2017 TONY Awards Fashion Review


I hope you’re having a great day! Ha, told ya I’d be posting today. I was actually kinda scared I wouldn’t have time to do it. So I’m here and let’s celebrate by reviewing some fashion!

So on Sunday, the TONY Awards happened and, as always, I’m sharing 5 outfits, though actually it’s gonna be 6 cause in one pic there’s 2 people. Let’s do it!

2017 TONY Awards Fashion Review:


Ugh, kill me. I’m like DYYYING,😩 I didn’t think she was gonna be here!! What a wonderful surprise!!!! 😆😍

I love Tavi Gevinson, I’m a really big fan of her style, it’s unique and very pretty!! This girl was BORN to kill my eyes!! 🤤

Ok so I love the blouse, I like that the neck and the rest of the blouse have a different pattern. I love blouses and I love her, so whatever blouse she wear is totally fine for me!!! 😍😍

I like the skirt too! I think the pattern are some amoebas, I love amoebas so much!!!! 😄

Can you tell Mickey Mouse is on the clutch? Argh, it’s just PERFECT!!! That’s an awesome shoutout to Disney. 😍 I like the shoes too, though they seem too high for me, but they look great!!

I love the hair, I just love short hair in general, she looks very sophisticated!! I like that she’s always wearing short hair!!! 😍 I also like her makeup, it’s very subtle! Now I’m even wondering if she’s really wearing it. Huh, interesting… Oh and I LOVE the lipstick color!!! 😄😊


Omg this dress reminds me a lot f the 60’s. Does anyone agree? Am I the only one? I guess so. 😅

I feel like this isn’t very Anna Kendrick, I mean, of all the times I’ve seen her, I don’t think she’s worn anything like that. I like that she’s trying something new. 😊

*I don’t wanna be a bad person but that dress looks like a night gown my grandma has* 😅 I’m so so sorry!

I like it though, would never wear it, but I like it. I’m a little concerned about the little red bow in the middle of her chest, why is that there? Why?

Can’t see her shoes. Doesn’t matter. I like her hair, I GODDAMN love people who have their hair up!!! 😍 I also like her makeup, so subtle!! Although she doesn’t even need it!! 😊


Ok so first, they look really good!! 😄

I can’t really say anything about John’s outfit cause it’s just a tuxedo, but I like the purple tie, it gives it some sparkle!!!

Now let’s go with hers. I love the dress, I really like it, I love how gold looks with white. I just love it, she looks amazing!!! 😍

I also like her hair, she looks like a mermaid!! I like her makeup, although she would look as great without it.

Am I the only one who thinks the dress looks like it’s going to fall off? Dude, those type of cleave stress me out. 😂

They look really good!!


Scarlett Johannson looks really good in this outfit!! 😊

It’s like a tuxedo slash night dress, it’s weird but I kinda like it!!!

I think she looks really good in white, it does her justice!! I’m not a fan of the belt, but she has to cover herself up with something, right? 😅

I can’t really see her clutch. 😂😂 I don’t like the shoes, I’m not a fan, too much feet.

I like her hair and makeup!! 😊 She’s so beautiful she doesn’t need makeup!! I love the nude lips!!

She looks REAL GOOD!!!! 😎


I like how she looks in the picture, but her face kinda looks like she just realized she didn’t put on her shoes and she’s now trying to act like she’s not nervous. Idk, but fer facial expression is weird to me. 😅

I like the dress, I really like the patter, I also like that the cleavage is not THAT low. 😱  But I’m not really convinved about the low part, it’s so wide she kinda looks pregnant. Or is she? 😱  I really don’t know.

I also like her hair. It’s a little mom-ish but I like that it’s short, that’s pretty much all I need to like it.

I like the makup, very subtle cause she doesn’t need much, like everyone on this list. PERFECT!!!! 😄

And that wraps up my review of the TONY awards!!! I’d like to know if you agree with my opinions!! Is there anyone you liked that I didn’t review? Which was your fave outfit? Mine was Tavi’s. And your least fave? Mine, I don’t know.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you liked this post as much as I liked making it, it was really fun!! I hope you have an amazing day!! Now I’mma go back to study.


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