2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards Fashion Review


How’s life? I hope you’re having a great day! Here I am back with another fashion review, yay! You won’t believe this but I noticed yesterday that the iHeartRadio Awards happened, whoops!! But whatever, I’m here now!

Thank god I didn’t have school today so I can write this!! As always, I’m gonna review five of my favorite artists’ outfits!! Hope you enjoy, let’s go!

2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards Fashion Review:


Dude, when I saw this picture, I kinda died on the inside! She’s just A. MA. ZING!! And her look is everything!! 😆 She’s my fave artist ever and I’ve been wanting to review her on this blog since a long time ago!!

Maybe some of you know she recently created her own clothing line and then I see this and I’m seeing this girl is becoming a fashionista!! I’m in love with her style!! 😍😍

Ok so I love the shirt/blouse, it’s really cute and different! I like the butterflies and everything!! I’m not a fan of animal print so I don’t love the shorts and I don’t think they match so well with the shirt, but I like how it looks put together, it’s fun and different!! 😄

I like her boots! I love the color, it’s really really pretty!! I don’t like that she’s wearing heels *ok, they’re not so high but she’s my age and I don’t see myself wearing them so yeah, LOL 😂😂 but she can do whatever and it would still be great!!*

I like her makeup, I like that people my age don’t wear a lot of makeup, cause it also makes us look a little older, it’s just great!! I like her hair, straight and perfect!! It would’ve been really cool if she’d put it in a bun, but it doesn’t matter! 😄

This girl is amazing and she’s KILLING it with capital K!


I don’t know what to say about this. 😬 And I don’t wanna say anything bad cause I love her!! *cries* 😭 Ok let’s calm down.

I don’t like it. *whoah, now I said it*

I mean, I like black and that outfit seems very comfortable and her body is on point but I don’t like this. Her style is slowly changing in a way I don’t like, I’m sorry!! 😩  I think this is how 50 year-old Britney Spears would look like. #MILFvibes I’m so sorry but I had to say it! It looks cheap fo sho!!

I like the makeup, I almost always like people’s makeup so I’ll give her that. I also like the hair, it’s kinda short, it’s bleech blond which I’m obsessed with… it’s cool!

Ok I’m gonna stop now before saying something even more horrible. 😖


Yass, the queen just returned and she returned amazingly!! 😆

Let’s talk about the dress. White with gold? That’s so perfect, who’s was this idea?? 😍 I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s actually not a dress, it’s a pantsuit thing!! Which I love even more!! 😍 I saw it in another picture, sorry for not displaying it here.

I can’t see her shoes but I bet they’re great! Some of you may know I don’t like jewelry so I’m not a fan of the earrings, but I have to say I like how they look on her! I also like that she’s not wearing any necklace with the outfit, it looks really good! 😊😊

Her makeup is really cool, I always say I like makeup! It makes her face look really natural and pretty! Cause sometimes she wears like colorful lips or eye-shadow, but this is really good!! 😄

I don’t like the hair though, it reminds me of both Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson. I think actually Katy was inspired by Scarlett. *and what if Scarlett had been inspired by Miley? 😂 #StyleChainReaction* I think I said it on the Grammys fashion review as well, I don’t like how she looks in blond hair.


Yasss the goddesses!!! 🤤 Like dude, we’re not worthy guys!!! *cries again* 😭🤧

*struggling so hard cause she doesn’t know where to start*

I like that they’re matching. Dinah is the one that’s kinda going her own way, but they look good great as a group!! 😊 The ones that are matching the most are Ally and Normany! I don’t like leather dresses nor skirts, but I like that they’re going with the rocker vibe!! 🤘

I like all their shoes, it’s giving me a lot of punk roman citizen vibes!! *I don’t know if you guys got the reference but that’s what it reminded me of, but in a good way* 😂😂

Their makeup is really good!!! They all went for nude lips except Lauren! Honestly, Lauren looks stunning with dark lips, this gurl knows what suits her best!! 😍 I also like their hair, Dinah and Lauren are pulling off curly hair while Ally and Normany are pulling off straight hair!! Btw Normany is rocking the ponytail game!! 😆😆


I barely watch tv so it’s been ages since I heard of this girl for the last time!! 😆

I’M OBSESSED with the dress!! 😍 I love the color, it matches with her skin but it’s also like peach which I’ve been loving lately!! I also like that it’s shinny but matte at the same time!! 😍 The length is perfect, it’s not too short but not too long either!!

I don’t like the shoes so much, maybe I’d like’em more if were put together with another dress. She could’ve worn other shoes. 😕 But let’s be honest, did ya even look at her shoes?

I like her hair, it’s short and curly and fun! Looks like she put no effort on it!! 😄 Although the double dutch braid thing would’ve looked amazing with the outfit. #JustSaying

I like her makeup, if you see her face closer, it looks like she barely put makeup on! It’s really cool cause it makes her look younger!! I mean, I love makeup but sometimes too much makes you look older. I love the vibe of this look!! 😊😊

And that’s about it! Which was your fave look? And least fave? I have to say my fave by far was Maddie’s and my least fave was Bebe’s. I wanna know what you guys think! If there anyone you liked that I didn’t mention here?

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it, I always fave a blast making these type of posts!! All that being said, I hope you all have an amazing day!!


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