2017 Radio Disney Music Awards Fashion Review


Hope you’re all having a great day!! I was supposed to study today but I guess I have a little time for this!! on Saturday, the RDMAs happened and that’s what I’m doing today!

Some outfits were really cool and some really confusing, I’ll be reviewing some of those!!! I literally spent almost an hour choosing people to review!! As always, I’m reviewing 5 people! Let’s jump right in!

2017 Radio Disney Music Awards Fashion Review:


Ahh, Camila!! 🤤 She always looks great! Ok so this outfit is giving me pirate vibes, anyone else?

I like it, kinda. I mean, it’s very summer-y and stuff but I don’t know, I feel like it’s something anyone could wear. 😩 It’s a red carpet, you should wear something that stands out more!

I LOVE the pants though!! 😍 Cause those are pants, right? 😅 Not sure.

I like the hair and makeup, simple yet cool!! It looks like she’s not even wearing makeup, that’s amazing!! 😄 I love that she’s wearing her hair up, but I don’t like that it’s all over her face, I wanna see her face!!!!!!

Can we talk about what she’s holding though? It looks like a console. Is that a console? Is it her clutch? I mean, if it’s a clutch, then I love it!!! So original!!! 😂


Omg the first time I saw this I was like whuuuut?? It’s so amazing!! 😃

Looks like she’s wearing buttons on her ensemble. The bad thing is that she looks like a kindergarten teacher on a party day in school. Sorry, that’s what it reminds me of. 😂😂

I love the pants and the top, maybe I would wear it if it was like a wanzee. In other words, if you couldn’t see my belly. 😂

I don’t hate the shoes, but they don’t really match, in my opinion. But well, what would?

I love her hair!! It’s so festive and cool! I’d be even cooler if she had worn color extensions that matched with the buttons!!! 😎 Uh huh!!

Oh, and makeup, flawless!! 😯 Look at her eyes!!! She’s goddess Medusa about to turn us into stone!! 👁


Omg it’s Eva!!! 😆 I looked up “RDMAs 2017 red carpet” and when I saw her I was like, totally gonna review her!!! 💁

Ok so first thing, she dyed her her hair? I didn’t know!! She looks amazing!! 😍 Blue is actually one of the colors I’d like to dye my hair!! #BlueIsTheNewBlack

The dress matches really well with the hair color, it’s like pastel color vibe!! LUV IT!! I don’t love the dress alone though. I like the color but meh, it’s kinda simple. 😕

I don’t like them shoes tho, they don’t convince me.

I love her makeup!!!! She’s looking real good!! 🤤


I’m dying!!!!!!!! 😭😭 She looks amazing!! She looks like a queen!!! 😀

I’m in love with her dress!! It’s a little too short for me, but it’s really cool!!  Imagine if it was loooong down to her toes, wouldn’t she look like princess Leia without the buns?? 😂 Omg!!

Honestly, I’m in love with her sleeves, I live for things like this!! 😍

I like her makeup, though why is everyone going for simple looks lately? Is it cause it’s not so formal? I want more extravagance!!

And I love her hair. Dude, my fave hairstyle is a pony with some hairspray and no fly-aways, at last someone who knows what’s good!! 🙏 Needless to say, her hair color is the bomb!!! 😁


Dude, this is everything!!! 😍😂

I love it! I like the shirt, the skirt, the hair, the festive bow tie… I love everything!!

I love the skirt, so original!! And it also has pockets!!!! Like whaaaat?? I love skirts and dresses with pockets, pockets are the best things in life!!! 🙏

Am I a bad person if I say she looks like a waitress at a theme park restaurant? 😅 I mean, she kinda looks like she’s wearing a costume!! Let’s admit that!!

I love her makeup! I like the pink lipstick, I’m not usually a fan of those colors for lipstick, but with this outfit, it matches perfectly!!!

And that was the fashion review!! My favorite was probably Dove’s, but I also really liked Eva’s hair and Zendaya’s pants. I don’t know!!! What was your fave? And least fave? Is there any outfit I haven’t reviewed that you’d like to share?

And that’s all for this post, hope you enjoyed reading it!! Thank you so much for reading! Now I have to go study, oh well! Before I go, I hope you all have an amazing day!


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