2017 Kids Choice Awards Fashion Review


How’s ya life treatin’ y’all? Can you believe it has not even been a post since my last review, like whaaaaat da…? Well, you can’t say you miss my fashion reviews, hehe Nah, you must be sick of me at this point. 😅 I’m sorry honestly.

Right now I should actually be revising for my next week exams, but you know what? Fashion is way more important. Nah, just kidding, I have all day! Anyways, as always, I’m reviewing 5 people. Let’s go:

2017 Kids Choice Awards Fashion Review:


Dude, I haven’t seen this woman in an award show for a long time and I’m really happy cause I really like her fashion sense and ugh, just look at her!! 😍

I love her dress. Is it a dress, btw? What I don’t like is that it’s a little TOO short and you can see her underwear. I mean; I like that it’s like a shirt and it has colorful things on it!! It’s perfect for the Kids Choice Awards!! 😄 Except for the underwear showing. 😕

I like that she’s wearing it with boots, why not? I just don’t like that they’re too long. I never liked too long boots, I don’t know why.

I also like her makeup, I usually don’t like when people put lipstick colors like purple, pink, blue or stuff like that. But it matches with the outfit and it’s Gwen Stefani so it’s totally cool!! 😂

I also like her hair. I love ponytails and I actually wear’em every day and straight hair is by far one of my faves so it’s perrrfect!! 😊 This gurl always slaaays!!


I’M GONNA DIE RIGHT NOW!!!! 😱 She’s so perfect!!!

*Ok sorry, I went too far. Let’s calm down*

I love this outfit from head to toes!! It’s young but also like, quite formal and ugh, amazing!! 😍 I like her top, it’s simple but it has those little color things *idk how to call them* and I love the pants, I love the texture and the cut, I actually bought some pants with a similar cut but they’re a little shorter. #Twins #NahReally

I like the clutch, it’s cool. I don’t love when people hold clutches in the red carpet but yeah, it’s cool.

I also love her shoes!! They’re red so they match with the top and kinda with the clutch, argghh just kill me!! 😩 I feel like I could wear all that except I would wear those shoes is they were like, platform shoes. Like, without heel, just platform. Yeah, that’ll be cool. But don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing on her!!! 😍😍

Her makeup is, as always, on point!! I love her eye shadow! *which btw, I don’t know if you can really see, sorry* And I also like her hair, and again, it’s straight, what else do you want? 😊

Dude, she looks so good I wanna cry!!! 😭 Such a fashionista!!


Ok when I saw this outfit for the first time, I think I got a nervous tic or something, just look at that!! 😆

So this is really different from what Laura Marano usually wears but in a good way, cause I’m not usually a fan of her style. But this is gorgeous, this looks great!! *claps* 👏👏

I love that she’s wearing a shirt and a blazer sort of jacket. I think they’re the same pattern, or are they just really similar? I love that she matched it with some vivid red pants, it looks cool! It’s so rocker!! 😝😝

I don’t love her shoes, maybe she could’ve worn like combat high heel boots like Camila Cabello wore on stage. It would’ve gone really good with the rocker vibe!!

I like her makeup, besides I don’t like red lips. hey match with the outfit, I’ll give her that, but I don’t know, there’s something I’m not so convinced about. 💋 Yeah, maybe it’s just the lips. *btw, first tiem I use that emoji, LOL*

I love her hair. From some years ago, I’ve always liked short hair with waves, it’s so pretty!! Yassss, someone at lasts who rocks short hair!! #ShortHairGoals 💁


Ok so y’all have to know I don’t like this outfit. I love her and everything, but I don’t like it, I’m sorry. 😢

The dress fits her well, I have to say, I also like the color, but I don’t like the design. I don’t know, I feel like she could’ve worn something more.

And lemme ask something: Who the eff thought it was a good idea to match a silk dress with some boots??? 😠 Well, if you think about it, both the dress and the boots match with the carpet. But it was still a bad idea. 😕

I like that she’s wearing a pony, but I feel it’s a little schizophrenic that she has like a middle partition and it’s like straight and beautiful, and then the pony is like all messy and voluminous. It’s like a little kid dressed her up. 😂 But if she feels confident in that outfit, it’s the only thing that matters. Good for her!!

Oops, forgot to talk about the makeup 😅, I love it!! Her skin is really pretty!!!


I love this outfit!! From head to toes, flawless!! 🤤

I love the dress, it has a high neck, I like the sleeve, I like everything about it!! I also like the color pattern!! 😄 Well, I have to say it’s a little short, in my opinion. Not cause she has to show less skin, but what if she sits somewhere and you see her panties??

Not a good look, I know. 😬

I’m in love with the shoes. I feel like they must be really comfortable, they don’t seem to high. I just love them, I haven’t shoes like that in a while. 😍😍 Honestly, kill me!!!

I love the teased pony, I also like the toupee, it looks really good on her!!

I also like her makeup, she didn’t put too much which I think is amazing!!! 😊

And that was all for the fashion review. What was your fave outfit? I have to say my fave was whether Maddie’s or Miranda’s. And my least fave… I don’t know, there was a lot of outfts I didn’t like. Yeah, judge me!

I hope you guys like this post as much as I liked making, it was really fun! Fashion is really cool, I’ll always say it! I’ll be back soon with another normal post next week 😅, I hope you peeps have a wonderful day!


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    • Thank you so much!! XD Omg glad you agree, I watched many fashion reviews on youtube and everyone seemed to like it and I felt like a bad person LOL XD
      And Laura rocked that outfit!!! XD 😛


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