The Truth About Vacay Homework


I hope you’re having a nice day! It’s summer, you don’t have exams coming nor have to do homework, unless you have vacay homework. In that case, today we’re gonna throw some shade at it! If it’s not your case, we’ll throw shade anyways:

Ok so in my life I’ve only had vacay homework twice and it was in 1st or 2nd grade in elementary school. I think as the level gets higher, teachers become more lazy to send students homework.

Well, actually on Christmas holidays this last school year, our English teacher told us to write an essay about our family Christmas traditions. I like doing those kind of essays cause it’s just talking about your life during such a beautiful time of the year. 😊🎅

And on Easter holidays this year as well, 2 of our teachers sent us homework. But it wasn’t a lot, the literature teacher told us to write a short alternative ending for the movie “The Intouchables” (which is a hella dope movie btw) and the other homework was making a list of 4 people we know, their gender, age and the medicines they took, whether it was occasionally or on a daily basis. It was for a project for the next term.

It took me about 15 minutes to do both things, so I can’t really complain about it.

Even if they had taken me 5 minutes, I didn’t do them during holidays. Both teachers sent the homework about 2 days before school finished so I did everything the same afternoon. I just can’t stand doing school work during a break!!

Same thing with the English essay she sent the homework in a Tuesday and school finished on Thursday I think. I did the homework that afternoon. The next day she was like, remember you have to write an essay about Christmas. If they had known I’d already done it… 😎

But I don’t think I’ve ever got like A LOT OF HOMEWORK ever for holidays. Also, why would teachers wanna put themselves more work? It’s stupid! If I was a teacher, I think I would barely ever send homework, although I think it would depend on the subject. Maths and languages take practice but things like arts or sports wouldn’t make any sense. 😅

When you have a short period vacay and you’re gonna be back soon, you can’t really use the excuse: I forgot. If it’s summer, maybe you can: You probably went on vacation and forgot, you probably were horribly sick during holidays, maybe you went partying every night and you were too tired during the day… Ok they’re bad excuses, I know.

But most people do vacay work the very last day after dinner. You need to ask?

The thing is, when homework (doesn’t matter if it’s vacay homework or not) has a deadline of more than a week, chances are that a lot of people are gonna forget. They don’t feel pressured to do it ASAP so they decide to do it later, and they end up forgetting they had homework. 😬

I don’t think teachers get surprised about these things, do they? Perhaps beginners.

It’s very usual that people who don’t do homework ask people who did to copy theirs. I wonder if it’s the same with vacay work. Nah, maybe they wouldn’t bother.

Have you ever had vacay homework? When do you do it? When was the last time you forgot to do homework? Share your thoughts on this with me!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! It’s cool to talk about school during holidays, isn’t it? Ok never mind. I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays and hope you have an amazing day! Until next time!


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13 thoughts on “The Truth About Vacay Homework

  1. I have had vacay homework EVERY single vacation for my whole schooling. My school was literally called “project school” because of the way things work. We get homework in every subject—written, in forms of charts or a model (sometimes even more than one per sub). And that was for summer break which was 50 days long. We had two other breaks, 10 days each, and were given mostly written homework. The first time I had a break WITHOUT homework was after 10th grade, before our results came out, because only after that we would join an institution for the next two years. Those three months were the BEST of my life. And now, being college, I am just so happy at the prospect that we won’t have any work during semester breaks. It’s so freeing.

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  2. In high school most of my teachers understood that it’s a break however some would just make work due the day you’d come back from said holiday. It wasn’t that excessive thank goodness

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    • Yeah in high school they don’t really send homework, I got homework sometimes but I would finish it before break started LOL XD #HomeworkRebel #NahReally 😛


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