The Worst Instagram Captions

insta-captionsHI GUYS!

Greetings, people! Today I’m gonna talk about my least fave insta captions, cause admit it, some people post really weird ish out there! I may also post stupid stuff, I have to admit.

Some insta captions can be really funny or just really interesting, but talking ’bout the worst is just way more fun, isn’t it? *wait, did that make me sound mean? eep, sorry guys* 😅

BEFORE YOU READ: This post isn’t meant to harm any feelings. None of the content in this post is against anyone in particular. All caption examples shown are invented. Ok I think that’s all I have to say about it, now you can’t come back here like: I’m one of those who writes those things on insta, you retard!!!

Now let’s begin:


Captions that are long as hell:

You know when you have a friend and they post something on insta and they post a long-ass caption and you’re too lazy and you don’t care enough to read it all but you’re still curious enough to wanna know what they wrote? *what a long question, btw* Well this is what I’m talking about. Honestly, if you have so much to say about a picture, then create a blog, for the love of god!! That’s WAY too much!

I’m not showing examples in this one because I just don’t wanna make up such long quotes that aren’t even gonna make sense. Also, you know exactly what I’m talking about, dontcha?

Maybe we hate these type of captions, but we have to admit sometimes we read

Captions that are way too corny:

Ok so if you know anything about me, you’ll know I don’t like corny. Of course everyone can get corny and it’s not our fault, but corny things tend to make me feel disgusted.

You know those quotes your friends google to put them as captions for their pics? Those quotes that make you ask yourself if you really know your friends? Cause in my case, I have friends who are totally fine, not corny at all, and then you go through their insta feed and all captions are corny as BFF bracelets.

Examples: (my opinion is between stars: *)

  • I miss those fun moments with you guys, but we have to commit ourselves to always stay together no matter what happens. You guys are the best thing I have in my life. *like what? when you’re in school you treat each other like strangers, and at break you’re all on your phones, what kinda marketing campaign is this?*
  • You’re the person that really showed me what loving someone can be. *love, my friend? the guy you crushed on for the longest time lasted only a week, that’s love? I ain’t corny as you, but I have longer crushes than that*giphy-22

Captions that try to exaggerate everything:

You know those people who are living a good life and write quotes like their life is unbelievably hard and awful.

And it make me freaking mad cause there’s people who have it really worse than us out there and don’t even have the opportunity to complain about it. Of course I consider myself guilty of posting things on twitter complaining about the amount of sleep I get or the exams and school work I have, but I’m not trying to make people think my life is hard or anything. I’ve posted things like:

But dude, I’m having the best life ever! Perhaps I’m not a millionaire, but I’m genuinely happy with my life, I really have no huge issues, thank goodness!!

But these quotes I just showed ya aren’t even comparable with the captions I’m about to talk about:


  • I try to stay strong, even at the worst moments. *man, you’re just sad cause you got a B- in a test, calm the eff down!*
  • I may seen weak, but I’m unstoppable. *dude, your teacher told ya you had difficulties in math and you got you first A, prodigees must be so jealous right now*pff

I said only 3 types cause those were the first ones I could think of. There’s obviously many more but I though 3 were enough conversation piece. Or blogging piece? If I can call it that, I dunno.

And that was it! What type of captions do you write? What type of captions do you hate the most? And the least? Are you one who reads insta captions like a stalker? I admit sometimes I feel more like it than other days, we’re all guilty of something in this blog!!


Btw I posted a video on youtube where I played some of the most inappropriate Roblox games for kids, hope you enjoy :))

I hope you guys liked this post as much as I did making it! I hope you also related, cause being the only one would make me feel really lonely. Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing day!!!


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12 thoughts on “The Worst Instagram Captions

  1. YASSSS! this post is so true buutttttt i have to admit i sometimes like these captions!
    i’m guilty of caption stalking (i’m not creepy i promise)
    *laughs nervously*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post made me laugh so much, lol. Your posts are so relatable and I agree with you on the long ass captions and the copy-pasted ones. I prefer emojis if I don’t have anything real to write. Is that weird, lol?

    Liked by 1 person

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