2017 Billboard Music Awards Fashion Review


I hope you’re all having a great day! I am! So The Billboard Music Awards happened just yesterday and here I am to review some of the fashion, peeps!!! Yassss

I’m really excited to do this!! It was kinda hard to find people to review their outfits but here they are. As always, I’ll be reviewing 5 people. Shall we? Let’s go!

2017 Billboard Music Awards Fashion Review:


Agh, my queen!! 👸 I haven’t seen her in an award in months!! I’m so glad she’s back!

She looks really good!! I like her dress, but in my opinion it makes her look a bit older. I don’t know if it’s cause it’s long or just a little loose but yeah. She looks real good though! 😊😊

I love that the dress is simple and classy bu is still stunning. 🤤

I love her hair!! It’s just flawless! I also love her makeup, she usually wears bright red lipstick and now she’s wearing nude lips and I love that!!

Her whole outfit looks effortless, but in a good way. She looks like she woke up like that, just perfect!! 😍


Yay, Rita Ora! 😄

Ok so I love and feel weird about this outfit at the same time. 😅

I love the upper part, it’s like a blouse with a really cool sleeve and it has some detailing at the front, I’m just obsessed!!!! 😍😍

The lower part is a little weird though. 😅 I mean, I kinda like it, but I’d never wear it, even if I grow up, I’d feel really uncomfortable. It’s like a skirt, right? I’s not the skirt, it’s her panties that make it grosser. I like the skirt actually, I also like the detailing at the bottom, it gives it a lot!!! I also like the shoes, they match really well!

I love her hair!!! I just love short and straight hair #BestHairstyleEver 🙌 I also love her makeup. Again, love the nude lips. She looks gorgeous!!!

I’m dying!! Btw, I added 2 pictures of her so you could see her butt. 😂 I had to, okay?


She looks really good as a whole!!

Ok, personally I’m not a fan of her outfit. It doesn’t look a lot like something to wear on a red (or in this case, pink) carpet. Also, it kinda looks like something you could wear to walk around a beach. Am I the only one? Yeah? I guess so. 😅

I love her hair!! I like the slight waves and the color gradient from darker to lighter from top to bottom. *didn’t that sound too poetic? sorry, I just love it* 😛

I also like her makeup. Did you guys know that her makeup artist is the same as Sia’s? Yeah, just saying. 😂

I’m kinda sad I can’t see her shoes. ☹️ But she has a clutch, I kinda like it, it’s like a mini purse, it’s so cool!!


LOL the other day I said Camila Camello by accident!! 😂 For the ones that don’t know, camello means camel. 🤣

I’m noticing that since she’s not in Fifth Harmony anymore *I know what you’re thinking, why do you have to bring that up all the time? 😠 I’m sorry, I’m upset about that too* her style is changing too. She’s going for fresh floral things.

This reminds me a little bit of what Katy Perry wore to the MET Gala this year, but like, less extravagant. I personally don’t like it, but if she likes it, you do you Camila!! 😊

I also like her makeup, I like that she didn’t apply too much, she doesn’t need makeup to look good. I also like her hair. LMAO, I didn’t notice she has fringe now. 😂

Btw, doesn’t she look spiritual in this pis? It’d make a lot of sense actually, cause she’s like renovating herself.


I love that gown, for some reason I would’ve never expected Vanessa to wear something like that!! 🤤

I love the ties, are they called ties? I hope cause I already wrote it and I don’t know. Please someone help me!! 😅 Anyways, you know what I mean. I also love the pale pink color, she looks like a princess!!! 💁

I don’t love the shoes, but I don’t think anyone’s gonna look at them cause c’mon!!! That gown!!!

I also like her hair, again, love short hair!!! I have short hair right now but she makes me wanna have another haircut!! 😍

I also like her makeup, don’t you feel like her face matches the gown? I don’t know. 😅

Yo, that was all for the fashion review!! Is there anyone I missed? What was your fave outfit? And your least fave? I think my fave was Rita’s and my least fave was.. I don’t know, there were a lot of outfits I didn’t like but I didn’t review them on this post.

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SO that was all for this post! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading as much as I liked reviewing these people! I hope you have an amazing day and I’ll see you next time!


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12 thoughts on “2017 Billboard Music Awards Fashion Review

  1. Wow, “music” has changed. None of these artists on the red carpet
    we have ever heard any of their music. (We heard 1 Rita Ora song
    Black Widow a few years back & thats it.)

    We are currently OBSESSED with Las Aves from Paris.
    Truly melding music, fashion, & new millennial experiences without
    the need to show skin & looking like a thot is soooooooooo 2000late.

    These artists should research what Feminism is, its 2017.

    Liked by 1 person

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