The A – Z Tag!!

the-a-to-z-tagHI GUYS!

Wassup guys? I hope you’re all having a good day!! So last week I got tagged by the one and only JazzyBlogs to do the A – Z tag and I’m just really excited cause I saw a lot of people doing it lately! Check her blawg, peeps!

So this tag is basically about writing things you do or like that start with each letter of the alphabet. It actually sounds pretty simple but we’ll see how it turns out!! Let’s start:

The A – Z Tag:

A – Anticorny!! That word doesn’t exist cause it was underlined in red when I wrote it but nothing came to my mind so yeah!!

B – Blogging. A lot of people have written this one but I just couldn’t write anything else!

C – Coffee!! ☕️

D – Doodles!! I really liked drawing as a kid, but doodles are always really cool and funny!!

E – Eating!! Like man, what’s cooler than eating a good dish? 😋

F – Fashion!! I just love fashion, it’s so AWESOME! 😍😍

G – Glasses!! Whether it’s sunglasses or normal ones, I luv ’em!! 👓 🕶

H – Humble people!! Honestly, why is there cocky people in the world? Humble people are really adorable in my opinion!!

I – Invincible people!! Unless it’s a psychopath, those people should consider giving up on hurting others. 😕

J – Joking!! What’s honestly better than an bad joke or a bad pun? As long as it isn’t too repetitive 😅

K – Killing people. 🔫 Wait what? I mean, kidding people, haha!! 🤐😅

L – Laughing!! I love that!! 😊

M – Music. I don’t know if other people have written it or not, but who cares? Music if life, bruh! Like man, who forgets about music or songs or stuff like that on these lists?

N – Noodles!! You ever tasted noodle soup? Omg it’s so good!! 🤤

O – Oblivious. It’s not that I like obliviousness nor being oblivious to thins or anything like that, but I like the word. 😂 You can judge me now.

P – Photography!! 📷

Q – Q&As!! Whether I’m making the QA or it’s just someone else, they’re super fun!!

R – Reading blogs!! 😆

S – Stationary shopping!! 🖊🛍🛒

T – Tags like this!!!

U – Using acronyms when taking!! It makes me feel intelligent and wise when people ask me what some of them mean. But not that I know THAT many acronyms.

V – Velvet!! Omg I just love it!! 😍 I love the way it looks and also the touch, omg!! 😆😆 I go crazy when I see velvet clothes!

W – WiFi!! Yeah, I smoke wifi every day. What the eff am I saying? 😂😝

X – What kinda word begins with X? I googled “words that begin with x” and I found a page that said many, but the only one I knew was Xenon. Btw, if you don’t know what Xenon is, it’s an element (Xe), it’s number 54. 😂 Hot teacher, can you give me an A+?

Y – Youtube. Straight up.

Z – Zleeping LOL, does it count? For real though, I can’t think of anything. 😂😂

I’m Tagging:

Ya liked ma list? Ya didn’t? Hope you did cause it took me a long time to think of words, LOL! Btw sorry for saying anticorny, it’s completely fine if you’re corny! Also, I think everyone gets corny at some point on their lives.

Hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!! It took me a long time but it was totally worth it. I have nothing more to say other than I hope you all have an awesome day!!


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