2017 Oscars Fashion Review

2017-oscars-fashion-reviewHI GUYS!

I hope you’re all having a good day, cause I am! The Oscars happened yesterday and I’ve been very excited to do this post since last week!! And now it’s my time to review the red carpet fashion!!

Most of you guys know the drill, I’m going to review 5 people! *damn, it was hard to find pictures on the internet, it took me way longer than I expected* So get ready to agree/disagree with my opinion:

2017 Oscars Fashion Review:

emma-stone-2017-oscarsEMMA STONE:

Ahhh.. Emma Stone. 😊 I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I knew she was nominated for the Oscars!!

You know? I’m usually not into her style but I have to say I’m really into this dress. I like that it’s like very 20’s. She looks like one of those tap dancers from the 20’s!! 😂 *in a good sense* I’d never pull off that dress and it’s not my style either, but I love it and it looks perfect on her!

I also love the color, she looks like an Oscar herself!!

I love the makeup!! I’m usually into the smokey eye with like really dark gradient shadow but this eye makeup looks really good on her, given that she has light eyes! I also love the lip color. I don’t like this red lip trend but I love garnet and I never thought It would look so good on her! 😄😄

Now let’s talk about the hair. Some of you know I don’t love when people don’t tie their hair up, but this is gorgeous!!! It matches perfectly with the dress, it’s SO 20’S VIBE!!!!! 😍😍

And well, I don’t like jewelry so my opinion on it doesn’t count. 😅


I love this dress! It’s very Oscars!! It doesn’t stand out a lot, in my opinion, but it looks sophisticated and classy!! 😊

The top front part is weird cause it looks like a cardboard she put in the fabric to make it hard. Wait, what? I don’t know how to describe it.

*I’m wondering if you could see her side boob. I wonder if the “cardboard” it’s even attached to her* 🤔😅

I love her hair. It’s down, ok, but it’s not on the way, you can see her face!! I wish my hair was straight like that. I also love her makeup cause it matches her skin tone a lot and it’s simple, she didn’t wear red lips or anything!!

Even thought I don’t like jewelry, I have to say I like her bracelets! I like that she’s wearing 2 identical ones, one on each arm. They match really well with the dress, they could be part of it!! 😄😄

oscars-red-carpet-1708-nicole-kidman-superjumboNICOLE KIDMAN:

Ok this woman is wearing that dress flawlessly!! 😍 She doesn’t even look like she’s wearing a dress! I mean, it matches her skin tone so much that you can barely tell the difference!!

The dress itself isn’t my style. You know? I think if I saw the dress in another person, maybe I wouldn’t like it so much.

Now let’s talk about the hair. It also matches her skin tone. LOL, honestly, if you couldn’t see her hair roots, you would probably think she went bald!! 😂😂 I’m sorry, but it’s true!

Ok now let’s talk makeup. Again, I don’t like red lips but I’m kinda glad she wore red lips cause it’s the only thing that doesn’t match the outfit. I mean, it would’ve looked really good if she had worn nude lips, but her lips are matching the carpet!! It’s like it was all planned! 😄

*well, technically it was, so yeah, haha* 😅😅

gallery-1488157566-scarlett-johansson-oscars-2017SCARLETT JOHANSSON:

You know what? This look isn’t very Scarlett Johansson for me. I don’t know, I just would have never expected her to wear something like this.

I don’t wanna say I don’t like the dress… but it’s true. I’m sorry. 😕 It doesn’t scream Oscars to me, it doesn’t make her body justice *it even makes her look fatter, sorry again* 😅, I don’t like the belt, the fabric…

I like the color though, I’ll giver her that.

I like her makeup, she doesn’t even look like she’s wearing it. What if she isn’t? Nah, she most probably is, you can see she has highlight and contour on. #ImABeautyGuru Nah, just kidding, I suck at those things.😅

Now the hair. I hate it. It’s giving me a lot of Miley Cyrus vibes. I mean, I don’t mind Miley but I just don’t like the hairstyle.

This outfit wasn’t really feminine, it’s too rocker for the Oscars. *goes to a dark room and cries cause of all she’s said* 😭😭

107607_sofia-carson-alfombra-roja-premios-oscar-2017SOFIA CARSON:

Why do all young women look like they’re going to prom? Well, except the girl from Stranger Things, anyways…

It’s cute. She looks like Snow White at her wedding. 😂 She looks like a cake with toppings!!

You know? For some reason, I’m not into her makeup look. Well, or maybe it’s her skin color, I don’t know! 😅 *See? This is why I’d never be a beauty guru* Again, hate the red lips.

I like that at last someone ties her hair up. But I’m not a fan of the hairstyle. I like that it has a side partition, but I don’t like that she put one side of the hair on her forehead. Am I explaining this well?? Also, if you see her from a side, you’ll see has a low bun. Maybe it could be a little higher, I don’t know. 😅

And that was all for the fashion review! Whoah, I had a lot to say!

Which look was your fave? Mine was Emma Stone’s. And your least fave? There was a lot of looks I didn’t like, but I didn’t review them on this post, for instance: Emma Roberts. 😅


And that’s it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, cause I had so much fun writing it for you guys! I hope to see you on the next review, have a wonderful day!


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31 thoughts on “2017 Oscars Fashion Review

  1. Priyanka Chopra is from India! I’m so proud of seeing her walk the Oscars being an Indian myself. 😊. She looks like a diva ✨🎇
    My personal favourite are Emma & Priyanka.

    Nice review, it is very professional.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TOTALLY agreed with ALL of them. Emma looks so pretty! And I gotta say, Priyanka’s dress does look like it’s made of cardboard or something. It’s kinda wierd for me to see her in Hollywood events because I grew up watching her Bollywood films and loving her characters.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh really? How cool, I’ve never thought I could keep someone up with updates, I’m usually really back at it!!
      You know what? I actually haven’t watched any award shows I’ve reviewed so far 😛 XD You could ask me anything that happened and I would not know anything!! 😛
      And really? Aww I’m so happy they do, you also make me smile!!! XD ❤


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  4. Thanks for replying to my Oscars 2017 fashion post. I love YOUR post!!! I obviously missed Sofia Carson on the red carpet–her dress was cute indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

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