Best Parts About Sales


How are you doing? So sales (at least where I live) have just started and because I’m OBSESSED with sales, I decided to talk about them in today’s post! Yay!

So I’ve seen videos of people talking about why why hate sales, and I agree, it sucks when you love a clothing item but there’s only 2 sizes left and they’re either super big or super small. It can be stressful, but most times it’s worth it!

Let’s talk about sales, peeps!



Ok this one is the most obvious one cause duh! Why would you want spend a lot of money on purpose? 🤑 Everyone wants everything to be cheaper! Let’s be real, how many times have your parents told you to wait until sales so they can buy you that toy or Disney costume? And how many times have YOU said you’d wait till sales? EVERYONE!


Sales is the perfect time to buy what you want at a lower cost. Sometimes you’d want some things to be cheaper, but such is life. It depends on what you want to buy, or the brand that sells it.

*I always have the feeling that I talk about way too obvious things and it makes me feel stupid, sorry* 😭


And the decrease of prices (if I can call it that) brings you the opportunity to buy it. *well, of course you’d afford a 30$ fake fur coat, but it’s fake and you don’t want to spend so much money*. 😅

I’m not exactly sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of my clothes came from sales. And I’m not embarrassed to say it cause so does a lot of people!! There’s no reason to be ashamed!

Please comment  below if you think you got most of your clothes from past sales. 😛


Before we discuss this point, this is not my case but I know a lot of people who take sales as a chance to renew their closet:

A lot of people out there, after some certain time, they want to renew their closet but they can’t buy that many clothes at a time, so the best way to do it is on sales. Dude, more clothes for less money! #MindBlow 😱

Even if I was a millionaire, I don’t think I’s want to renew my closet like that, if I buy something it’s because I really like it.


This one has to do with the last point. Because things are cheaper, you can buy more things and the price is equivalent as if you had bought less. More for less, isn’t it perfect??? 😍

I love it when I come home from a shopping day with a bunch of new clothes. Also cause I can make shopping hauls here!!! That’s a win win!! There’s only good sides!


If you’re one who has fun shopping in a normal day, why would you not have fun during sales? It’s even better!!! Bruh, less staring and more buying! Drop them bills like they’re hot! 😎

Ahhhh I just love shopping! Just murder me!

And that’s a wrap!

Did you relate to this post? Do you have fun during sales? Do you buy a lot? Do you like going shopping? Are you one who renews their closet? Come on bro, tell me your life! We’re a fam here!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, it was really fun to do! I hope you buy a lot of cool stuff during these sales, give yourself a treat! See ya next time!


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