Why I Think Pizza Ain’t Junk Food


I hope you’re having a great day! So if you clicked on this post, you’re probably hungry, you like pizza, you hate pizza, you’ve ate pizza or you’re gonna eat it. If not, wassup? You’re probably gonna get hungry after this.

Or maybe it is, who knows? If you get hungry after reading this post, lemme know in the comments section, please!! 😊

So, today , as you may have already noticed by the first paragraph and the featured image, we’re gonna talk about pizza!!! Let’s make a pizza party, everyone!

Who doesn’t like Pizza? Actually a classmate I had some years ago said he didn’t like pizza. Weird, huh? Do you like pizza, btw? Anyways, that’s not the point, today we’re gonna talk about why I think pizza shouldn’t be considered junk food. Let’s go!



Honestly, I don’t understand people who say eating pizza isn’t healthy, pizza is actually made of a lot ingredients cataloged as healthy!!!


Unless you’re from Asia, chances are you eat most stuff along with bread. Bread is very healthy! Asian people use rice instead, in case you didn’t know. Pizza has bread, everywhere!


Personally I don’t like cheese, but I LOVE pizza cheese, it’s the only cheese I like other than the cheese you add to pasta and stuff. But that’s not the case! Cheese comes from milk, milk is healthy, that’s it!


Tomato is healthy! It comes from the soil, that’s totally self-explanatory! *well, actually some drugs are cultivated, whatever!* Not only it tastes really good, but it’s also healthy!!!!

This should be the end of the post, but it’s not, hold on!


If you think about it, most pizzas are quote healthy: Hawaiian pizza, marguerita pizza, pepperoni pizza, meat lovers pizza, 4 cheese pizza… That’s all healthy! Even meat lovers and pepperoni! Meat in adequate quantities is good!!! Omg, I forgot bacon pizza, that’s SO GOOD!

But perhaps isn’t too healthy.


Not a microwave nor it has been fried!! A freaking oven! Dude, that’s quality food! If that’s no reason enough for you, I don’t know that is! Also, that also makes pizza not be fast food, cause it isn’t, it takes some TIME to be ready, amiright?

And that’s a wrap! Those are my reasons why pizza isn’t junk food! Pizza isamazing, it shouldn’t be judged like that. Just how tasty it is!

Do you have any more reasons? Do you think it should be junk food? Why? Did I make you hungry? Did I not? When was the last time you ate pizza? Tell me in the comments!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading, I had a lot of fun writing this! I should make more posts  about food, cause I LOVE food!! I hope you have an amazing day!


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13 thoughts on “Why I Think Pizza Ain’t Junk Food

  1. I ate a lot of pizza growing up, so much I became sick of it I think. I like pizza (Hawaiian is my favorite) but it is not a favorite. There is so much hype about pizza I never really understood it, like I do, but just not near my favorite thing to eat. As for why it is considered junk food, sure there is a lot of stuff in/on pizza that isn’t that bad for you, but I believe the grease. Pizza is so greasy and grease = FAT. And too much cheese is actually bad for you. Haha

    My rule of thumb when it comes to eating anything (junk food, salad, meat etc) too much of anything is bad for you not just junk, if you eat just salad everyday you will be unhealthy because we are not rabbits. xD A little bit of everything and you have a well balanced diet, mix it with some activity and exercise and you will be healthy for the most part and won’t have to stress over the odd calorie high meals you have once in awhile. 😛

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    • Oh yeah pizza contains a lot of fat, as you said, you can eat everything but not TOO MUCH.
      And yeah LOL I like salad like why not but yeah we’re not rabbits XD 😛
      Thank you so much for the comment!!! XD

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  2. I’ve never actually eaten pizza, but I grew up with my grandma getting pizza and my mom eating vegetarian pizza (when I cant eat cheese the nerve of her). I’ve eaten an olive off of a pizza once (dat was one tasty olive) but aside from the pizza my mom makes me I’ve really never discovered the wonders of pizza. Maybe when I’m older and I leave behind the vegan world and turn to vegetarian-ness I’ll try it………

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