Let’s Talk School Bathrooms

let's talk school bathroomsHI GUYS!

What is up guys? Hope you’re doing well! So the other day I was in my school’s bathroom thinking about how taboo WCs can be but also how interesting and funny they can get. And there’s a LOT to talk about when it comes to school bathrooms.

So first of all, I’m NOT going to say anything related to peeing or pooping or stuff like that. Not because it’s taboo or because I get grossed out about it, just cause today’s topic is more about SCHOOL bathrooms and what really goes on there.

About 80% of the people who go to a school bathroom don’t even need to go, and everyone knows that. But as a teacher, how can you know who needs to go and who doesn’t? How well do you know your students, eh?

School Bathrooms:


SO everyone knows exactly what a group of kids/teens going to the bathroom together means. *And I know how dirty that sounded but it’s not what  meant and you know that* They’re totally NOT going to pee/poo! Maybe one of them is, but all of them? 😐 Are their bladders and intestines so synchronized that they happened to go together? Come on!!!ohcomeon


Ok so every time I go to the bathroom, I don’t look at myself in the mirror unless I know my hair’s messed up or something. I’m one of those people who look at the ground when walking or doing whatever. Don’t know why. I just don’t like staring at myself while washing my hands when there’s people in the bathroom. Like: Ooh, how big-head omg, blah, blah, blah… 💁 Although sometimes I admit I look at the mirror when I’m wearing something new or just something I LUV wearing!!!

But we all know since 2014 *psh, they selfie year, duh!* most girls that go to the bathroom to take mirror selfies. Well, let’s be honest, some guys also do that, but mostly girls. Dude, it’ll be really cool that teachers confiscated all the class’ phones when the class started and then return them when the class is over. But no, we’re teachers, not cops, that’s too much, blah, blah, blah…raw-2

  • THE WC:

I don’t know about you, but I feel like every time I go to the bathroom to pee, I’m the only one who’s pee makes noise. Yeah, laugh at me, but it’s true! No one else makes noise at all, it’s like they’re aliens pretending they’re humans and they go to the bathroom just to say. Why???

I don’t know about boys’ school bathrooms, but for some reason there’s never paper to dry hands. There’s toilet paper, there’s a sanitary bin, there’s a bin next to the washbasins… But here’s the thing, why is there a bin for the wet hand paper if there ain’t no paper FOR THE HANDS?!?! 😠 It’s like being bald-headed and having hairspray at home! Like, teachers don’t notice this? Teachers don’t go to the bathroom? Teacher’s don’t wash hands? Huh, interesting..



What do most people do at break? Eat. Where do they eat? Pretty much everywhere in school, bathrooms included.

And lemme just ask something: Why the eff would a “civilized” human being ever eat in a public washroom?! It’s like sleeping in your kitchen, very schizophrenic! What if someone is suffering from diarrhea that day and goes to the same bathroom you’re having lunch in? 🤢 Ewww, too much for me!! I don’t know about you, but the washroom isn’t the most pleasant place to eat in my opinion.

And now let’s talk about food itself. Ok so there’s a “cafeteria” at my school and students from 10th grade sell stuff like cheetos, chips, candy, sandwiches, snacks… And where does trash go? Yes. Yes. The bathroom. Those nasties who go together to the bathroom and take mirror selfies are the ones who also leave all the trash and waste on the floor. Again, why is there an effing bin?!131045683222

Ok so that was my rant for the day. Ha ha, hope it wasn’t too aggressive, I swear I’m in a good mood. What’s something you hate about school bathrooms? What do people in your school use the WC for? Did you relate to any of this? I wanna hear from you in the comments!

Now for real though, I actually think the washrooms in my school are pretty ok, they’re in WAY better conditions than the ones in elementary school, that was the grossest thing since pizza vomit. I love pizza, but vomiting it is traumatizing.

I hope you guys liked this post cause I got the idea while peeing! #GoNoisyPee Anyways, I’mma go back to celebrating that there’s no school today, yass!! I hope you guys have an amazing day!!


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31 thoughts on “Let’s Talk School Bathrooms

  1. OMFG YES SO TRUE. Right, I hate it when people in the bathroom eat; it just puts me off. UGH!! Also the handdriers are usually crap (excuse the pun) in our school toilets; you can’t even DRY anything!

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  2. Hahaha true! I’m from India and in my school loo we also have GRAFFITI on the doors so while you’re sitting on the John you can read entire conversations (I kid you not , like Facebook chats in two different coloured inks ) dicussing the sanity of the person reading and the possibility of having an alien invasion and also whether the schools cctv cameras work.

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  3. The thing that gets me the most about public bathrooms not just school bathrooms but anywhere is how females tend to hold this title we are so clean, it’s the guys who pee all over the seat etc….Women’s bathrooms are disgusting, used tampons on the floor and shit…no thanks! Which leads me to wonder why the eff is a bathroom a good back drop for a selfie?

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    • Yeah, I don’t think we’re so clean either. One day I went to a pizza shop, I went to the bathroom and I saw really weird ish there. I wish I hadn’t had to pee :/
      And yeah, what a wonderful place to take a selfie! Like whaaat??

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  4. What you say is true. But unfortunately, I ALWAYS go to the bathroom after lunch at school, either go alone or with friends. The bathroom school was like a BASE CAMP for me 😂😂

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