Confessions of a Shy Person

confessions-of-a-shy-personHI GUYS!

How’s it going? Today I was gonna make the confessions of a lazy person post but I just realized I had already done it months ago. Hey, this is a great moment to make slef publicity, you can visit it here if you haven’t already!

Not kidding, I had to go edit the featured image.

Anyways, I’m a very shy person and sometimes it really sucks. So I’m here today to share with you my confessions of a shy person, let’s go!!!!

Confessions of a Shy Person:

  1. Sometimes I turn my head when I look at people and then they look at me: I’m not proud of this and very time it happens I feel like utter crap. I’m trying to not do it anymore but ugh, I just do it without even noticing. 😔 Doesn’t this happen to you?
  2. Being shy can make me not do things like asking for help, advice, asking things in general, solve a problem, making friends…: With time, I’m becoming less shy, but I’m still shy enough to do some of these things. If I need help or advice or I need to solve a problem or if I have a question, I say it. But sometimes I’m too awkward to talk to new people and make friends. I can seem friendly on the internet, but I’m pretty awkward. 😕
  3. Sometimes I don’t wanna go to certain places or do certain things because of how shy I am: I’m too shy to go buy something at the grocery store alone – although well, my parents don’t let me also, and I’m 14 LOL  😂 I like that they protect me! 😊 I’m also shy when I go out with my friends to eat a burger and we go to pay – I do it, but I get scared. 😅
  4. It scares me that I become antisocial or socially awkward: I’m already awkward in my opinion, but I don’t wanna become a lonely awkward person no one wants to get around. Maybe with time I’ll become less shy and I won’t be antisocial. Maybe. 😳
  5. I hate it when I say hi to someone and they don’t reply: I’m really shy and it kinda scares me when I’m gonna say hi to someone, and the fact that some people don’t reply makes me feel really awful. Like bruh: Don’tcha know me? 😠 I may be shy but you’re a [CENSORED] Sorry! 😅
  6. Sometimes I’m scared of new people: Yeah, it’s really weird. Like being a little kid and seeing a clown for the first time, scary!! 😱 Mom, dad! Let’s go home! 😭😭
  7. I live in my imaginary world a lot: I don’t know if this has a lot to do with being shy or if this is something that shyness causes but yeah, I’m too shy to live in the real world. I prefer a world in which I’m not weird and awkward. 😂
  8. I get nervous a lot, and I think it shows: Whenever I ask a question to a teacher, I blush. A lot. 😳 Sometimes more than others, but I blush. It’s not that I’m really scared or really nervous, but I dunno, it’s like my natural response with people who I’m not used to talk to. I hate blushing and I hate that I can’t control it. 😕😤
  9. Sometimes I can’t talk normally, I get stuck: Yeah, AKA stuttering. Again, I hate it, hate that I can’t control it and it makes me look stupid – or at least it makes me feel stupid. 😕#SuchIsLife Luckily, I don’t stutter all the time, just when I’m presenting something in front of the class or when I have to read a essay in front of the class – it’s not that I’m really nervous cause everyone’s watching me, it’s just a natural response, I actually don’t care THAT much. I don’t know if you’re understanding me right now. 😅
  10. Most of the time I don’t understand what people are saying: And by that I mean I get too nervous I don’t listen to what people are telling me. Like when my hot teacher tells me to get something from somewhere or to go to another classroom to get I dunno what. #SoStressful 💁 Nah, but I love when he talks to me and with time I’m getting less nervous every time he and I interact with each other. 😍😍.

And that was my list of confessions! I hope I’m not the only person who does or feels these things. Nah, of course I’m not! Are you shy too? What other things do you feel?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did making it, as always! I also hope you all have a wonderful day! See ya next time!


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25 thoughts on “Confessions of a Shy Person

  1. Oh I completely relate to all of these (some more than others) because I am a shy little hedgehog too.🐭 I don’t want to go to the grocery shop either (and most of the time I get my dad to do it!) and I usually turn my head away from people which I want to change!😃😄😊

    Thanks for sharing this post! Glad I’m not the only person who does these things! xx♥♥

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  2. I can relate to every single point you’ve written up 😂 especially when you are entering class after everyone is already seated and I stand outside mentally preparing myself for everything that could go wrong or the set of eyes that won’t look at me and then I see someone else and I pray they also need to walk into the same class so I can tag along after them

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    • Yay, glad you agree!! XD ❤ And really? Oh that's awful, I actually never really care when I'm walking into the class cause I think no one looks at me LOL XD I'm lonely. Nah, I chat with my friends. O hand yeah, I hate when I look at someone and then they look at me like "whatcha staring at" It's so embarrassing!!


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