb81adJENNIFER LOPEZ:

I have to say I’m usually not a fan of her looks, but I’m for sure OBSESSED with this one!! 🤤 Damn, you couldn’t have made a better choice!!

First off, the dress. It would totally be something I’d wear apart from the chest part. I mean, I love it, but I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear it!! 😂 I like that it doesn’t have cleavage and that it pretty much covers everything!! 😍 And no, I’m not a nun. 😅

I like the sleeve and I’m just not sure if it’s velvet, which would make me love it even more!!! I think it wouldn’t look so good in someone younger cause I feels like this is more serious, but it’s amazing!! I also like the tail of the dress, looks like a hot jellyfish!! 😄

I like her makeup and hair, even thought I don’t like that people always pull out little pieces of hair, but it’s fine!! 😊

So that was a wrap on the fashion review!! Which was you fave and least fave look? My fave was Jennifer’s, I have to say!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did making it!! I hope the next award show comes soon so I don’t have to wait too much for the next fashion review!! I hope you guys have a wonderful day!!


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21 thoughts on “2017 People’s Choice Awards Fashion Review

  1. I also agree that Lilly’s dress should have been longer. Is it just me or she looks shy in the picture? I love her too😁 Anyway, I think the best dressed will be Fifth Harmony. I mean, is it even debatable?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Saw Lilly and liked before I’d even read it 😂😂😂😂 seriously though I really like Jlo and 5H’s/4H’s look as they literally look like angels

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I didn’t actually watch the People’s Choice Awards but based on your posts, my favorite looks are Jennifer and Sofía. I love Jennifer’s because black yes and Sofía’s is something I’d love to wear.
    My least favorite look is the blonde girl from …th Harmony. I get the cheerleader effect makes them all look good but when you isolate her from the rest of the group, the outfit is just… off. I don’t know, maybe if it was a better fit or maybe it’s how she’s posing. I just don’t like it. Not a huge fan of Priyanka’s fringe either. I love the top though. I feel like she should have worn some elaborate jewellery since her make up was so simple because she looks rather plain like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg LOL 😂I didn’t watch it either, I just looked for people’s looks on the red carpet! 😛
      I agree totally, fifth harmony’s dresses alone aren’t as good as they all together.
      And glad someone else agrees with the fringe, hehe! XD And omg yass, she could’ve worn like something else, yeah, there’s like something missing!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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