Thoughts When You’re Waiting for Someone


How’s it going, peeps? So by the title of this post you may be thinking of someone who arrives late to a date. But I’ve never been in a relationship nor ever had a date, so we’re talking about waiting for people in general.

I’m 14 btw. For the ones who don’t know me, I knew you were starting to get conclusions. 😂

Ok so why are you talking about this today? – You may not be wondering – Well, some months ago, I had to make a rap with 2 other classmates for our literature class. We didn’t have time to finish putting it up together in class, and by that I mean they did nothing in class, and we had to meet up in the afternoon at the park to do it. 🙄

And I know what you’re thinking, you’re right. They were late. But not like, just late. No no no, late AF! And today we’re gonna break down the thoughts that went through my mind that day, shall we?

Thoughts when you’re waiting for someone:

  • *walks*
  • *walks faster*
  • Omg I’m gonna be so late. 😬
  • Are they there yet?
  • Hope they didn’t have to wait so long.
  • *arrives*
  • Here we are.
  • Only 1 minute late. 😇
  • Are they here?
  • *looks around*
  • Looks like they’re not here yet.
  • Meh, let’s sit in a bench and wait.
  • They’ll be here in any moment.
  • Any moment. 😶
  • *looks around*
  • *looks at the watch* ⌚️
  • It’s been 3 minutes.
  • Let’s call them then.
  • I don’t have wifi here, I can’t call them. 😫
  • They should be here.
  • They can’t take any longer, can they?
  • They SHOULDN’T take any longer. 😐
  • Wait, we were meeting at the park, right?
  • At 17:30, right?
  • Lemme check the whatsapp conversation. 😅
  • Yes, it’s here at this moment.
  • Well, 5 minutes ago.
  • Let’s play Temple Run in the meantime.

Hot kidding, I actually played Temple Run. 😂😝

  • *plays for 5 minutes*
  • They’re not here? Yet? 😦
  • It’s really nice here! The weather is perfect!! 😭
  • Ok, if they don’t arrive in the next 10 minutes, I’m going home. 😤
  • *plays for other five minutes*
  • There’s 5 minutes left to go home.
  • I’m getting so pissed off!! 😡
  • You know what? Hope they don’t come so I can go home.
  • I’m only staying for 5 more minutes.
  • *plays for other five minutes*
  • *they arrive*
  • Oh man, I was gonna go home to eat the roof of my gingerbread house! 😕

Actually I ate some of the gingerbread house roof when I arrived. I was so pissed it was worth it. 😋 I even posted I did the gingerbread house, click here if you wanna check it out!

In the end, of course we didn’t do anything. They arrived 20 minutes later with one of my friends who didn’t have to do the rap, I didn’t tell they were coming, I was playing on my phone cause I didn’t wanna look like an idiot when waiting. They sat in another bench and called me: Ana!

I had to get my butt up and go where they were sitting?!?! Excuse me?! 😳 You were late, you saw me, I was already sitting in a bench, why the f*ck would you not sit where I was sitting?

One hour of my life I’ll never get back. On the bright side, you can always learn something for these situations. I don’t know what I can learn from this one, more like my classmates should learn something from it. At least it gave me an idea for a blog post, that’s a bright side, I guess! 🤷‍♀️

Do you have classmates/friends like this? Have you ever been in a similar situation? Tell me anything!

That’s all for today, thanks so much for reading! Hope you liked this post and hope my experiences help you in any way. I have nothing more to say but hope you have an awesome day!!!


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26 thoughts on “Thoughts When You’re Waiting for Someone

  1. Oh my god! I hate these situations! Once I had to film an advert in the middle of the holidays and I had to meet up with two guys in my class.
    It was SO hot that day and I walked all the way to the park where we agreed to meet AND THEY WERENT THERE.
    I walked around for ages before I gave up and went home.
    About 2-3 hrs later, I went tro the doctors with my mum and they walked right past me without even looking at me! Wtf???😭😭

    Liked by 2 people

    • In the middle of holidays? You got vacay homework? 😮
      Omg that’s awful!!! And whaaaaat? As if you don’t even exist? How can they be such buttholes? :/ Don’t worry, they don’t deserve you. At all. 🙂
      Yeah, I was gonna wait for 20 minutes and if my classmates didn’t come, I was gonna go home, there were 2 minutes left so I could leave but unfortunately they came. And we did nothing. :/

      Liked by 1 person

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