2017 SAG Awards Fashion Review

the-sag-awards-2017HI GUYS!

I hope you’re all having a great day! Today I wasn’t gonna post anything cause 1. I’m sick  2. I have to revise cause I have exams going on next week  3. I didn’t know the SAG awards happened! Until now… *evil smile*

Omg like, 3 award shows in a month?? That’s so cool! I didn’t wanna review this award show cause I’m kinda too late but I saw Natalie Portman’s dress and I was like: I gotta talk about this! So get yourselves ready cause we’re starting now. *hehe, I hadda correct the word “yourselves” 3 times*

3ca4408500000578-0-image-a-25_1485739021613article-1251497-0851d7f9000005dc-183_306x666NATALIE PORTMAN:

Why does she look so sad? She’s gonna have a baby! I just noticed that this morning when  relalized the SAG awards were going on. 😂😂 That dress is amazing!! Her face looks like her husband died 10 years ago in a war and she still hasn’t moved on. Sorry Natalie! 😕

Now let’s talk about fashion! I’M JUST SO INTO THIS DRESS!! 🤤 Like, every time I make an award fashion review post I’m like: I love the dress but not that I’s ever wear it. This is the first dress I feel like I could actually wear! People can look amazing without having to show skin at all. 😄😄

I love her makeup, but she needs to smile to embrace it more. 😅 I also love her hair, it’s not on the way which I love!! Some of you guys know I don’t like jewelry so now you know what I think.

Seriously, she looks amazing! Although it’s giving me a lot of Star Wars vibes. She reminds me of the character she played and also of Princess Leia. But not only Star Wars, she also reminds me of lady gaga some years ago in that vanilla cake dress with the massive wig and the mask. Although I prefer Gaga’s, I’d totally wear it too!! 😍😍

23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsSOFIA VERGARA:

First off, this whole look is amazing!! 🤤🤤

I love  the dress, it’s very elegant but young as well. I like that’s black and like metally (if I can call it that) at the top. I also like the length of it, it’s like not TOO long but not TOO short either. What I also like about it is that you don’t show that much skin. I mean, it’s a strapless dress but I like that she doesn’t show too much cleavage, she still looks stunning!! 😍

I also like the shoes, I bet they must be pretty uncomfortable to wear cause they look pretty tall. She should wear another shoes with her in case she gets tired or a heel breaks or something. 😂

I also like that her hair is not on the way, the face is the most important thing! And speaking of face, her makeup is A MA ZING!!!! 😄

kaley-cuoco-fasion-sag-awards-2017-ftrKALEY CUOCO:

Ahhh, look at that smile.. 😊 She looks like a fairy godmother, but in a good way! The fabric looks like the one of a fairy costume I had when I was 4. But it looks amazing in it, I wouldn’t mind if she wore a plastic trash bag.

The dress alone, I don’t like it, and less for the SAG awards. It just isn’t really serious. She looks like the good sister of Maleficent. I like that it’s long, but I’m not into it, at all. 😭

But if you’re gonna wear that dress, you should wear a hairstyle that matches it like a long french or dutch side braid mixed with perfect curls or something. That hairstyle looks totally like she could’ve done it. If you’re gonna pay a stylist, it has to be someone who can do what you can’t!!

For some reason I feel like that itches. Costumes itch, so this must itch as well. Anyways, after such negative critic, I have to say she would rock anything she wears, I’s never pull out anything like that so well!!

64642236_los-angeles-cajanuary-29-actor-gina-rodriguez-attends-the-23rd-annual-screen-actorsGINA RODRIGUEZ:

Hey! Gina Rodriguez!! 😄 She looks amazing, she’s rocking that pose and her smile looks like a kid’s smile when you give them candy!! Such innocence! What do they know if it’s poisoned? Wait, what? What am I talking about? 😂😂

Ok so I like that the dress matches her skin tone. I think there’s birds in that pattern which I feel really weird about. Looks like those new trendy bomber jackets with birds and flowers on them. Btw who started that trend?🤔

I like her makeup, I like that her hair is up although I don’t like the pieces of hair flying, I can’t see her shoes so I can’t say anything about them…. Yeah, I like it!! Seriously, I’m wondering what shoes she’s wearing! Like, what would match that dress?

She looks great and the dress is original, well done!! *claps* 👏👏

450_1000f3d50f81d76c820fea8a77b9de7d6219EMMA STONE:

The dress is cool, somehow I feel like she’s worn it before but obviously she hasn’t and I guess that means it matches her style and that’s just cool!!! 😊

I like velvet and there’s also this trend now of velvet and flowers which is super weird, but I like it!! I’m a big fan of velvet so I think that’s all the dress needs to convince me!! What I don’t understand is why it looks like one side was ripped off. It gives me a lot of Cinderella vibes when her step sisters effed her dress up.

It’s like: Hey I’m going to the SAG awards with a prince! And then her stylist gets jealous and rips a side of it and tells her it’s trendy. Like: Hey, now you’re ready! But Emma looks better. Sorry Cinderella, you’re great part of my childhood. 😭

Her shoes kinda look like she’s barefoot but I guess er feet must be warm under the velvet dress.😂 I also like her makeup, doesn’t even look like she’s wearing makeup!! But the hair, seriously, tie it up!! 😤

Yay! That was a wrap on the fashion review!! My fave dress was totally Natalie Portman’s, you don’t even need to ask, maybe I also said it at the beginning of this post. Which was your fave? And least fave?

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m sorry it was a little late, I just noticed it happened this morning. I hope more awards to be happening soon so yeah, you’ll hear more fashion review from me. Hope ya’ll have a wonderful day!!


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