Things You can Wear at a Family Dinner | Summer 2017


How you doing? I hope you’ve having a good day! In case you ‘re soon going on a family dinner and have no idea what to wear, don’t you worry cause I’m here today to help you out!

I decided to share with you ideas of things you can wear to a family dinner in summer because even I sometimes struggle deciding and mostly in summer, when it’s hot and stuff.

I’m such a beauty guru guys.

Btw I made that gif!!! It was from a youtube video, a fashion review of the 2017 Grammys by Alysse Paris, link here! You should totally check her out, she’s hilarious!

And why did you chose to share outfits for a fam dinner and not something else? -You may be asking. Well, I wanted to share formal summer outfits, which are kinda hard to pull off cause it’s hot. Also cause I wanted to make a summer clothing post that didn’t require me to shave my legs. 😅

DISCLAIMER: these clothes can be worn at any time of the year, I mentioned “family dinner” in the title in case there’s people who need ideas. I’m not saying they’re only appropriate for family dinners. They can be worn in any situation at any time of the year.

Anyway, let’s start!



The first outfit is a light blue leather jacket with a dark blue plain shirt, some light denim jeans and some golden sort of converse shoes, which btw I have talked about one year ago in a shopping haul!! You can check it here!

I like the colors cause it’s almost all blue and they’re mostly light colors which are perfect for the summer. I actually had never thought of wearing a dark shirt in summer, but maybe if it’s at night! The shirt makes it formal though the jacket kinda makes it more casual.


The next outfit is a pink kin of nautic jacket *it looks warm, but believe me, it’s the lightest thing ever* over a floral pattern pink shirt, some light beige *it’s that beige, right? idk* 😛 and some pink shoes.

This one I think is more classical, but it’s also casual. I’d be too formal to wear to hang out with your friends but it’d be too informal to wear to have some tea with the queen. But it’s totally appropriate for a fam dinner!


This one is a pink shirt with a brown moto leather jacket, some dark denim jeans and the same shoes of the last outfit. *I swear I have a lot of shoes guys* 😅

I think it’s very cute! It should look kinda rocker cause it has a leather jacket but it doesn’t. I don’t know if it’s the shirt or the shoes… Or my pose. 😂😂

Btw sorry if my poses were lame, I was kinda sick when I did the “photoshoot”, if I can call it that.


And last but not least, this outfit is a navy blue trench coat with a light blue shirt underneath, some grid pattern blue leggings and some grey with blue shoes.

This one is my fave, I have to say. 😍😍 This one is the classiest and most stylish one in my opinion. It shows off no skin but it’s feminine at the same time. Age appropriate, quite formal, good for summer when it’s night and kinda cold… Just perfect!!

I’m fangirling, sorry peeps. 😆

And that was all bout it! I hope you found these outfit ideas helpful. It sucks when you can’t find the right outfit. I’m not saying these are the right outfits, just ideas! You can pull off anything you want as long as your comfortable and doesn’t show your panties!! I mean, what? 😅

Again, you can wear these things in any situation.

Which was your fave outfit? Mine was #4, duh! Lemme know what YOU would wear at a summer family dinner! I’d like to hear your advice too!

And that’s a wrap on this post, thank you so much for reading, it makes my day! I hope to be posting more of these soon! I hope you have an amazing day, see you next time!


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    • Omg thank you so much!! XD And oh yeah, I even go to school like that, I just gave it that title in case there’s someone who needs ideas, I don’t know. XD 😛
      Again, thank you so much, glad you liked the post!! XD

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