Travelling Experiences ft. Untitled366


How’s it going, peeps? Hope you’re having a good day! So today I’m not alone here, today I’m doing a collaboration, yasss! And we’re also gonna talk about our travelling experiences!!!

Today I’m with the one and only Untitled @ Untitled366, visit her blawg everyone!! Thank you so much for collabing with me! So I made up questions about travelling and we’ll both be answering to them, let’s go!


What would you say was your worst travelling experience?

Untitled – Definitely the last one. I used to love flying on planes but, last December, when I went on one it was torture. Constant headache, no leg room and an annoying brat of a sister who can not keep still.  Not fun. ☹️

Me – I don’t really know what my worst travelling experience but there was a time, about a year and months ago, me and my parents went to Dublin and Edinburgh and it was a little weird because that week I had an extreme fear of going blind and because I was scared, my eyes would hurt every time I thought about it, awful! And going crazy when travelling isn’t the best thing. Wish I just enjoyed and stopped worrying about something that didn’t happen. 😩

When was the first time you traveled by plane?

Untitled – Probably when I was around 1 – 2. It’s kind of a cultural thing / family thing to go back home after you have a baby so the family there can see them. Obviously I don’t remember much. I may have an awesome  long term memory but it’s not that amazing.

Me – The first time I traveled by plane was when I was about a year and 4 months old. Of course I don’t remember but my parents told me.

How many countries have you been to?

Untitled – Hmm, let’s see… Bangladesh, Belgium, France… That’s it. Oh, and England but that doesn’t count since I was born and raised here.

Me – Currently I’ve been to Mexico (born there), Spain (living there), France, England, Scotland and Ireland. That makes 6 countries.

Have you ever got your flight cancelled?

Untitled – Nope, but basically every single flight I’ve ever gotten has been delayed. I swear, there’s some sort of conspiracy going on. My money is on the Illuminati. Planes and buses, I swear the bus you need is never there when you need it but always arrives when you don’t… What was the question again?

Me – Yes, twice actually. The last 2 times I went to Mexico on holiday to see my family, our flight got cancelled, the first time when we were going to Mexico and the second time was when we were arriving home. It’s awful, so stressful! But it’s better than dying during the flight or something. 🙏

What was the longest you’ve been out?

Untitled – Probably a month, when I went Bangladesh for my uncle’s wedding.

Me – The longest time I’ve been out was a month and half, which is the usual time I spend in Mexico for the holidays.

What’s your favorite thing about travelling to other places?

Untitled – Taking pictures of the beautiful scenery… trying the different food… staying in and watching FRIENDS on my laptop all day… you know, the basics.

Me – There’s a lot of things I love about it, I love having new experiences, learning few things, tasting different food, taking pictures… There’s a lot of things!!

What do you miss the most when you’re on holidays?

Untitled – DRINKING TAP WATER THAT WON’T POISON YOU. And my bed, my comfort snacks, basically stuff that cheers me up when I’m down. Oh and being able to speak English and have people understand what I’m saying and have them respond in English.

Me – The comfort of my home and the comfort of speaking your mother language without having people looking at you like you’re weird, but that’s kinda fun actually!

What’s something you hate about travelling?

Untitled – The stress. And how long it is, especially queuing. I may be British but queuing just isn’t for me. I swear down, I’m only 14 – 15, I shouldn’t find traveling stressful but I. do 😕

Me – Something I hate about travelling is jet lag, not being familiar with the place and having chance to get lost, the fear of losing your luggage or not arriving on time to the plane… There’s countless things!!!

And that was a wrap! What about you? Have you ever got your flight cancelled? Worst or best travelling experience? How many countries have you been to? First time travelling by plane? Tell me in the comments!

Thank you so much again, Untitled for collabing with me, I had a great time! We also did a collab on her blog some months ago, it was super fun, it was about guessing English expressions meanings, check it out here!

Hope you liked this post as much as Untitled and I had writing it, thank you so much for reading! I have nothing more to say but I hope you have an amazing day and I’ll see you next time!


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  1. Ugh, I can’t relate to this because my family isn’t much of a travel type (money problems ugh). I haven’t even traveled to other countries.

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