Me Trying Out 4 Different Hairstyles!


How are you doing, little peeps? I’m doing good, thanks! So today – as the title says – I’ll be sharing with you 4 hairstyles that I’ve never really worn. I haven’t done a hairstyle post in a year, that’s weird.

So, weeks ago, my good friend and fellow blogger tweeted me a suggestion for a post I could do! I straight up loved it!! 😍

So yeah, thanks Liz for the recommendation, it was an awesome idea!! *psst, check out her blog, peeps* 😜

The hairstyles are the ones in the pic she sent me, I’m gonna try them out. Onto the post!

Me Trying out 4 Hairstyles:

First of all, not only I’m gonna share the pics of my hair, I’m also gonna show you tutorial videos. Why am I not explaining it myself? Well, this is a blog, and you have to write it, there’re no videos. Also, I don’t think I’m really good at explaining. 😅

  • The Regular Braid

So this one is by far the easiest. Like, everyone can do it. Well… Almost everyone. Anyway, I don’t think you need a tutorial for this one so I’mma just share the picture.

My hair is not really long, it’s quite long, but not quite enough to make a gorgeous regular braid. 😂

  • The Waterfall Braid

So this one was BY FAR the hardest. At least for me. No for real though, it was so hard I couldn’t do it to myself, it took me ages and I would always get confused and not know how to continue! I had to use one of my dolls instead LOL 😂😂

And this is my doll. It was much easier to do it on her.

  • The Diagonal Braid Updo

Ok so this one is basically the dutch braid at one side and done diagonally and then it ends in a bun. Do you need tutorial for this one? I’ll add it just in case. It’s a double dutch braid tutorial, but it was the one I found, doesn’t matter.

And here’s my braid. The braid isn’t really diagonal, while I was doing it, I thought it would turn out diagonal, but truth is it didn’t. Meh, it looks good anyway, doesn’t it? 😂

Btw that shiny thing on my hair was the bobby pin. 😅😛

  • The Double Dutch Fishtail Braid

And last but not least. This one is quite harder than the dutch braid, cause it’s the dutch FISHTAIL braid, but it’s very fun and everyone’s wearing dutch braids, so not many people wear this hairstyle, so It’s be a good way to stand out.

Though it took me so long I prefer the dutch braids and that’s it. 😂 Here’s the tutotrial! Again, this is not the double dutch fishtail *what a long name, I feel stupid every time I say it* tutorial, this is just one, but it don’t matter, son! 😎

And this is me!

And in total, these are the braids I did! The waterfall braid and the double dutch fishtail braid *gah* were actually my first time doing them. I mean, I attempted a little before, but this was my actual first time trying to do the entire braiding for the blog! 😆

And that was it! Damn, this was so much fun to do!

They didn’t turn out PERFECTLY but hey, it was my first time doing the 2 hardest!!

I would say my fave braid of the four was the Double Dutch Firstail Braid. Some of you guys know I’m obsessed with the Double Dutch Braid (no fishtail), also, it’s my profile image! 😍 And maybe my least fave would be the regular braid. I mean, anyone can do that and it’s too simple that it even looks lame. In my opinion. NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE THAT WEARS THE REGULAR BRAID, I RESPECT YOUR DECISIONS. 🙏

Share your thoughts with me!

Have you ever tried any of these hairstyles? Have ya not? Which was your fave? And least fave? What’s your favorite hairstyle ever? Which is the one you wear the most? What color is your hair? How long is it? Idk, tell me whatever!

I hope you peeps enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I hope to be doing more of these in the future! I hope you guys have an amazing day, hope to see you on my next post!


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