Who Goes on a Trip with High Heels On?!


How’s it going, peeps? Hope you’re doing well. So today I have another rant for you, yay! I quite feel like doing rants lately. Today we’re going to talk about why people would choose to wear heels to a trip.

If you’re thinking I’m crazy right now it’s because you have probably not met anyone (yet) who would be crazy brave enough do this. But there’s loads of them, believe me.

So get ready cause we’re starting right now!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not gonna hate on high heels, I’m just gonna talk about why they can be a nightmare when you’re on a trip. Heels are pretty cool. Sitting.

So I got the idea to talk about this cause in 6th grade, we went on a 4 day school trip to Madrid. And of course, when you visit a city, you have to walk a lot to see the most important points and stuff. Well, one of my friends those shoes that are like basketball shoes but with a little bit of heel. They were really trendy 3 years ago. Lemme show ’em to ya:

So she wore those shoes to the trip. Like what? Who wears those shoes where you know you’re gonna walk a lot? And also, an 11 YEAR OLD GIRL!!! What? 😱 😱

I never liked those shoes anyway, I think they’re very ugly. Thank god they’re not so trendy right now. 🙏 But I’m being objective guys, this was just a personal opinion. If you like them or have them, it’s totally cool as long as you like them!!

I know those shoes aren’t the highest heel or the most uncomfortable ones but it’s still painful to walk so much with those on.

Obviously, my friend was exhausted after walking kilometers every day. (Maybe not kilometers, I don’t know. But we walked a lot.) I remember she would complain a lot when we all went to sleep those nights. But still I think she wore those shoes the entire trip, and I don’t remember if she brought another pair of shoes, I guess. *tries to remember*

Anyway, but like, didn’t her mom tell her anything like: Umm.. You should bring that cause you’re gonna walk a lot and your feet are gonna hurt in the end. Just wear some sneakers. 😊 But no, maybe she even agreed, who knows? Or perhaps my friend insisted.

I just can’t even imagine myself wearing high heels. I mean, last time I tried on some high heels was 3 years ago, they were my mom’s and I almost feel when I first stood up. 😅

Some of my high school teachers wear high heel shoes to school and I just don’t know how they manage to be in those shoes for so many hours!! Are your feet made of titanium or something? I really admire that.

I go a lot to the mall and every time I wear shoes that aren’t sneakers, my feet hurt a lot. I can’t even imagine that but in heels.

Moral of the story: Heels aren’t comfortable. If you’re gonna wear heels, always bring another pair of shoes. And if you know you’re gonna walk a lot, don’t wear heels. Heels aren’t makeup, they only make you taller. 😂

And that was all for today’s rant. Do you wear heels? Since when? Would your parents have let you go on a trip with heels at 11? Would you let your children do so?

I hope you liked my rant of the day as much as I liked making it! Talking ’bout one’s life is cool! Thanks for reading, makes my day, hope you have an awesome one too! Till next time, peeps!


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