Animals, Ghosts and Drama | Old Drawings


How’s everyone doing? Wow, I sound like I’m talking to a crowd, haha So here I am again with another Old Drawings post, because I’m an artists who deserve recognition. Nah, just kidding.

I’m gonna share 5 drawings and talk a little bit about them. Some are animals, some are just weirdos, there’re ghosts as well… Sometimes wish I could talk to my old self about these drawings. Let’s go!


So the first one is a girl that has this Paul Frank face, LOL 😂😂 She’s saying something in Spanish in the picture, that’s why I wrote in English what she said. She’s very worried cause she lost her boyfriend.

Also, she doesn’t fave feet. Sometimes I tended to draw barefoot people, but this girl doesn’t even have feet!!! 😱 Like gurl, forget about your boyfriend, you lost your feet! You know what? Maybe her boyfriend had stolen her feet and now he’s gone and that’s why she wants to find him. 🤔 I’m so smart!!

The next ones are a parrot and a mouse. I don’t know why but I think I drew the parrot watching a TV show, cause right now I wouldn’t be able to draw it like that. Just saying. 😅

I’m being honest, guys!

The mouse is also really cute. Its body looks like a table, just look at the legs!!!

This next one is a girl watching a ghost like daaaaaaamnnn… I don’t know, it’s just so expressive! How could I draw that? Also, she’s doing the duck lips, which weren’t even a thing at the time! #GhostSelfie #NoFilter

And last but not least: A gym. Apparently. There’s people jumping over mattresses, people swinging from ropes… Honestly, who wear a skirt to the gym?

And damn, look at the guys! They’re muscles look SO CUTE!! 😊😂 They both also have Elvis hair!!

And of course, there’s a ghost. Honestly, why is there a ghost at the gym with these hotties? 2 of the girls are dating the dudes, and the other girl dates the ghost. It actually makes a lot of sense!

And that was all! These drawings I think were the weirdest so far, I don’t know about you guys! What did you use to draw as a kid? Did you draw a lot of ghosts? Hot dudes? I apparently did!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I cracked myself up a lot while writing it! Hope to make another Old Drawings post soon and I’ll see you next time! Have an awesome day!


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9 thoughts on “Animals, Ghosts and Drama | Old Drawings

  1. Your drawings are soooo cute ❤ I love them! I love the first one where the girl is talking about losing her boyfriend. IT'S HILARIOUS. My favourite one has to be that gym with a ghost in it. I feel like Icould write a story about this? It's so inspiring, not kidding

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!! XD Means a lot!! And LOL the girl losing her BF is crazay!! 😛 And really? Yeah that one is also one of my faves!!! XD XD
      And TOOOOTALLY!! You’d like to write a story? That’s so amazing!!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. THESE DRAWINGS ARE SUPER CUTE and really really good! How old were you when you drew them? The captions crack me up especially the girl loosing her boyfriend (I mean she is probably trying to get her stolen feet back).

    Liked by 1 person

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