Struggles of Travelling as a Blogger

struggles-of-travellingHI GUYS!

How’s your day going? Mine is going well, foe sure! So as it’s summer and a lot of people travel during that season (me included) I decided to talk about it today!!

But psh, I’m also gonna talk about blawgging! 💁

Also, I forgot to tell you on the last post that I was traveling to Mexico last week (on tuesday). Anyways, now I’m here in Mexico enjoying my holidays, family and food!!!! Well that’s it.

If you’re a blogger and you’ve ever had to go somewhere and that’s made your blogging schedule go crazy, chances are you’re gonna relate to this! Now get ready cause we’re starting:



So as a blogger, having a routine is essential. You need to have a slight idea of when and how often you’re gonna post. When you travel, you’re completely out of routine and you can’t post just whenever like at home. If you’re travelling, whether if it’s a school trip, family trip, business trip… that means you don’t have a lot of time to blog. And it sucks cause sometimes even at home you can’t blog as much as you want to.

Why can’t I just blog whenever I want? maddie-crying

  • WIFI:

When you travel somewhere, you most probably stay at a hotel. There’s 2 types of hotels: Those that have wifi and those that don’t. The ones that have wifi are ok cause before going to bed you can read your blog and socials feed but when you don’t have wifi, it’s really hell!! I’ve stayed at hotels that don’t have wifi and it wasn’t cool. When you have wifi it’s like life smiles at you. You feel connected, you feel good.

Cause when you travel, who can assure you you’re gonna have wifi all the time?



So this post is scheduled. Yeah. 😐

I’m not home so I didn’t wanna run the risk of not having wifi when I wrote my posts so I decided to write them before going on holidays so I only had to click publish so I didn’t have to waste time writing. Clever, huh?

Last time I went on holidays for really long I only made the images for my posts so I only had to write and publish, but it still takes a lot of time and I feel like it’s making me spend less time with my family. The only time I spend on the computer is checking my feed and posting on social media.



Ok so I don’t really mind where I’m writing, as long as I have wifi. But some people need to feel comfortable in a place to write something, or just to get inspiration. Some people only can write at their homes cause there they feel more comfortable. But of course writing in new places can also be inspiring and give you ideas for posts and all that.

But I agree, nothing like blogging from home!



When me and my parents travel to a new place for like 5 days or something, I usually just bring my phone, cause I’ll be back to post something in short time. But when it’s like a month trip then of course you gotta bring more than your phone.

My dad would bring his computer for the past years when we go on holiday, but this year he didn’t. It’s not really a problem for me, when I go to my grandma’s house, I use my auntie’s. But I have to say I’ve used my dad’s on holidays as well. I thought of bringing my ipad but then I was like, meh, I can do exactly the same with my phone.


And that’s a wrap on the struggles of travelling as a blogger!! Going on holidays is a time when you have to relax and have some fun but blogger have fun blogging so yeah, we gotta do our thang! 😎

Do you relate to this? Is there anything you hate about this topic that I haven’t mentioned? I wanna know!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post cause I really had doing it. Honestly, you won’t believe I wrote this on February. #TrueStory Anyways, I hope you have an amazing day!!


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12 thoughts on “Struggles of Travelling as a Blogger

  1. I’m going on a trip this summer and I don’t think I’ll bring my laptop, I’m going camping so chances are there will be little to no wifi, and I can’t write entire blog posts on my phone (that would be hell), so I’m going to try to schedule a lot of posts beforehand 🙂

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