Thoughts You Get During Traffic

thoughts-you-get-during-trafficHI GUYS!

How’s ya day going? Mine is going pretty good! I’m on holidays right now and I’m seeing my family everyday! The only thing I’d complain about is the so called city traffic.

Such a beautiful environment: People driving, streets full of polluting machines that make coffee maker sounds, babies crying at the back seat of some cars, stressed police officers, frustrated people who are getting late somewhere… Don’t you wanna live in a city? 😃🙄

Anyways, for those of you who have already experienced traffic at some point of their lives, get ready to relate! And those of you who’ve never been to a busy place, you’ve come to the right place!! Let’s begin:


  • Yay, we’re going to the mall!!! 😄
  • *parents driving, radio playing*
  • I hope there’s no traffic todaygiphy-31
  • *car stops, street blocks, street light in red*
  • And traffic begins
  • Ah man! Hope we’re not late to the movie!nooooooo
  • *waiting*
  • *starts getting stressed*
  • *fave song is playing*
  • PARTY HARD!!!21-jump-street-dance-in-car
  • *song ends*
  • Pshhh… bored again
  • Wish that song played again
  • Argh, this next song always gets to my nerves!! 😒
  • I’m getting hungry
  • I want some popcorn
  • Or a burger… 🤤😋giphy-29
  • But we can’t eat till the movie ends, we’ll miss it!
  • *cries* 😭
  • I wanna eat!baby-crying-gif
  • *waits*
  • Oops, I think I wanna pee. 😬
  • *tells parents she wants to pee, they say wait*
  • Ok, I can hold it, how long can it take?


  • *waits*
  • *street light in green, cars moving*
  • IT’S A MIRACLE!!raw-4
  • *car moves 2 squares*
  • Yay, we’re just 5 minutes away from the mall!
  • The movie lasts an hour and half, then we can go eat!! 😊
  • *cars moves a square*
  • *street light goes red again*
  • Unbelievable 😐635837602913566414-553500969_tumblr_m2j0vmwrt81r04y2f

And that’s a wrap on the traffic thoughts! I hope you found it funny cause I loved the gifts, specially the “dancing in car” one, hilarious!! 😂

Have you ever been in a traffic situation? Have ya not? Do you relate to any of this?

That was all for this post, I hope you liked it as much as I liked doing it! Traffic is awful but sometimes it’s cool to be doing nothing while listening to music!! I hope you have an awesome day!


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