Me Reacting to a Song I’ve Been Really Into

me-reacting-to-a-song-ive-been-intoHI GUYS!

Hope you’re doing great! You know what makes people feel great? Music! *well, it can also make us feel like crap, anyways…* Today I’ll be reacting to a song, yay!!

So I’ve been really into this song called Gold by Kiiara and it’s just amazing!! I discovered it near X-MAS when I was at a shop. *yeah, I find a lot of songs at the stores, what’s up with that?* And I didn’t know what it was called, but I kinda got the lyric stuck in my head, so yeah, found it!! I actually found it in New Year’s Eve day, I remember.

Anyway, you guys don’t care how I find songs so let’s go with the post:


Roof is falling let me love me falling I just know
Roof is falling let me love me

Ok so a roof is falling. And you say let me love me? You’ll have time after escaping from the building, run!!!

Gold up in my, gold up in my teeth
Don’t care what you say to me, I’mma bite your feelings out
I missed you in the basement
But your brother was a good substitute for you

Ew! I hate golden teeth! They look dirty! 😬 Ok you don’t care what this person says. And “bite your feelings out”? What does that mean?

You missed him in the what? What do you guys do in the basement, for the love of god!!! 😤 Man, as if it was forbidden that you guys are together, grow up!

I’m kinda concerned about the last sentence. Good substitute, that means she had a relationship with both brothers? What? There’s a lot of fish in the sea, why you looking in the same place?

And if you love me, love me but you never let me go
When the roof was on fire, you never let me know
Say you’re sorry honey, but you never really show
And I could leave the party without ever letting you know
Without ever letting you know

Ok I didn’t understand anything here. So he loves you and he never lets you go, that’s kinda selfish but whatever.

The roof was on fire and he didn’t tell you? I’m sorry but I think he kinda wanted you to die. Maybe he was like: Ok so I can’t have you so I’mma let you die. 😂 What a nice guy you dated! Of course you survive and he apologizes but no one believes it.

And what? You still go to parties with him? And you have to let him know when you leave? Dude, gain some self-respect! 😕

Gold up in my, gold up in my teeth
Taste like money when I speak
And I missed you in the basement
Bodies on the pavement

Ew, yeah, I can imagine how your breath smells with those teeth. 🤢😂 And bodies on the what? But like, dead bodies or you’re just talking dirty?

I’m too young! 😂😂

Yo, hope you liked the lyric breakdown of this song! Now lemme show it to ya in case you don’t know it:

Did ya know it? Does it ring a bell? Didcha like it?

I hope you liked this song review, I’ll be doing more of these soon! What’s a song you feel weird about the lyrics? I wanna know!!

And that’s a wrap on the post, I hope you liked it as much as I liked making it! I hope you have a wonderful day! See ya next time!


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6 thoughts on “Me Reacting to a Song I’ve Been Really Into

  1. Oh my god, that was so hilarious to read! Like I’ve heard this song so many times, but I never really paid much attention to the lyrics since the beat was real catchy. Kind of creepily disturbing when the song is broken down like this. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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