2017 Grammy Awards Fashion Review

2017-grammy-awards fashion reviewHI GUYS!

I hope you’re having a good day. Omg the Grammys happened on sunday and when I saw my fave celebs on the red carpet, I died. I just died!! And I’m about to share with you my opinion about these amazing people’s outfits! Shall me?

I’m so excited for this!! I’m gonna review 5 people, as always. I wanted to review more than 5 cause I liked a lot of outfits but I think 5 is a good number and it’s just enough. So let’s begin!

lady-gaga-grammys-2017LADY GAGA:

Ok so this was one of reasons why I died. Just look at her: she has returned as the Lady Gaga that we know and love. 😍😍 Lately she had changed her style and I was just really sad because I liked her WAY more before. This was what I’ve been waiting for for a long time!!

Now, let’s talk about the outfit. Just so her!! Honestly, who else do you think would shop up like this? Only her! 😆 Of course it’s something I’d never wear unless no one knew it was me. 😂

I like the boots a lot, I’m not a fan of really high boots but these are amazing. And look at the heels! I love when she wear heels like that. And I don’t think she’s ever fallen wearing such high heels. I mean, she kills it and it looks like her outfit is part of her body, she just looks so comfortable with that!! She could even sleep or work out in it!! 😃

What I’m also really into is the fact that she’s wearing sunglasses (just like a boss 😎) but also she’s wearing makeup and her eyes look gorgeous!! Her makeup is on point!! What I don’t like is the lipstick, I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t convince me. 😟 I like her hair though, but maybe she could’ve worn a cool colorful wig as her whole look is black. I don’t know, something like a neon pink!!

But other than that, it’s perfect. Just one thing, I think she could’ve also worn like those gloves without fingers. Yeah, that would’ve looked amazing!! 😆 Well done, Gaga!!

katy-perry-grammys-2017KATY PERRY:

This one is the second reason why I died. The amazing Katy Perry has finally returned and she’s done it flawlessly!! 🤤 I’ve been waiting for this moment for SO LONG!!!!

Now let’s talk fashion. I love her top, I could totally wear it to school tomorrow. And she looks amazing in it, I mean, it’s hard to wear something that’s too shiny cause it can not look good in everyone.

But she looks awesome!! I also like the design: I like that it has turtle neck which I’ve been obsessed with a lot lately and I like the long sleeve. I also like that it doesn’t show skin. She doesn’t need to show skin to look hot, but she’s also one of the hottest people on the planet so maybe she could’ve worn something edgier. 😊

What I hate is the bottom part. Why? Seriously, who styled this woman? I’m gonna complain! Fringed long skirt??? With a sequined top?? 😡 You’re lucky Katy Perry looks good in everything. 😤

I love her makeup. On point!! I also like her dark lips, matches the outfit really well!! I also love the color of her hair but I don’t think it looks so good in her. I mean, she’s one of those light-eyed people that look better with dark hair. It’s just my opinion, she looks really pretty, but she looks better with dark hair.

*she’s like Meghan Trainor, that girl looked way better as a blondie, just my opinion* 😅

But other than that, she looks gorgeous!! And I’m really glad she’s back!! She returned amazingly!! 👏👏


Ahh, Rihanna… Style in person! 😄😄 Though I’m not a fan of this, sorry. 😕

I have to say I like the skirt. I like that it’s voluminous and so elegant!! I don’t like the top alone but I have to say I love that she put together black and vivid orange!! 😍 These things are what I live for!!

But it makes me so angry cause the colors looked so great and someone decided it was ok to wear that kind of brown/red-ish hair color. Honestly, red and orange? It’s just like pink and red, what was the stylist thinking? 😔 Not a clever move, sorry.

I like her makeup!! Maybe it would’ve stood out more if she had put her hair up in a pony or something.

Anyways, Rihanna is Rihanna, she exudes confidence with anything she wears. Just look at her! 😄

camila-cabello-fifth-harmonyCAMILA CABELLO:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her like this, this is totally different from what she used to wear in red carpets. It’s giving me prom vibes, she looks like a princess!! 😊

I think now that she’s not in Fifth Harmony, she can wear more things, cause as a group of people, you all have to wear matching outfits.

I’m not saying it’s good that she moved from Fifth Harmony nor that it isn’t, I’m just saying this is an advantage. *cries* I’m still trying to move on. 😭

I like her makeup, though I think he could’ve done something more. It looks kinda simple. I also like the hair, looks like a waterfall, but considering she’s dressed as a princess (which rhymes btw) 😜, maybe she could’ve tied it up or made a braid, I don’t know.


Omg, Adele!!! 😆😆 I saw a photo of her on the internet and she was holding 5 freaking Grammy awards!! Like, hadn’t that happened already? Well, there was a year when she won 6, I believe. I’m just so happy for her!! 🎉 This confetti emoji is for you!!

I like the dress, though I feel like she could’ve worn something more, I don’t know. This doesn’t scream Grammys to me. That’s something she could totally wear to her son’s graduation party. Sorry, I suck at examples. 😅

I like her hair!! #GoTiedHair And also her makeup, though she doesn’t need it cause her face is beautiful!! And look at her genuine smile and pose!! Doesn’t this make you wanna scream!!

Adele can wear a cowboy costume and still look like a Roman goddess.

*LOL, why Roman goddess? What am I saying?* 😂😛

And that was all about it. It took me a while to review these outfits but it was so much fun!! It’s always a pleasure to review such awesome people!! My favorite outfit was Lady Gaga’s, she rocks it every single time!

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked doing it! What was your fave outfit? And your least fave? I wanna hear from you, peeps! Now I’m gonna do some revising cause I have exams this week. Hope you all have an amazing one!


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