Worst Parts about Exam Season


Yo, hope you’re not mad at me cause I’ve been pretty much inactive for the past 4 weeks. You know, I’ve been posting and stuff, but I haven’t been around blogs nor have replied to comments (but now I’m up to date) lately. And here’s why:

I’ve been inactive because I’ve been in exam season and I’ve never gone through such a long exam season

  • 1st week: 3 exams
  • 2nd week: 1 exam (it was gonna be 2 but one got cancelled cause there was a theater play that day)
  • 3rd week: 6 exams (taking into account the one that was rescheduled)
  • 4th week: 3 exams

Anyway, enough of telling you things about me you don’t care about. I’m pretty sure a lot of people out there have longer exam weeks and more exams (even harder exams) so I’m not saying this like: OMG IT WAS AWFUL BLAH, BLAH!! Ok I’mma shut up now, let’s get right into the post:

Worst Parts About Exam Season:


Like honestly, who enjoys studying? Sometimes, I have to admit sometimes I have fun reading my biology book and then talking about what I read and asking myself questions about it… I guess it can depend on your studying method. *also, I like pronouncing scientific names in English cause it sounds really cool and it makes me feel intelligent* 😂😂

But yeah, studying is not something I’m excited to do when I go home. 😕

Scheduling studying dates:

So I’ve started doing this during this exam season. I drew a calendar and each day I wrote the subjects I had to study taking into account when the exam was gonna be and how hard I found it. 🤓

It’s stressful to look at it and see you have to study 4 or 5 subjects the same afternoon. Well, it’s not stressful, it’s just depressing.


Just thinking about dates and how many exams you have in a week/day is painful. Like, you don’t want to do the exam cause you still have to study but you just want to do it to get over it as soon as possible.

Results stress:

Then after doing the exam, you want to know your results. Unless you did horribly and you just wanna forget about it. But most people, even if they did horribly, they still wanna know their grade. I mean, maybe you didn’t do so badly. 😊 Right? 😳

Other homework/projects:

You know what’s worse than having a bunch of exams in a week? Having the deadlines of other projects or just homework during the same week. Sometimes you barely have time to study, but in some subjects, you may not be doing exams so they think you have time to do projects, whether they’re in groups or not. 😤

And sometimes teachers schedule exams and work deadlines the same week or even the same day. I mean, I admit we should be able to do both things but it kinda pisses of, doesn’t it? 😅


There’s always pressure! You wanna get good grades, you can’t waste your opportunity to show how responsible and hard-working you are! You most importantly don’t wanna disappoint yourself! Exams are most part of your grade and you wanna do them right.

Sometimes there’s more pressure and sometimes there’s less, but it’s there.

And that was it for my list! I just wanted to rant about my feelings on this last exam season. Thank god it’s over now, it was making me crazy!! Dude, longest exam season ever!!

What do you hate about exam season? Do any of these things make you relate? Are you one who gets like super duper stressed out? I wanna hear from you in the comments!

And that’s a wrap on this post, I hope you guys enjoyed it! As right now I’m on Easter holidays, I’ll be having more time to interact with y’all!! I hope you guys have an amazing day, until next time!


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31 thoughts on “Worst Parts about Exam Season

  1. Been ages since I sat for exams but I identify with the feeling of hating most parts of studying but enjoying my stint with the biology textbooks and feeling smart when I could remember scientific names. And today I’m a biologist 🙂
    I wish you the best for results of exams!

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    • Yeah, remembering scientific names feels great! And you’re a biologist? What kind of biologist? Cause my Biology teacher is a cell biologist! XD
      And thank you so much, I got good results, luckily! XD


  2. I know what you mean! I have 4 tests next week and it’s not even exam week or something. I am in the first year of highschool and it’s so hard already 😦

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  3. Finally a poost *screams with excitement*. UGH, I hate the stress that comes with everything. Surprisingly, I LOVE the actual part where I revise and take notes, whilst colour coding my sticky notes, using different colour s highlight – I feel reallt studios. I actually hate myself for procastinating. The pressure and dates GET TO ME. And after you’ve done the test, you keep on asking your friends WHAT DID YOU GET FOR THAT QUESTION and no-one gets the same as you so you tyr and prepare yourself for total failiure.

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    • Yasss I’m so glad to be back!! XD
      And omg haha yeah the best part is taking notes and filling them with highlighter and colors! The awful part is studying. :/
      And yesss I have a lot of clasmates who ask each other hat they got for each question and it just makes me more nervous, it’s a chaos always!!! XD
      And nothing worse than pressure OMG!!!!!

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  4. I can relate to this so much! I have my exams going on and it was going to be one week straight, but then they were generous enough to give us two Sundays and a Tuesday. But oh it’s been so hectic. Thankfully I have only one exam left and then it’s vacation for me!!! How did your exams go? 🙂

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    • Yay, glad you relate!!!! XD Good luck with your last exam, you’ll ace it!! And yasss holidays!! XD You must be really excited!!
      And thanks for asking, my exams went really well, how did your exams go so far? XD


      • My last exam is today and it’s French. So much stress. I don’t even feel like studying 😛 my exams went really well so far! Except for Psychology that is,thanks for asking! And yesss super excited about my holidays!!!!

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      • Omg good luck, you’ll do great!! XD Who feels like studying? 😛
        And that’s so awesome, well done! XD I’m sure you’ll get better in psychology, no problem! And yassss XD

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    • Really? We both think the same way *virtual high five* And yeah pressure is awful, the worst. The good thing is tat pressure makes you try harder, I guess. 😛


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